Black Hole (Black Hole)

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Black Hole (Black Hole), also referred to as Supermassive Black Hole in Jazz's game log text, is a weather condition first seen after Season β24's Earlsiesta as a result of the Supernova collapsing due to intensifying Riffs. The weather has only been observed as an outcome of Jazz.

Under Black Hole (Black Hole) weather, if a team collects 10 runs, the Black Hole (Black Hole) will swallow the runs (similarly to Black Hole weather), become agitated, and nullify a league modification. It may instead nullify a stadium modification or an Item, and in one instance during a game nullified a team, as well as nullifying any team it touched on the map beyond Day 82. Nullified teams who played non nullified teams would see the game instantly end due to nullification with the non-nullified team earning a win. If both teams were nullified the game would be cancelled.. Outside of Black Hole (Black Hole) weather, and indeed outside of games at all, it can also nullify any teams that come into contact with it on the navigation map.

As of Fall Ball, however, the Black Hole (Black Hole) has been slowly burping out players and game features from itself, a trend that continued into actual Seasons beyond.


Season 24 Nullifications

Over the course of Season 24, the Black Hole (Black Hole) weather nullified the following teams and rules, with credit to the player who scored the tenth run.

The Black Hole (Black Hole) Expands

As of Day 82 The Black Hole (Black Hole) began expanding over the navigation map, nullifying any team it came into contact with.

Finally, on Season 24 Day 99, the Black Hole (Black Hole) nullified Blaseball itself, nullifying everything associated with it.

Fall Ball

Main Article: Fall Ball

During Fall Ball, various players (and later, game features) would fall out of Black Hole (Black Hole) weekly, every Friday. Notably, the Black Hole (Black Hole) sported a new appearance which is round and much larger relative to the swirls around it; this appearance would persist in its appearances in the era to come.

Season 1 (NEW)

While the Black Hole (Black Hole) made no direct appearances as a Weather, the new Horizon weather is directly associated with it. Under the Horizon weather, random players will fall out of the Black Hole (Black Hole) and land in parts unknown, occasionally knocking players currently playing off their teams and replacing them.

In addition, the Black Hole (Black Hole) started to occasionally make appearances on-site like an Entity would. In these cases, the Black Hole (Black Hole) would merely burp before releasing a new Decree, Blessing, or features such as seeing player stats and attributes.