Houston Spies/Beta/Season 9

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Season 9 saw the Houston Spies' best season for the Discipline Era- finishing first in Wild and second in the League as a whole. Despite this, their Postseason run was a repeat of the previous season - losing 1-3 to the Baltimore Crabs, who would go on to lose to the Charleston Shoe Thieves in the Internet Series.

For the Elections, the decided-upon Weather Forecasts saw Jordan Hildebert and Reese Clark gain new Modifications; Hildebert gained both Friend of Crows and Siphon, whilst Clark gained Fire Eater. For Blessings, the Spies saw many vote outcomes of other teams affect them - the Hellmouth Sunbeams once again secured a division-wide boost, this time of the overall rating of every team in Wild Low, and the Boston Flowers protected the Division from another season of Targeted Shame. That being said, a lack of protection from The Fifth Base caused it to affect the Spies for all of Season 10.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


On Day 6, NaN, a player on the Unlimited Tacos granted the Flickering modification, was caught in the Feedback, swapping places with Valentine Games. The following game against the Mexico City Wild Wings was also in Feedback weather, however, and NaN was again caught in the Feedback, swapping places with Sosa Hayes.


On Day 52, the entire team was shuffled during Reverb weather. The new roster is listed below.

Lineup Rotation

* Denotes Players who moved from the Rotation to the Lineup.
Denotes Players who moved from the Lineup to the Rotation.

Election Outcomes



  • Forecast: Birds passed with 304,585 Votes, 52% of all Decree Votes
  • Forecast: Blooddrain passed with 71,178 Votes, 12% of all Decree Votes
    • Whilst not listed in the Decree text, Jordan Hildebert became a Siphon as a result of this Decree passing.
  • Forecast: Eclipse passed with 63,314 Votes, 11% of all Decree Votes


Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.