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In Blaseball, Leagues refer to divisions consisting of blaseball teams that compete over the course of a season.

There are two leagues within Internet League Blaseball each containing 10 teams: the Wild League and the Mild League. Each league is composed of two divisions: High and Low.

During a season teams will typically only play other teams within the same league. During the Postseason, the top 4 wildest and mildest have an opportunity to compete for the Internet Series championship.

The Wild League

Wild High

Wild Low

The Mild League

Mild High

Mild Low


Over the course of Blaseball History, The Leagues have not always been as they are now.

The Good and Evil Leagues

From Seasons 1 through 5, ILB was structured under the Good League and Evil League, with each being split into two sub-leagues: Lawful and Chaotic. These leagues operated identically to the Leagues now, only differing in how the teams were organized.

High Filter

With the passing of the High Filter Decree at the end of Season 5, "resulting in the ILB getting dunked in the Blood Tub and surfacing reborn,"[1] the ILB was restructured into the current Wild League and Mild League. Teams were sorted based on their performance in the Season 5 standings: the top 5 teams were placed in Wild High, 6-10 were placed in Mild High, 11-15 in Mild Low, and 16-20 in Wild Low.

Season 8 Swaps

In Season 8, the blessing called Divisional Swap could "swap your team into the other Division in your Subleague," while the blessing called Subleague Swap could "swap your team into another Division in the opposite Subleague." The Mexico City Wild Wings won both of these blessings, shocking many. This first caused the Wild Wings to move to Mild High, while the Breath Mints swapped to Mild Low; followed by the Wild Wings again moving to Wild High, while the Millennials swapped to Mild High. This lucky turn of events put an end to widespread dissatisfaction with the Wild Wings inhabiting a "Mild" division in the League.

Season 10 Swaps

In Season 10, the Canada Moist Talkers won the Divisional Swap blessing, moving to Mild Low while the Pies swapped to Mild High. Additionally, the San Francisco Lovers won the Subleague Swap blessing, moving to Mild High while the Tigers swapped to Wild High.

Season 10 also saw the Ascension of the Baltimore Crabs, who left the Wild High division. This league opening was filled by the newly-introduced Tokyo Lift.

Season 12 Expansion Teams

On Season 12, Day 72, at the beginning of Earlsiesta, a new team was added to each League. Following an announcement by Boss, the Baltimore Crabs were returned to the league in the Mild Low division, while the Atlantis Georgias, Ohio Worms, and Core Mechanics were added to the league in the Wild High, Wild Low, and Mild High divisions, respectively.