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San Francisco is a country located on the western border of Amlerica. It is divided into two main territories: the Royal Kingdom of San Francisco and the Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco.


The Before Times

Not much is known about the former state San Francisco. Historians believe that it may have been pretty rad, but have deemed it unwise to confirm this without further study.

The Royal Kingdom of San Francisco

While historically part of Amlerica, San Francisco was granted its independence in XX54 after a local renaissance fair got out of hand and spread across the former state, causing a rapid shift in local governance. Queen King I was the first monarch to sit on the throne of San Francisco and ruled graciously until XX85 when they tragically lost their life in a jlousting accident. It is speculated (but not confirmed) that this is the reason there are no horses in Blaseball.[1]

Queen King was succeeded by Theo King, a current member of the San Francisco Lovers blaseball team. Theo ascended to the throne early in life, and while subjects polled at the time generally agreed that he was doing his best, he found himself struggling. Knight Triumphant (whose title is unrelated to San Francisco monarchy) quickly became a friend and confidant after returning from his now famous trip. However, even with Knight's help, Theo's reign was not to last.

The Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco

See the main article on this topic: Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco

Modern living became more difficult for subjects of San Francisco as more people began stubbornly refusing to acknowledge anything that was deemed "period inappropriate," leading to an increasing population disillusioned with feudal lifestyles. One such person was current monarch Theo King, who had heard both wondrous and horrific tales of the Hellmouth from Knight Triumphant as they reportedly grew from 'close friends' to 'just very good friends.'

In a move that shocked town criers all over the country, Theo abdicated the throne in XX89, eloping with Knight Triumphant to help establish the Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco: a territory built upon horizontal hierarchy, good communication, and equitable sofa blankets for all who desired them. It is important to note that there is no war in blaseball,[citation needed] and the territory was ceded to the collaborative due to Knight's excellent grasp of boundaries.


It's pretty neat. The coast part is wetter than the inland part.


San Francisco is home to the San Francisco Lovers, an Internet League Blaseball team currently based out of The PolyHedron.


San Francisco contains many beloved landmarks, including:

  • The Transgenderica Pyramid: A striking skyscraper designed by notable transgender architect Erica Pyramid.
  • The Golden Gay Bridge: An iconic transit bridge whose design is recognized the world over, early residents of San Francisco implemented the Golden Gay Bridge to connect San Francisco with the North Gays, citing their stance that "distance is homophobic".
  • The Rainbow Connection Tunnel: The North Gays pass through this gaily decorated transit tunnel to access the Golden Gay Bridge. This has led to trips to San Francisco becoming known colloquially among North Gays as going "somewhere under the rainbow".

Public Transit

Infinite Trolleybus Stream

The main form of public transportation in the Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco is the Romantic Collaborative of San Francisco Infinite Trolleybus Stream, usually referred to by locals as the "BART". It consists of an infinite stream of trolleybuses which passengers can join and leave at will, regardless of the trolleybuses' speed, and will always end up where they need to be without needing to make any use of timetables, destination boards, etc. It is worth noting that while passengers may not always end up where they wanted to be, they will always end up where they needed to be.

Local Media

There is rumored to be a newspaper that covers the whole state, known as The San Francisco Page.

Famous Residents

  • Karla, the Lady of the Bay - A Long-Time Resident of Bay Area
  • Chulck Tangle - Hulgo Award Winning Romance Novelist
  • Karl - The Fog