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The San Francisco Lovers are an Internet League Blaseball team in the Chaotic Good division of the Good Conference and based in San Francisco. Previously, the team was a member of the Lawful Good division of the Good League, the Wild High division of the Wild League, and the Mild High division of the Mild League. The Lovers have been a part of the league since Season β1.


Lineup Rotation
Muna Sichantha (On side-quest)

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Season Results


Details of stat changes between season 2 and season 3 for the Lovers.
Season 2 to Season 3 comparison.
Season W L Pct GB Playoffs Blessings Notes
Season β1 38 59 .392 17
Season β2 29 70 .293 43 Performance Enhancing Demons 4th Strike
Season β3 59 40 .596 -- Semi-Finalists
Season β4 49 50 .495 12 Yosh Carpenter blessed with extra set of elbows, Sandford Garner blessed with two.
Season β5 65 34 .657 -- Semi-Finalists Don Mitchell became the first player to Reverberate.
Season β6 53 46 .534 27
Season β7 55 44 .556 12 Headliner's Blessing
Season β8 35 64 .354 39
Season β9 47 52 .478 24 Feel the Love Targeted Shame, blocked
Season β10 65 34 .657 4 Semi-Finalists Popular by Association, Subleague Swap
Season β11 48 50 .490 7 XX Judgement
Season β12 38 61 .384 21 Enrich Will, Forshadow Will, Big S


Season β13 46 53 .465 7 Exchange Will, Foreshadow Will
Season β14 56 43 .566 1 Wild-Card round Infused King Roland
Season β15 35 64 .354 28 Voted for more Coffee 2 weather Gained bats
Season β16 49 50 .495 15 Bought Sweetener, built Birdhouses
Season β17 36 63 .364 32 Unlocked Hotel Motel, gained Batsmith
Season β18 41 58 .414 39 Cinnamon Roll Hotel Motel applied to league
Season β19 43 56 .434 -7* Quarter-Finalists Guarded, Cover Letters
Season β20 33 66 .333 36 Underbracket Champions Theo King consumed his own Ring of Famine
Season β21 42 57 .424 23 Built Bird Hotel, added Voicemail.

Received Fireproof, Soul Patches, Uncle Plasma, Liquid Friend

Theo King incinerated Rogue Umpire

Season β22 56 43 .566 -- Quarter-Finalists Helga Moreno gained Subtractor, Skipping
Season β23 39 60 .394 18 Wild-Card round Targeted Evolution Built Stables
Season β24 Most birds (1289) Became Scattered

*In Season β19, wins were converted to unwins.


Season W L Pct GB Playoffs Blessings Notes
Season 1 40 50 .444 21
Season 2 49 41 .544 11 Quarter-Finalists Magnetic Fielder, Alvie Kesh gains 3 Stars of Magnet

Notable Events

The Long Romantic Walk on the Blaseball Field (Season 2, Day 78)

  • During the third game of the series against the New York Millennials, The Lovers secured an unprecedented 18-4 home victory and secured the clean sweep after walking nearly every single point. Rumors that Millennials pitcher Fynn Doyle had been seduced or blinded by love remain unconfirmed. When interviewed after the game, Lovers grand-slam hitter Sigmund Castillo had this to say: "I'm just happy to be out there with my favorite people."

Training Weights Stolen (Season 4, Day 27)

  • During the third game of a series against the Charleston Shoe Thieves, the Lovers pulled out a phenomenal 21-5 victory. Don Mitchell was voted the MVP, with a 3-run homer and a series of additional runs scored throughout. Team management reports hiding training weights within the players shoes, so once they were stolen their true power was unleashed - though this is as of yet, unconfirmed.

Lost in the Infinite Los Angeli (Season 5, Days 13-30)

Main Article: Lovers Lost In the Infinite Los Angeli

  • Early in season 5, the Lovers found themselves unable to navigate the Infinite Cities and return to The Polyhedron. This resulted in many scheduling adjustments and many emergency games against the Unlimited Tacos. Eventually, the team was guided out by the Charleston Shoe Thieves. However, the time the Lovers spent in the Infinite Cities with the Tacos created a temporary fate link between the two teams, causing their victories and losses to continue to mirror each other's, regardless of their opponents, for the next 15 days of games.

Historic Double Shut-out (Season 8, Day 16)

  • In the fourth match of a back-to-back series against the Chicago Firefighters, the two teams made Blaseball history with the first ever double shut-out. Due to Firefighters being Shamed in their prior Day 15 match against the Lovers, and starting Day 16 with -1 runs due to Shame Bubble, the game concluded with a score of -1-0 to the Lovers.

Team Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

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The San Francisco Lovers were founded due to the enthusiasm of their captain, Knight Triumphant—the only member of the original roster to have any previous Blaseball experience. The rest of the San Francisco Lovers original line-up for the team was sourced from Knight's expansive sprawling polyamorous relationships. The roster is currently made up of supportive partners, metamours, and allies eager to encourage Knight Triumphant to pursue their dreams.

Originally sponsored by Miguel Javier's Etsy store, the team ultimately decided to shun corporate sponsorship and are now instead sponsored by the feeling of seeing your partner again after having not seen them for a while. This sponsorship allowed the team to relocate to their current stadium, The PolyHedron.



  • The team's highly variable success from season to season could be attributed to their habit of regularly updating their uniforms between seasons. Some of which have caused distractions to occur on field for both the Lovers and their opponents.

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