Houston Spies/Beta/Season 7

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During Season 7 the Spies saw a thoroughly average season- finishing 3rd in their Division and 12th in the League overall. Despite not making the Postseason, they saw numerous improvements to their team - three Enhanced Parties and two Blooddrains in the team's favor, as well as a Yummy Peanut reaction. Despite not winning any blessings, the Spies were not protected by the Shame Bubble, gaining Targeted Shame as a result, as well as trading Evelton McBlase II for Karato Bean as a result of the Fridays' Lottery Pick.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


Added in Season 6, players in Bloodrain had a chance to Siphon stars from other players. Siphonings that involved players on the Spies are listed below.

Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team Day
Marquez Clark Kansas City Breath Mints Defense Valentine Games Houston Spies Day 15
Valentine Games Houston Spies Hitting Yazmin Mason Hades Tigers Day 56
Malik Romayne Houston Spies Baserunning Nic Winkler Boston Flowers Day 63
Swamuel Mora Chicago Firefighters Defense Morrow Wilson Houston Spies Day 82
Steph Weeks Breckenridge Jazz Hands Hitting Morrow Wilson Houston Spies Day 99

Roster Changes

On Day 60, Malik Romayne of the Hellmouth Sunbeams was caught in the Feedback, swapping positions with Joe Voorhees.

Peanut Reactions

On Day 71, Fitzgerald Blackburn swallowed a Peanut, having a Yummy Reaction.

Enhanced Party Time

Added in Season 6's Elections, teams in party Time have a chance of partying, giving them permanent stat boosts. Players on the Spies that partied are listed below.

Player Stats Affected Day
Reese Clark Pitching, Baserunning, Defense Day 94
Fitzgerald Blackburn Batting, Baserunning, Defense Day 94
Reese Clark Batting, Pitching, Baserunning, Defense Day 95

Election Outcomes


Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.