Wild Cards

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Wild Cards is a Decree that passed in the Season β8 Election, adding a Wild Card round to each post season, with a random team from in each Sub-League being selected to be the 5th Playoff team.

Wildcards was active from the start of Season 8 until Season β24 Day 50, when it was Nullified by the Black Hole (Black Hole).


In Season β8, Wild Cards was offered as one of three possible Decrees the community could vote on alongside:

  • Relief Next Next Season, the bottom four teams will have Relief. When one of their pitchers gives up 5 runs, they'll immediately be replaced by a pitcher from their Shadows.
  • Double Jumps Whenever a team defeats the team currently leading their Division, they'll earn an extra win. Permanent effect.

Wild Cards passed with 353,174 Votes, 65% of all Decree Votes and the following message:

  • The Deck is Shuffled
  • Cards Drawn
  • Play Will Continue

Wild Card Recipients

Wild Cards are chosen at the end of the regular season and join the postseason where they play against the fourth seed in their sub-league and attempt to win the Championship. As of the end of the Expansion Era no Wild Card team has ever won the Internet Series, but many have had success in the post-season. On top of joining the season, each team is also granted a Postseason Birth.

Season Wild Mild
Season 9 Chicago Firefighters Hawai'i Fridays
Season 10 Hellmouth Sunbeams New York Millennials
Season 11 Boston Flowers Yellowstone Magic
Season 12 Mexico City Wild Wings Charleston Shoe Thieves
Season 13 Tokyo Lift Kansas City Breath Mints
Season 14 Tokyo Lift Baltimore Crabs
Season 15 Mexico City Wild Wings Core Mechanics
Season 16 Hades Tigers Charleston Shoe Thieves
Season 17 Hellmouth Sunbeams New York Millennials
Season 18 Hellmouth Sunbeams New York Millennials
Season 19 Chicago Firefighters Hawai'i Fridays
Season 20 Miami Dale Yellowstone Magic
Season 21 Houston Spies New York Millennials
Season 22 Tokyo Lift Canada Moist Talkers
Season 23 Mexico City Wild Wings San Francisco Lovers

The Underbracket Wild Cards

In Season β20 with the introduction of the Underbracket teams could also be receive a Wild Card spot in the Underbracket, granting them a Postseason Birth.

This also meant that in each season, only four teams did not participate in the Postseason.

Season Mild Wild
Season 20 Tokyo Lift Philly Pies
Season 21 Hellmouth Sunbeams Canada Moist Talkers
Season 22 Ohio Worms Seattle Garages
Season 23 Breckenridge Jazz Hands Philly Pies


On Day 50, Baby Doyle of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands nullified Wild Cards by scoring ten runs under the Black Hole (Black Hole).