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The San Francisco Lovers are an Internet League Blaseball team in the Mild High division of the Mild League and based in San Francisco. Previously, the team was a member of the Lawful Good division of the Good League, and of the Wild High division of the Wild League. The Lovers have been a part of the league since Season 1.


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Season Results

Season 1

  • Due to interference from the opening The Book of Blaseball, history around the end of Season 1 is vague and ephemeral. However, blaseball historians have collectively agreed that on Season 1 Day 98, the San Francisco Lovers held a record of 38 Wins and 59 Losses and placed 4th in the Lawful Good Division. Thanks to postseason artifacts discovered, we do know that the Lovers did not make playoffs.
  • The San Francisco Lovers received no blessings at the end of Season 1.

Season 2

Details of stat changes between season 2 and season 3 for the Lovers.
Season 2 to Season 3 comparison.
  • The San Francisco Lovers achieved a regular season record of 29 Wins and 70 Losses. They placed last in the Lawful Good Division, the Good League, and the Internet Blaseball League overall. However, they had a good time out there.
  • The Lovers were blessed with performance enhancing demons despite having 0% of the vote. Speculation on the nature of the demons suggests that they may have been Succubi, lured to the Lovers due to a kinship with the philosophies of the team.
  • Kichiro Guerra was also blessed with BLOODLUST, which manifested as a burning desire to bring True Love back to the world.
  • The Lovers were granted the fourth strike by decree.

Season 3

  • The San Francisco Lovers achieved a regular season record of 59 Wins and 40 Losses. They placed top of the Lawful Good Division and joint second in the Good League overall alongside the Charleston Shoe Thieves. They progressed to the playoffs, finishing in the top four after beating the Charleston Shoe Thieves 3 games to 1 in the quarter finals and losing out to the New York Millennials 3 games to 1 in the semis.
  • Kichiro Guerra suffered an allergic reaction when swallowing a stray peanut.

Season 4

  • The San Francisco Lovers achieved a regular season record of 49 Wins and 50 Losses.
  • At the end of the season Kichiro Guerra and Parker Meng were accidentally swapped with their alternate dimension counterparts. This has caused strife within the team since, in her dimension, Mirror Parker was the captain of the Lovers. She is currently competing against Knight Triumphant for their seat, by seeing who has the bigger, better, and more extensive polycule.
  • Yosh Carpenter was blessed with an extra set of elbows, while Sandford Garner was blessed with TWO extra sets. This helped increase the pitching lineup of the Lovers drastically while simultaneously making Garner a household name among fans.

Season 5

  • The San Francisco Lovers achieved a regular season record of 65 Wins and 34 Losses. They placed top of the Lawful Good Division. They progressed to the playoffs, finishing in the top four after beating the Dallas Steaks in the quarter finals and losing out to the Chicago Firefighters in the semis.
  • During a game against the Hawai'i Fridays, reverberations caused by The Wave reached dangerous levels and Lovers batter Don Mitchell started to Reverberate. He is now one with time and space, freely able to travel between this dimension and the prohibition dimension.
  • Don Mitchell swallowed a stray peanut while returning from the prohibition dimension for a post-season game against the Chicago Firefighters. It was apparently so delicious that it increased his blaseball skills across the board. Sclientists are still trying to recreate the event.

Season 6

  • The San Francisco Lovers achieved a regular season record of 53 Wins and 46 Losses. They placed third in the Wild High Division and advanced to the playoffs. The Lovers lost to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands in the first round, 3 games to 2.

Season 7

  • Theo King swallowed a peanut and had an allergic reaction.
  • During the Season 7 Election, the Lovers received the Headliners blessing, which arranged their lineup in order of their idolatry.

Season 9

  • During the Season 9 Election, the Lovers were subjected to Targeted Shame, but protected by the Wild High Fifth Base Bubble.
  • The Lovers also won the Feel the Love blessing, which changed the entire team's blood type to Love, and made everyone on the team especially Charming.

Season 10

  • During the Season 10 election, the Lovers won the Popular by Association blessing, sending Milo Brown to their shadows in exchange for Bontgomery Mullock (created from a mishap involving the newly-ascended Baltimore Crabs' Montgomery Bullock being traded to multiple teams simultaneously), and the Subleague Swap blessing, moving to the Mild High division in exchange for the Hades Tigers.

Season 11

Season 12

Season 13

Season 14

Season 15

Season 16

  • The Lover went 49-50, placing forth in their division.
  • In the Latesiesta, the Lovers chose to buy a bunch of Sweetner, and chose to build Birdhouses.
  • In the election the Lovers made a trade with the Ohio Worms, swapping Kichiro Guerra for Pitching Machine via Plunder. The Lovers voted to make a roster move, moving Milo Brown from the Shadows to their Rotation.

Season 17

Season 18

  • The Lovers went 41-58 placing fourth in their division.
  • In the Latesiesta, the Lovers cleaned up their ballpark, and gained more Birds.
  • In the Election, Hotel Motel was ratified into physical law, removing it from the Polyhedron, but along with Turntables, would apply to the rest of the league.
  • Two feedback exchanges occurred, swapping Cannonball Sports for Foxy Pebble day 58, and Knight Triumphant for Conner Haley on day 85.
  • In the Election, the Lovers voted to move NaN from the Shadows to the lineup, then voted to Shadow Revoke, causing NaN to gain the roaming mod for some reason.
  • The Lovers won the Cinnamon Roll blessing, causing Percival Wheeler, Don Mitchell, and Foxy Pebble’s Cinnamon stat to be rerolled.

Season 19

  • The Lovers went 43-56, granting them 43 unwins, placing them second in their division and sending them to the Playoffs. In the Playoffs, the Lovers made it to round two of the postseason, before getting knocked out by the Seattle Garages 3-1.
  • In the Latesiesta Sandford Garner gained the Concrete Cannon, dropping their Squidish Sunglasses.
  • Two feedbacks occured this season, with Don Mitchell swapping for Bates Bentley on day 3 and Connor Haley swapping for Tot Fox on day 62.
    • The Lovers would temporarily gain the Soundproof blessing later the same season.
  • Spark Beans would be the first player to be incinerated in the Polyhedron, during the Expansion Era, and during a playoff game in the stadium.
  • In the election, the Lovers chose to bring Mindy Salad forth from the shadows, via a foreshadow swap with Helga Burton. The Lovers then voted to infuse Mindy Salad's Pitching ability.
  • The Lovers won two blessings this season, getting Guarded; which granted the modification of the same name to Karato Bean, and Cover Letters; giving every member of the shadows a defense adjustment of -5 to 20%.

Season 20

  • The Lovers went 33-66 in the regular season, placing fifth in their division, and placing in the second position in the Underbracket. After a 3-1 series against the Mexico City Wild Wings, the Lovers lost won as the first Internet League Blaseball Underchampion.
    • Notably, this season would emulate the last time the Lovers and the Wild Wings made it to the Internet Series in Season 7.
  • In the Latesiesta, the Lovers elected to install Tunnels, and built the LCD Soundsystem.
  • Following the end of the regular season, Lovers veteran, Liquid Friend was vaulted by The Coin, granting Friend and Uncle Plasma an “Early Retirement.”
  • Throughout the season, there were several event of note:
  • In Mindy Salad’s first game as a pitcher, they were able to execute a display of clashing blood modifications with the Houston SpiesBlood modification Mind Trick. Salad managed to Charm Comfort Septemberish, getting the out on their official record, while Septemberish managed to Mind Trick the umpire into sending them to first base.

Mindy Salad charmed Co-for- ---temberi-h! Co-for- ---temberi-h swings 3 times to strike out willingly! Co-for- ---temberi-h uses a Mind Trick! The umpire sends them to first base.

  • Jesús Koch roamed on and off the Lovers due to The Fifth Base.
  • Theo King experienced a bit of an in-game oddity, where-in day 104, his Charitable Ring of Famine disappeared without a trace, lacking a drop message or an item replacement.
  • In the Election the Lovers chose to swap Tot Fox via a roster swap with Kurt Crueller, voted to infuse one of Crueller's random stat categories, giving Crueller a batting stat increase, and chose to reroll Tot Fox's Flinch mod giving them Affinity for Crows.

Season 21

Season 22

Season 23

Season 24

  • Season 24 was not a typical season for the Lovers, or the rest of the ILB following the Supernova caused by Sun (Sun)’s pressure surge following the Semi-Centennial.
  • Upon the reveal of the map, the Lovers spend much of the season moving throughout the four quadrants in indecision, eventually the Lovers eventually choose the Desert, the entire team becoming Scattered in the process.
    • The Lovers would be one of the last teams to make it to a quadrant, prior to the consumption of the universe by the Black Hole (Black Hole.)
  • There were several notable events as the world came to an end.
  • Yulia Skitter was the first player to Night Shift out for the Lovers, swapping places with Jonathan Catalina.
  • Percival Wheeler fled Elsewhere to escape being caught in a Grand Heist.
  • Consumers attacked Percival Wheeler while Elsewhere for a total decrease of 2.7 stars.
  • King Roland returned from Elsewhere after one season.
  • The Lovers and the Philly Pies played an 88 minute, 25 inning game on day 38, now dubbed Crowvertime 2, where-in the Lovers managed to reach 1000 birds, being the first team to do so at the top of the 8th, despite ending the game 15-11 with the Pies victory.
    • Tot Fox faxed out for Reece Saetang after 14 innings, in the same game.
    • This game would also demonstrate that the Pies' Avoidance modification could fail, which would only be shown to occur again to the Pies after their own Nullification.
  • Jonathan Catalina was swept Elsewhere and returned after 16 days.
  • Mindy Salad faxed out for Tot Fox.
  • The Lovers touch down on Day 62, becoming fully Scattered.
  • Peanut Holloway of the Philly Pies is incinerated in the Polyhedron on day 67.
  • The Lovers ended their season and the era with the most birds in the league, totaling 1289 birds.
  • The Lovers played their last game against the Oxford Paws before the consumption of the universe by the Black Hole (Black Hole), they were determined to be the first in the Desert division, and like all teams with the modification Under Review, they were spared nullification.

Notable Events

The Long Romantic Walk on the Blaseball Field (Season 2, Day 78)

  • During the third game of the series against the New York Millennials, The Lovers secured an unprecedented 18-4 home victory and secured the clean sweep after walking nearly every single point. Rumors that Millennials pitcher Fynn Doyle had been seduced or blinded by love remain unconfirmed. When interviewed after the game, Lovers grand-slam hitter Sigmund Castillo had this to say: "I'm just happy to be out there with my favorite people."

Training Weights Stolen (Season 4, Day 27)

  • During the third game of a series against the Charleston Shoe Thieves, the Lovers pulled out a phenomenal 21-5 victory. Don Mitchell was voted the MVP, with a 3-run homer and a series of additional runs scored throughout. Team management reports hiding training weights within the players shoes, so once they were stolen their true power was unleashed - though this is as of yet, unconfirmed.

Lost in the Infinite Los Angeli (Season 5, Days 13-30)

Main Article: Lovers Lost In the Infinite Los Angeli

  • Early in season 5, the Lovers found themselves unable to navigate the Infinite Cities and return to The Polyhedron. This resulted in many scheduling adjustments and many emergency games against the Unlimited Tacos. Eventually, the team was guided out by the Charleston Shoe Thieves. However, the time the Lovers spent in the Infinite Cities with the Tacos created a temporary fate link between the two teams, causing their victories and losses to continue to mirror each other's, regardless of their opponents, for the next 15 days of games.

Historic Double Shut-out (Season 8, Day 16)

  • In the fourth match of a back-to-back series against the Chicago Firefighters, the two teams made Blaseball history with the first ever double shut-out. Due to Firefighters being Shamed in their prior Day 15 match against the Lovers, and starting Day 16 with -1 runs due to Shame Bubble, the game concluded with a score of -1-0 to the Lovers.

Team Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

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The San Francisco Lovers were founded due to the enthusiasm of their captain, Knight Triumphant—the only member of the original roster to have any previous Blaseball experience. The rest of the San Francisco Lovers original line-up for the team was sourced from Knight's expansive sprawling polyamorous relationships. The roster is currently made up of supportive partners, metamours, and allies eager to encourage Knight Triumphant to pursue their dreams.

Originally sponsored by Miguel Javier's Etsy store, the team ultimately decided to shun corporate sponsorship and are now instead sponsored by the feeling of seeing your partner again after having not seen them for a while. This sponsorship allowed the team to relocate to their current stadium, The PolyHedron.



  • The team's highly variable success from season to season could be attributed to their habit of regularly updating their uniforms between seasons. Some of which have caused distractions to occur on field for both the Lovers and their opponents.

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