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The Good League was a competitive Sub-League in Ultra League Blaseball beginning in Season A, then in Internet League Blaseball from Season B to the end of Season β5. During The Discipline Era, it consisted of ten teams split into two divisions: Lawful and Chaotic. The league sent four teams to the postseason of every season it was active and the winner of the Good League faced the winner of the Evil League at the end of each post season in the Internet Series.


The Good League formed at the start of Ultra League Blaseball on The First Day. During Season A, the Good League competed against the Bad League for the ULB championship. This changed during Season B, from which point the sub-league competed against the Evil League until the end of Season β5, when the High Filter decree disbanded the Good and Evil Leagues and formed the Wild and Mild Leagues in their place.

During The Discipline Era, the Good League had one Internet Series champion: the Chicago Firefighters (Season 5).

Discipline Era Divisions

Lawful Good

Chaotic Good

Season Results


Season Regular Season Winner Postseason Winner Championship Results
A Breath Mints Unknown Defeated by the Alaskan Immortals 0-4
B Unknown Unknown Defeated the Antarctic Fireballs 4-3
AA Unknown Unknown Unknown

Discipline Era

Season Lawful Good Winner Chaotic Good Winner Postseason Winner Internet Series Results
β1 Dallas Steaks Yellowstone Magic Chicago Firefighters Defeated by Philly Pies 0-3
β2 Dallas Steaks Boston Flowers Charleston Shoe Thieves Defeated by Philly Pies 1-3
β3 San Francisco Lovers New York Millennials New York Millennials Defeated by Hades Tigers 2-3
β4 Chicago Firefighters New York Millennials New York Millennials Defeated by Hades Tigers 2-3
β5 San Francisco Lovers New York Millennials Chicago Firefighters Defeated the Breckenridge Jazz Hands 3-2