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Following the introduction of High Filter, the Spies gained Blood Winner, implementing a star donation to their division victor in the Blood Bath[1]. In addition, the Spies joined a new Division in Season 6: Wild Low, with their new subleague being the Wild League. Despite this restructuring, the Spies saw an incredibly similar performance to that of Season 5, finishing 17th overall and 3rd in their division, and not qualifying for the Postseason.

The Spies were subject to two Feedback Swaps during this season, exchanging Collins Melon and Andrew Solis for Comfort Septemberish and Valentine Games, respectively.

This Election was busy for the Spies, seeing five Blesssings affect them in some way, only two of which were won by the Spies themselves. Two of the blessings: Move the Mounds Closer and Sharing Signs, blessed the entire Division, a pattern that Wild Low would continue to attempt moving forward.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

On Day 41, Comfort Septemberish of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands was caught in the Feedback, swapping positions with Collins Melon.

On Day 51, Andrew Solis was caught in the Feedback, swapping positions with Valentine Games of the New York Millennials.

Election Outcomes


  • Sharing Signs blessed the Boston Flowers.
    Teamicon flowers.png
    • Improved the Wild Low's hitting rating by 10% and impaired their pitching rating by -5%.
    • The Flowers had 15% of the votes. The Canada Moist Talkers were the highest bidders with 33% of the votes. 85,482 votes were cast.
  • Who? blessed the Charleston Shoe Thieves.
    Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    • Charleston Shoe Thieves stole the least popular player in the league, hitter Howell Franklin, from the Houston Spies, and maxed their stats. They sent back their worst hitter, Joe Voorhees.
    • The Shoe Thieves had 7% of the votes. The Hades Tigers were the highest bidders with 20% of the votes. 233,606 votes were cast.
  • Move the Mounds Closer blessed the Hellmouth Sunbeams.
    Teamicon sunbeams.png
    • Improved the Wild Low's pitching rating by 10% and impaired their hitting rating by -5%
    • The Sunbeams had 33% of the votes and were the highest bidders. 64,315 votes were cast.
  • Party Line blessed the Houston Spies.
    Teamicon spies.png
  • The Best Offense blessed the Houston Spies.
    Teamicon spies.png

Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

  1. The Blood Bath was ultimately postponed in Season 6 and cancelled in Season 7 for unknown reasons.