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The following content pertains to earlier eras of Blaseball and may not be relevant to the current version of the game.

Ballparks were a feature added to Blaseball in Season β12. Following the Season β11 elections, when Fans elected to "Close! ...the Forbidden Book...", the Election Results noted that ground was broken on the Crabitat. Season 12 introduced a new mechanic allowing Fans of teams to build and customize a Ballpark to the benefit of their teams. According to the Glossary, a Ballpark is "A venue where Blaseball is played and the location of a Team's home games."

Construction of a Ballpark

A list of available Flags

Prefabricated Models

When given the option to build a Ballpark, fans can see the following instructions:

Plant Your Flag
⚾ Spend coins to Contribute to the building & renovating of your team's Ballpark.
⚾ To break ground on your stadium, choose a Ballpark Prefab as a starting point.
⚾ The Ballpark Prefab with the most coins will be chosen for each team.
⚾ All Ballpark construction goes into effect in the Latesiesta, after Day 72.

There are nine prefab options to select from:

Icon Name Description
icon Palmero Settle in. Why go anywhere when you could stay home?
icon Silverada The sleek lines and open space scream speed.
icon Douglas Keep your loved ones safe with the leader in home field security.
icon Hillcrest A high-energy space you'll want to sink into.
icon Twede Keep things in front of you in this minimalist dream.
icon Rodeo Everything's a long ball in this cozy space-saver.
icon Loge Open air and easy access make this the perfect event space.
icon Pine Pitchers will go absolutely wild over the view.
icon Boreal High ceilings, tons of natural light. You could get lost in your own home.

Fans select from one of the prefabs, and donate coins towards the construction of their chosen Ballpark style. Funding must be completed during the Midseason.


See the main article on this topic: Renovations

Example of Renovation options

Following the construction of a Ballpark, Fans will have the option to build Renovations to further customize their team's ballpark experience. Renovations have the following rules:

⚾ Spend coins to Contribute to the building & renovation of your Team's Ballpark.
⚾ The top chosen Renovation(s) will be implemented for your Team's Ballpark.
⚾ The more Coins contributed to your Ballpark, the more Renovations will be built.
⚾ All Ballpark construction goes into effect in the Latesiesta, after Day 72.

Each season, teams are offered a selection of nine Renovations from the list of possibilities. Fans will be able to pay for more than one Renovation per season, with construction completing in the Latesiesta.

The list of available Renovation options can be found on Renovations.

Ballpark Attributes

A visual representation of how Ballpark attributes affect Ballpark shape. Visualization by Sinjid#0042.

Ballparks have a number of attributes, similar to Players, that can affect various in-game events and performance.


+Hit %
-Home Runs %

Grandiosity determines Ballpark size. Low grandiosity causes more home runs and fewer singles, doubles, and triples, whereas high grandiosity causes more singles, doubles, and triples and fewer home runs.


-Weather Events %
-Home Runs %

Fortification determines Ballpark wall size. Low fortification causes increased weather event frequency and home runs, whereas high fortification will reduce both weather events and homeruns. Weather events refer to events such as incinerations and feedback.


+Hit %
-Foul %

Obtuseness determines the angle of the foul lines in the Ballpark. Low obtuseness increases the chance of foul balls and decreases the chance of hitting singles, doubles, and triples, whereas high obtuseness decreases the chance of foul balls and an increased chance of singles, doubles, and triples.


+Groundouts %
-Hard Hits %

Ominousness determines the angle of the Ballpark (or alternatively, how unsettling a Ballpark is). Low ominousness reduces groundouts and increases doubles and triples, whereas high ominousness increases groundouts and reduces doubles and triples.


-Hit %
-Steal Attempt %

Inconvenience determines the dirt quality and other oddities about the Ballpark. Low inconvenience increases chances in singles, doubles, and triples as well as steal attempts, whereas high inconvenience decreases singles, doubles, triples as well as steal attempts.


+Contact %
-Hard Hit %

Viscosity determines the air quality of the Ballpark. Low viscosity causes more doubles and triples and harder to hit balls, whereas high viscosity causes easier to hit balls, but fewer doubles and triples.


+Strike %
+Hard Hit %

Forwardness determines the distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate in the Ballpark. Low forwardness decreases strikes, doubles, and triples, whereas high forwardness increases strikes, doubles, and triples.


+Special Abilities %

Mysticism taps into leylines and other magical elements of the Ballpark. Low mysticism decreases the chance of Player abilities activating, and high mysticism increases the chance of Player abilities activating. Player abilities refer to modifications such as Charm and Fiery.


-Steal Success %
-Double Plays %

Elongation determines the distance between the Ballpark's bases. Low elongation increases the chance of steal success and double plays, whereas high elongation decreases the chance of steal success and double plays.


Filthiness is a measurement of how much debris, mess, etc. exists in the Ballpark. Certain events have been noticed to increase Filthiness, including Flooding weather, Glitter weather, and Items breaking. Foul balls appear to have variable Filthiness, even occasionally negative Filthiness. Filthiness can be removed via Ballpark Cleanup renovations, and the Flood Pumps Ballpark modification can prevent flooding from increasing Ballpark filthiness further.


As of Season β24, it is unknown what effect, if any, Luxuriousness has, as it has always remained at its minimum value for all known Ballparks.


With the passing of the Hype Train decree, Hype increases during games in which the Home team shames the Away team. As Hype increases, the Home team appears to play better. Hype depreciates slowly over time.


Constructing the Crabitat

Under Construction

At the start of Season β12, Fans discovered that if they clicked on a Black Hole weather icon, they could see the Baltimore Crabs' team page, which featured a new tab. The tab was covered with a red banner, reading "KEEP OUT," and when clicked on, showed the Chesapeake Racetrack and Ballpark, also known as The Crabitat. Fans who had chosen the Crabs as their favorite team saw an additional message that indicated construction would begin after Day 27, on the Earlsiesta.

Following the first Earlsiesta in Season 12, Fans of the Crabs were able to donate to the construction of their Ballpark, in the prefab styles of their choosing. The Fans fully funded the construction project in approximately 15 minutes, and were greeted with notice that the construction would complete after Day 72, the Latesiesta.

A warning ignored

However, while funding the Ballpark, bright red messages warned Fans of their choices:


Several days later, during the first Latesiesta, the Crabs descended from the Big Leagues, also bringing with them three new teams: the Atlantis Georgias , Core Mechanics, and Ohio Worms. Additionally, all other teams were able to see their own upcoming Ballparks, and donations for those began in the Season β13 Earlsiesta.

Ballparks across the League

In the Season β13 Earlsiesta, the rest of the teams across the League began construction on their Ballparks. Many of them finished funding the stadium within minutes, with latecomers soon ensuring all teams were fully funded. Construction was completed for all Ballparks the following Latesiesta, with the Baltimore Crabs completing construction of the first Renovations, Inconvenience - and Peanut Mister.

List of Ballparks

Icon Name Nickname Team Date Constructed Prefab Cost (in Coins)
Ballpark the crabitat.png
Chesapeake Racetrack and Ballpark "The Crabitat" Baltimore Crabs 🦀 Season β12 Latesiesta Silverada 1,204,999
Ballpark the gym.png
Tokyo Fitness Center "The Gym" Tokyo Lift 🏋️‍ Season β13 Latesiesta Boreal 909,716
Ballpark the pocket.png
Breckenridge Community Field "The Pocket" Breckenridge Jazz Hands 👐 Season 13 Latesiesta Loge 936,095
Ballpark the fire house.png
The Fire Safety Awareness Center "The Fire House" Chicago Firefighters 🔥 Season 13 Latesiesta Douglas 933,904
Ballpark the ampitheater.png
Sixth Circle Stadium "The Ampitheater" Hades Tigers 🐅 Season 13 Latesiesta Loge 1,583,174
Ballpark the bucket.png
Basin of Mexico Park "The Bucket" Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗 Season 13 Latesiesta Douglas 1,175,074
Ballpark the bubble.png
The Atlantean Dome "The Bubble" Atlantis Georgias 🔱 Season 13 Latesiesta Hillcrest 656,404
Ballpark la taquería.png
Al Pastor Memorial Park "LA Taquería" LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮 Season 13 Latesiesta Boreal 1,375,363
Ballpark worldwide field.png
Miami International Arena "Worldwide Field" Miami Dale 🚤 Season 13 Latesiesta Loge 726,878
Ballpark the garden.png
Boston Garden "The Garden" Boston Flowers 🌹 Season 13 Latesiesta Boreal 1,007,387
Ballpark the solarium.png
Lower Moab Scenic Overlook Field "The Solarium" Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞 Season 13 Latesiesta Boreal 2,325,023
Ballpark redacted.png
An Undisclosed Location "REDACTED" Houston Spies 🕵️ Season 13 Latesiesta Boreal 1,418,244
Ballpark the wormhole.png
Wapakoneta Air, Space and Worm Museum and Ballpark "The Wormhole" Ohio Worms 🐌 Season 13 Latesiesta Hillcrest 907,356
Ballpark battin island.png
New York, New York Arena, Arena "Battin' Island" New York Millennials 📱 Season 13 Latesiesta Silverada 997,610
Ballpark the steakhouse.png
George Fourman Stadium "The Steakhouse" Dallas Steaks 🥩 Season 13 Latesiesta Rodeo 983,786
Ballpark the polyhedron.png
San Franstadium "The Polyhedron" San Francisco Lovers 💋 Season 13 Latesiesta Douglas 1,033,968
Ballpark the oven.png
Tastycake Stadium "The Oven" Philly Pies 🥧 Season 13 Latesiesta Loge 921,726
Ballpark the big garage.png
The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility "The Big Garage" Seattle Garages 🎸 Season 13 Latesiesta Pine 719,531
Ballpark the pillars.png
Core Pillar Center "The Pillars" Core Mechanics 🛠️ Season 13 Latesiesta Hillcrest 665,911
Ballpark the cookout.png
Hawai'i Viberight Field "The Cookout" Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️ Season 13 Latesiesta Loge 1,469,371
Ballpark the gleek.png
Gleek Arena "The Gleek" Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️ Season 13 Latesiesta Boreal 806,544
Ballpark the choux.png
Choux Stadium "The Choux" Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟 Season 13 Latesiesta Boreal 828,745
Ballpark yellowstone.png
Yellowstone National (Ball)Park "Yellowstone" Yellowstone Magic  Season 13 Latesiesta Boreal 1,496,187
Ballpark the meadow.png
Kansas City FreshDome "The Meadow" Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬 Season 13 Latesiesta Loge 908,592
Ballpark the vault.png
ILB Historical Preservation Site "The Vault" Vault Legends 🏅 Unknown Loge n/a


  • The background color of the Gym's icon appears to be a mistake. Every other ballpark icon matches the primary color of its team (which should be magenta for the Lift), and with the exception of the Vault uses shades of the primary color for the model icon (the Gym's icon uses shades of pink, which match the Lift's team color but not the displayed background color of the ballpark). Additionally, the dark teal color used as the background is an exact copy of one of the icon colors used for the Gleek. A version of the Gym's icon with the likely intended background color can be seen below.
  • Likewise, the secondary color of the Bubble's icon (displayed as peach) appears to be unintended. The color is a copy of the Pillars' secondary icon color, and an unused ballpark icon color CSS filter (located where the Bubble's secondary color would be) points towards the intended color being a particular shade of dark aquamarine. A version of the Bubble's icon with the likely intended secondary color can be seen below.