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Mindy Salad is a lineup player for the Houston Spies, and has been with the team since Season 1, Day 34. Salad has previously played for the San Francisco Lovers.

Official League Records

Salad joined the ILB as a pitcher in the Shadows for the San Francisco Lovers as the Lovers' Season β19 Playoff Birth.

During the Season β19 elections, Salad's pitching increased from 3.6 4.8 as a result of the Lovers' Shadow Infuse will. Salad then joined the Lovers' active roster in exchange for Helga Burton as a result of the Lovers' Foreshadow will.

On Season β24, Day 32, Salad retreated to the Lovers' Shadows in exchange for Tot Fox at San Franstadium via the Ratified Fax Machine.

On Season 1, Day 34, Salad fell to the Houston Spies during a game in Horizon weather, hitting Scratch Deleuze and taking their place on the lineup.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Who is that Masked Salad?

Mindy Salad (she/her), real name ████████, is an up and coming superhero (or dangerous vigilante according to the Meh.com Corporation) and righteous advocate for Mother Nature operating within the San Francisco region. Mindy Salad has been called a beacon of sunshine by anyone who has met her, whether she’s stopping a robbery or saving a kitten from a tree, she’s guaranteed to be doing it with a smile on her face and spring in her step. When they aren’t stopping crime they can be found going about their day-to-day life as young mother of two and aspiring student of environmental science.

Secret Origins: Under the Leaf

As a young teenager ████████ (referred to as MS for the remainder of this article) idolized Kissin’ Kichiro, a superhero that operated within the Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco that stood for True Love and Justice. Not only did they stand up for and believe in the same things that MS did, but there was a kinship there as well. Kissin’ Kichiro was unapologetically femme while using both she/her pronouns, as well as they/them, just like MS. To say that MS was a fangirl would be an understatement. They were the president of the Romantic Collaborative’s Kissin’ Kichiro fan club and proud author of a number of popular Kissin’ Kichiro fanfic. MS knew everything there was to know about the adventures of Kissin’ Kichiro thanks to her own unique ‘superpower’, an eidetic memory. MS often thought to herself, “If only I could be a hero like Kissin’ Kichiro, but a photographic memory is pretty weak sauce next to shooting magical heart-shaped beams out of your hands.”

As MS approached her senior year in high school that desire and inspiration to be a hero manifested itself as an advocate for the planet itself. MS found themselves front and center at many protests during this time, everything from speaking out against the Meh.com Corporation’s shopping empire and helping to expose their illegal waste dumping practices; all the way to protecting endangered species from the Royal Kingdom of San Francisco and their overzealous whaling activities they performed in order to maintain their supply of period appropriate lamp oil. Unfortunately, MS soon found out that just because you’re fighting for a just cause doesn’t mean the law will be on your side; during one such protest MS found herself in cuffs for ‘Unlawful Assembly’ despite having been nothing but peaceful. She later learned that the local constabulary of the Royal Kingdom was on the Meh.com’s payroll and that the shopping empire had deep ties to the Royal Court.

Secret Origins: Cabbage Patch Kids

Some years passed. During this time MS enrolled in the Romantic Collaborative Community College’s Environmental Sciences program as she worked towards her goal of becoming an ecologist. MS felt that with a degree she could better advocate and fight for the needs of the planet. MS would later find herself as a single mother trying to raise two beautiful and brilliant children, Caesar and Crouton, while trying to juggle her classes.

One night while returning home late from their night classes MS took a shortcut through a Meh.com shipping warehouse parking lot. Normally MS wouldn’t dare risk illegally trespassing but ever since the local park was paved over to make room for this monstrosity of capitalism her commute home from class was twice as long and MS knew the babysitter wasn’t going to wait any longer for her, at least not without charging her double. Unfortunately for MS, as if by some divine joke, tonight would be the night the event simply known throughout the Romantic Collaborative as “The Greenening” would befall this area. From here on, things would never be the same for MS.

Secret Origins: The Greenening

No one knows exactly what occurred that fateful night in the Romantic Collaborative. Conspiracy theorists and hlistorians alike have their theories, the prevailing being that the Meh.com Corporation was housing illegally genetically modified produce in the building. All rumors of such produce granting individuals unusual food related and plant-based abilities however are unsubstantiated and do not reflect the views or opinions of this wiki. Eye witness statements and factual reports confirm that a pillar of green light shot into the sky that night encasing the area. This pillar seemingly caused an overgrowth of plant life to burst through the concrete of and enshroud the entire block and warehouse in greenery the likes of which the denizens of the Romantic Collaborative had never seen. On this day, the superhero known as Mindy Salad was born.

Secret Origins: Dressing for Success

MS knew something was different about them the moment they woke up surrounded by a lush growth of vegetation where an empty lot once stood. Her ears were ringing with the buzz of a thousand voices. Voices that she would soon come to recognize as the voices of the plants themselves. Alarmed by this all MS quickly thought of her children and their safety, she began to rush towards home. Before MS knew it, vines were extending towards their arms and latching onto them, helping swing and propel them through the overgrowth and through the city towards their home.

It didn’t take long after that for MS to realize what she had become, a person with powers, a superhero. MS would go on to keep her true identity a secret to the best of her ability, which of course included gathering materials from the neighboring Renaissance Faires for a costume that could better conceal her face. Donning a high quality hooded cloak and a leafy mask, MS took to the streets as the region’s newest superhero, Mindy Salad.

Secret Origins: Power Salad

As far as their feelings on new powers go, Mindy Salad was once quoted as saying, “Sure, talking to plants isn’t much to brag about. But, being able to swing around the city on vines is pretty schway.” Mindy Salad’s eidetic memory and ability to talk with plants are two skills that have aided them greatly with their investigations into crime throughout the region.

Mindy Salad carries a number of unique tools with her in her utility pouches as well. Items such as sharpened throwing carrots, ranch dressing bombs (for when she needs to make a quick escape) or consumer repellent can be found on her at all times.

Joining the ILB

Mindy Salad would go on to pursue a career in Blaseball during the splort’s 20th season. Their reasons for doing so are currently unknown. Luckily for her, a pitcher for the San Francisco Lovers named Bontgomery Mullock had already taken notice of her. Mullock, familiar with Mindy Salad’s exploits throughout the region, knew that someone with a love so pure (especially for Mother Nature) would make an excellent fit to the team.

The fans of the Lovers are quick to embrace this rookie pitcher, already they’ve worked up catchy cheers such as “Toss it!” or simply by throwing various salad ingredients onto the field. While bad innings or games are not uncharted territory for the fans, some have been reportedly embracing the mantra of, “That’s the way the crouton crumbles.” when it comes to any losses incurred during the rookie’s time on the mound. Clearly they are ready and willing to give this beloved hero as much time as she needs to prove her worth to the league.

Onward and Upward

When asked about her continued future as a superhero, Mindy Salad had only this to say, “Evil never rests, and as a Blaseball player and a mother, neither do I.” She has been reportedly approached with a request for assistance by the local Fae of the Berkeley Hills area in San Francisco. What do they want? What's their motive? Can they be trusted? Tune in next week, same Mindy time, same Mindy channel!


Mindy Salad’s closest relationship is with her two young children, Caesar and Crouton. There is nothing in this world (not even the world itself) that she cares about more than these two. Everything she has done since they were born, she does for them.

Mindy has occasionally mentioned teaming up with a hero from Atlantis named Sea Lad but fans are currently unable to confirm their existence.


  • Mindy Salad is a fantastic cook and loves to make food for her family and loved ones. She has a natural talent for memorizing recipes thanks to her Eidetic memory.
  • Mindy Salad somehow does not actually know the true identity of Kissin’ Kichiro. Many have assumed this is not from a lack of opportunity or ability to find out, but more out of respect for their long-time idol.
  • Due to a similarity in sound of their first names Mint Shupe and Mindy Salad often find themselves thinking someone is calling for them when in fact it is the other individual the person is looking for. They have both become quite annoyed by this.
  • Those who know her true identity have theorized that MS wears glasses to conceal her identity. But, in actuality, those are their prescription glasses.
  • Rumor has it among superhero enthusiasts is that the event that gave Mindy Salad their power modified their brain in such a way that it bestowed upon them the gift of psychic ability. This is supposedly what allows them the ability to commune with plants. The only thing the enthusiasts seem to be able to agree upon is that Mindy Salad doesn’t control the plants or force them to do anything they normally wouldn’t want to do, having been quoted saying, “She’s far too nice to resort to that.”
  • Rumor also has it that Mindy Salad is something of a “Meatatarian” and refuses to eat anything but meat because now that she can talk to plants, she cares about them far too much to bring herself to do it. There has been no confirmation of this however as the hero has never been seen eating food in costume.

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