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During Season 1 the Houston Spies returned alongside the 23 other teams placed Under Review during the Season β23 Election, with a roster consisting of 10 players from earlier Eras and 4 new ones, they saw a middling return to Blaseball, unable to qualify for the Postseason and placing 10th overall for wins. During the Election, star player Terrell Bradley's Alternate was called as a result of opening the NEW Forbidden Book, and the Team gained Strike One as a result of winning the Strike Zero Blessing.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Players marked with a * were added before games began but after Fall Ball had concluded.

Preseason Events

Fall Ball

Over the course of Fall Ball, ten players were drafted to an otherwise empty Houston Spies Roster. They are as follows:

Date of Fall Player Previous Team(s)
October 28, 2022 Wyatt Mason IV LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮, Atlantis Georgias 🔱, Dallas Steaks 🥩
November 4, 2022 Nanci Grackle Atlantis Georgias 🔱
November 11, 2022 Rivers Javier Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗
November 18, 2022 Margarito Nava Boston Flowers 🌹
November 25, 2022 Esme Ramsey Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟
December 2, 2022 Rivers Rosa Chicago Firefighters 🔥, Ohio Worms 🐌, LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮
December 9, 2022 Terrell Bradley Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️, Yellowstone Magic , Seattle Garages 🎸, Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟, Tokyo Lift 🏋️‍
December 16, 2022 Howell Franklin Houston Spies 🕵️, Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟, Seattle Garages 🎸, Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞
December 23, 2022 Conditional Yuniesky Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟, Seattle Garages 🎸
December 30, 2022 Scratch Deleuze Rising Stars 💫, Ohio Worms 🐌

Scouting Report

During Fall Ball, each team received a Scouting Report to assist new Fans in picking their team. The Spies' Scouting Report read as follows:

  • Sneaky Postseason operators, the Spies have made the playoffs 11 out of a possible 23 times over the past two Eras. Still, a Spies Championship remains Missing-in-Action. Will they achieve their mission? Intel says: Spies REDACTED!
  • The Spies lead the League in home runs, with 3484, over 100 more than the 2nd place Team, the Dallas Steaks.
  • Former star Player Fitzgerald Blackburn holds the record for most Home Runs hit during a single Postseason, with 10 blasts in Season 16.

Season Events

Additional Players

Before games began but after Fall Ball had concluded, four players, not present at all during previous iterations of Blaseball, were added to the Spies' lineup to complete a typical 14-player roster: Faye Melange, Mindy Khan, Chester Abu-Zaid and Sevgi Gore.

Horizon Falls

During Horizon weather, a number of Players fell from the Black Hole, burying themselves in the team's lineup. For the Houston Spies, they were:

Additionally, during Game 34, Mindy Salad Fell from the Horizon, hitting Scratch Deleuze and knocking them into the Shadows. Finally, during Game 64, Bees Gorczyca Fell from the Horizon, hitting Mindy Khan and knocking them into the Shadows.

Message Mentions

With the new Era came a Messages section of the site. Messages that mention the Spies (even erroneously) are listed below:

Fun Fact! League Leaders through Game 23!

Fun Fact! League Leaders through Game 23!
Home Runs
1.Jorge Owens, Sunbeams - 11
2. Stretch Sutton, Breath Mints - 10
3. Kiki Avci, Magic - 10
4. Demet Cabrera, Magic - 8
5. Katja Twain, Wild Wings - 8

Strikeouts Thrown
1. Spears Taylor, Flowers - 60
2. Amaya Jackson, Tigers - 58
3. Anastasia Isarobot, Wild Wings - 57
4. Wyatt Mason IV, Spies - 50
5. Amir Murphy, Flowers - 50

Runs Scored
1. Wild Wings - 159
2. Sunbeams - 130
3. Magic - 129
4. Georgias - 116
5. Garages - 102

Runs Allowed
1. Breath Mints - 49
2. Georgias - 53
3. Shoe Thieves - 58
4. Wild Wings - 61
5. Mechanics - 67
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This is the #Blaseball Commissioner speaking. A third of the Regular Season is in the books! Let’s take a look at the Standings!

This is the #Blaseball Commissioner speaking. A third of the Regular Season is in the books! Let’s take a look at the Standings!
Good Conference Chaotic Good Division Kansas City Breath Mints 22 Wins 8 Losses San Francisco Lovers 14 Wins 16 Losses Boston Flowers 13 Wins 17 Losses Canada Moist Talkers 11 Wins 19 Losses LA Unlimited Tacos 9 Wins 21 Losses New York Millennials 8 Wins 22 Losses
Awful Good Division Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams 21 Wins 9 Losses Charleston Shoe Thieves 20 Wins 10 Losses Philly Pies 13 Wins 17 Losses Baltimore Crabs 13 Wins 17 Losses Hades Tigers 12 Wins 18 Losses Miami Dale 9 Wins 21 Losses
Evil Conference Chaotic Evil Division Atlantis Georgias 23 Wins 7 Losses Core Mechanics 19 Wins 11 Losses Housten Spies 16 Wins 14 Losses Breckenridge Jazz Hands 13 Wins 17 Losses Dallas Steaks 12 Wins 18 Losses Chicago Firefighters 8 Wins 22 Losses
Chaotic Evil Division Mexico City Wild Wings 26 Wins 4 Losses Yellowstone Magic 21 Wins 9 Losses Seattle Garages 21 Wins 9 Losses Hawai’i Fridays 13 Wins 17 Losses Tokyo Lift 12 Wins 18 Losses Ohio Worms 11 Wins 19 Losses
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  • In Horizon Weather, the Black Hole burped out Players from Blaseball’s past.
  • Some falling Players crashed into the Field, seeming to disappear as quickly as they’d arrived.
  • Other Players were unexpectedly knocked out of their Team’s Lineup and replaced when falling Players crashed into them.
  • Nine Players fell and crashed into others: Kaj Murphy, Carter O’connor, Malik Destiny, Mindy Salad, Siobhan Chark, Badgerson Stromboli, Bees Gorczyca, Jefferson de la Cruz, and Yusef Puddles.
  • Fifty-eight Players fell in total.

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Election Outcomes



Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

  1. 1.0 1.1 As of the end of Season 1, this player remained Buried, and therefore was not considered to be in active play.