Blimp Hardison

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Blimp Hardison is a player for the San Francisco Lovers, and has been with the team since the Season β20 Endseason.

Official League Records

Hardison joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the San Francisco Lovers as the Lovers' Season β20 Underbracket Playoff Birth.

On Season β22, Day 50, Hardison joined the Lovers' lineup in exchange for Foxy Pebble at San Franstadium via the Ratified Voicemail.

During the December 9, 2022 Fall Ball, Hardison fell back to the San Francisco Lovers.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Colloquially known as ‘Blimp Hardison’ (collective they/them), this air vessel was originally hired by the Blaseball News Network for capturing aerial views of live splorting events for broadcast and advertising purposes. However, due to an unfortunate clerical error involving Hardison’s Blimp Aviation, Co.’s paperwork, the vessel was misfiled as a singular individual/blaseball player named ‘Blimp Hardison’. Despite protests from the crew, they resigned themselves to their inevitable fate, joining the San Francisco Lovers’ line-up.

Strangely enough, every crew member of the vessel’s name appears to be Hardison. When asked about it, the various Hardisons couldn’t seem to recall if that was always the case or not. To minimize confusion onboard the blimp each Hardison has taken a designated call sign based on a prominent feature of their appearance, their designation, or their job title.

The Blimp

The vessel, simply known as ‘Blimp’ was designed using a hybrid of magic and technology, appropriately called ‘magitech’. Blimp is a non-rigid (meaning its shape is not maintained by a rigid internal structure) dirigible (directable/steerable airships). Inside its exterior envelope, the vessel is fitted with air–filled ballonets and ‘love blood’. As Blimp ascends or descends, the internal ballonets, using magitech, expand or contract to compensate for eDensity changes and to maintain uniform pressure in the envelope. The eDensity is maintained under low pressure, so small punctures do not pose serious consequences for the vessel. One inspection element of the vessel is to look into the envelope for pinpoints of light which are indicative of small holes.

The Crew

Many individuals make up the crew of Blimp, below is one such crewmember.
This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Crew Manifest from IF-600.14 out of its Crew Manifest Registry...


Call Sign: The Frog Prince

Pronouns: he/him


The Frog Prince is, usually, a lanky and slender male with shoulder-length green hair, freckles, and rosy cheeks. He has a youthful appearance of one in his mid-20s. The Frog Prince can often be found wearing medieval aesthetic LARP attire made from era-authentic high-quality materials, including a small golden crown. At other times, this crew member can be found in the form of a small green frog that is wearing a frog-size appropriate golden crown and cloak.


The Frog Prince, was born and raised in the Royal Kingdom of San Francisco. Upon meeting San Francisco LARP royalty, King Roland, he soon found himself wanting to befriend and impress them. The Frog Prince drained his bank accounts, using the money to fund a full wardrobe of immaculate (and historically accurate) LARP attire in an effort to impress the king. Always at King Roland’s side, the Frog Prince was sent on many numbers of fetch quests. Everything from grabbing the king his favorite coffee to fetching their latest attire from the royal tailor to investigating rumors about a dragon within the region.

During the latter mentioned dragon investigation, the Frog Prince would be cursed with an unfortunate and life altering fate. Once the Frog Prince discovered the den of the dragon within the ancient forests of the Muir Woods, he took it upon himself to attempt to slay the dragon in order to impress his liege. Unsurprisingly, that backfired, because he was but a mere LARPer and not a trained fighter by any means. Luckily for the Frog Prince, this dragon (later identified by hlistorians as Silvia Winner) had long since retired from consuming the peasantry of the land. Instead she put a shape-shifting curse on the young man. Now whenever the Frog Prince would kiss someone he would transform into a small green frog, with another kiss being the only way to return back to his human form. This made many things, let alone dating, quite difficult for the Frog Prince. It is unknown if this event caused King Roland to take pity on the Frog Prince or if their reluctant friendship had fully blossomed by this point, but ever since the two have remained close friends.

The Frog Prince’s true passion in life is the study of flying machines. Always fascinated by the schematics of eras gone by, the Frog Prince has dedicated his life to creating era material and technology appropriate flying contraptions for the Royal Kingdom of San Francisco’s Royal Air Force. It was this desire to create and study flying machines that put them aboard the vessel known as Blimp in the first place.

The Frog Prince, upon boarding the vessel, found himself roped into not only playing blaseball but also being listed as a member of the vessel’s manifest as well. The Frog Prince didn’t exactly recall his name ever being Hardison, but when he asked King Roland for clarity the royal LARPer replied, “I don’t have time to remember people’s names. I’ve just been calling you Blimp this entire time, because your head is always in the clouds. So, I guess your name is Hardison now?”

The Frog Prince, when not aboard the Blimp, can be found crashing on King Roland’s royal throne. This is in large part due to the Frog Prince’s lack of funds, a direct result of their dedication to their LARP wardrobe. The Frog Prince is currently attending the Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco’s community college to get a degree in aeronautics.