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The Ohio Worms are an Internet League Blaseball team in the Chaotic Evil division of the Evil Conference. They have been a part of the league since Latesiesta of Season β12, and formerly played in the Wild Low division of the Wild League.


Lineup Rotation

Former Players

Date Removed Added Cause
NS1D0 NaN Nathaniel Wilds Receiver
NS2D66 Özlem Suttner N/A Can't Lose
NS2DE Johnnyboy Aster Luis Baron Incineration

Season Results

Season Summery Division Place Held
NS1 The Worms come in 5th in the division. During the election, the NEW forbidden book is opened, and the worms receive no blessings. They finish 34-56. 5th
NS2 The Worms evade three strikes from the new umps during the season. In The Election they lose Johnnyboy Aster to a rogue strike blessing won by the Tokyo Lift. They are replaced with Luis Baron, a minute pitching improvement. Again the team wins no blessings and finish the season 34-56. 5th

Important Games and Events

Date Event Summary
ND1D0 The Alternation of NaN Due to the Receiver modification sticking around from Beta blaseball, The Ohio Worms first Fall of the new Era NaN was alternated before games started at the beginning of NEW season one. In their place, Nathaniel Wilds from the Short Circuits was added to the team. Wilds had formally been one of Charges to receive the Static modifier.
NS1D50 Badgerfall Badgerson Stromboli falls from the Black Hole (Black Hole) and knocks Mcdowell Mason into the Shadows of the team
NS2D06 Horse with a Swoomba Winnie Hess parries a Knight ump's Swearing in and avoids being Knighted! this is the first parrying the league sees and the worms would go on to parry every strike thrown at them until the election.
NS2DE The Incineration of Johnnyboy Aster Johnnyboy Aster is incinerated at the hand of a Rogue Umpire during the election after the Tokyo Lift lift win the Rogue Strike Blessing. They are replaced with Luis Baron.
The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.



Birthplace of Beil Armstrong and Landing Pad of The Ohio Worms, this run-of-the-mill town in Ohio has gone largely unchanged since the arrival of an ILB expansion team…..on the surface. Travelers passing through town however report getting stuck driving through endless cornfields down roads that turn at non-Euclidean angles for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Worms congregate in Wapakoneta en masse, so secrets don’t stay buried for long. Other bugs seem to flock here as well and the evenings are filled with noises of calling insects.

Cuyahoga Fire River

The Cuyahoga River has caught on fire no less than thirteen times and recently former Firefighter Rivers Rosa spent the vast majority of her off time fighting fires on the river, as well as helping create safety procedures and evacuation route for those who live and work near the flame-prone body of water. Though she is recovering from Consumer-related injuries in Los Angeli, Rivers’ legacy lives on in the many livelihoods she has helped to safeguard in Ohio

The Layers

The Layers are mysterious underground dungeons in Ohio that are thought to be wormhole tunnels by experts. The dungeons are filled with blaseball-themed creatures and offer a variety of rewards and challenges for adventurers. A guild in Dayton keeps track of the dungeons and awards a grading system based on difficulty and loot. Adventurers can encounter various biomes and creatures, including safe zones and former Cottage areas. The monsters encountered may be manifestations of the adventurers themselves, and there may also be entities from other dimensions. People's experiences of the Layers may vary, and their fears and desires can shape their experiences within the dungeons.

The New Aeronautics, Space, and Worms Administration (NASWA)

This foundational agency was established shortly after the Breach event. It’s main function is to study the rules of this plane to better understand the properties and relationships implied by its laws. Ultimately The Worms seek a way to return to Blaseball2. Whether they would take the path after its confirmation is a matter of debate, but the team agrees it would be nice to at least discover a way home.

Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark

Elder Cottage

The Elder Cottage is a magical home that serves as an extension of Ohio, but with a capital "O". It has a strong parental instinct, and wants to protect and care for its inhabitants at all times. It goes above and beyond to anticipate their needs, but can sometimes become overbearing. Despite its efforts, the cottage doesn't have the ability to control its inhabitants' choices, and must respect their agency. However, it still provides a warm and comforting environment, with plenty of hot soup and cozy robes waiting for them upon their return. The cottage is still learning about the complexities of taking care of people, and may make mistakes, such as mixing up different ingredients in its attempts to cook for its inhabitants.

The Cottage and The New Worms

The new worms and the cottage they live in have a complex relationship. The cottage changes to meet the needs of its occupants, but it doesn't seem to have a care for them beyond that. It's like a plant that grows and changes to meet its environment, but without any kind of emotions or moral compass. However, it does seem to reward consistency. It's possible that it could be seen as a reflection of the worms themselves, who may change and shift to meet the perceptions of others. The cottage has a history with the original worms and Ohio, and it was a place of comfort and refuge for them after they breached into this world. Now, with the arrival of new worms, the cottage must adapt to a new group of people who are different and varied in their experiences and feelings.

There is also a sense of loss and sadness when it comes to the cottage and its changing rooms. The idea of rooms closing and the things inside being gone is an emotional one, and the cottage may be seen as a kind of organism that is shell-shocked from the loss of its previous inhabitants.

On the other hand, the new worms represent a group of people who are newly arrived and still adjusting to their new environment. They are different from the original worms who sought refuge in the elder cottage, and they bring with them their own experiences and emotions. These new worms are struggling to find their place in this new world, and they are navigating the changes that come with adapting to a new reality.

The elder cottage and the new worms represent a dichotomy of stability and change. The cottage provides stability and comfort, but it is also able to change and adapt to the needs of those who seek refuge within it. The new worms, meanwhile, are seeking stability and comfort, but they also bring with them a sense of unpredictability and a desire for growth and change.

Ultimately, the elder cottage and the new worms are intertwined, with each influencing the other. The cottage adapts to the needs of the new worms, while the new worms influence the cottage by bringing new experiences and emotions to the table. As the new worms continue to adapt to their new reality, the elder cottage continues to provide a sense of comfort and stability in the midst of change.

This building seems to be a brutalist structure with a focus on community and personal expression. Despite its large concrete structure, the building overflows with plant life, creating a balance between harshness and warmth. The lobby, while appearing cold and sterile, offers opportunities for personal expression with decorative elements like rugs and fairy lights. The building also features a large atrium with a glass dome ceiling, tropical plants, and a central fountain as a focal point. The main source of heat is a large central furnace. The building also includes a brutalist library, a shared kitchenette, and spaces that connect apartments, like sitting coves and reference libraries, offering opportunities for communal living.

Wormhole Highway Interchange

Dare you hop aboard the wormhole highway? This baby wormhole in the basement of the stadium and allows players with their wormhole highway license to travel to alternate realities, each with their own Ohio Worms

The Entrance to Althio

The team has decided to stabilize a route on the wormhole highway to Neohio, the pocket dimension discovered by Xandra Pancakes and Farrell Seagull. Rather than keep it as a floating hole in the fabric of space and reality, through the use of scientific machinery that none on the team other than Muse Scantron seem to understand they've managed to transform a broom closet door within the stadium into an actual doorway into the other dimension. Access is as simple as opening the door, but the door is locked behind a secret password that the whole team shares and changes regularly. Home of the Neohio Wyrms.

Ye Olde Museume Gifte Shoppe

The Wormhole Gift Shop. Pitchers work here and The Sand Bar when not pitching

The Sand Bar

This unique concession stand allows patrons to custom build their own dirt cups, ala cart style!

The Winner's Spa

Where players come to rest when they are not actually playing and they want to get some rest and relaxation. Jacob Winner has recently discovered the defunct Player Recovery Center and converted it into a wellness spa for members of the league. Players both home and away are known to take advantage of the amenities while staying in Ohio.

Augusta Chadwell Memorial Park and Promenade

The Ohio Worms memorial park and gardens, named after the team’s first incinerated player, Augusta Chadwell. The Promenade came about because the team wanted incinerations to be a reason to celebrate and remember. They had lost someone they loved sure but also they got to come together and create something beautiful together as well. Death seems less permanent when there is a baby wormhole in your basement and another reality where that loved one may still be around is only a few steps away.

Non-Player Worms

Sandy Loam

The Ohio Worms stalwart[citation needed] team owner[citation needed], provisioner[citation needed], and plausible alibi, Sandy Loam has never once been spotted within the confines of the [[Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark]]. Players and staff alike will report that they have received instruction or had pleasant conversation with Loam but when pressed for details, none could or would be provided. Sandy Loam’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but she is to be presumed well-equipped to handle the task and willing enough to see it done no matter the consequences.

Helena Wilkes

Helena Elenore Wilkes is a mathematician from Greer, South Carolina who has a PhD. She worked in private labs in the field of Meta and Astrophysics, but her positions were often unstable due to backroom dealings and hostile takeovers. After her husband passed unexpectedly, she used the life insurance and settlement to start working for herself. She became the director of The New Aeronautics, Space, and Worms Administration (NASWA) in Ohio where she made information sharing a priority and worked closely with the Ohio Worms Blaseball team and has a close relationship with Sandy Loam, the Ohio Worms team manager

Forces in Ohio

Blacklight Mode

Blacklight Mode is a paranatural state of being experienced by players from the Ohio Worms. It occurs when the players undergo overwhelming emotions, whether positive or negative, and results in a transformative process that brings out their innermost being. The effects of Blacklight Mode can range from minor physical changes to complete transformations that match the player's state of mind. This mode is known for bringing out intense confidence and a heightened sense of readiness to act, and it is often seen as a source of pride for those who have experienced it. The exact details of how Blacklight Mode is triggered and how it works remain a mystery, but it is known to be a common occurrence among players from Ohio.

The Drive

The Drive is a powerful, enigmatic force that is present in Ohio and is said to push people towards greatness. It is described as a mysterious energy that inspires individuals to pursue their passions and skills to the limits of their abilities, in various fields such as sports, music, art, and science. This force is felt by those who spend enough time in Ohio, and they sometimes describe it as a whisper in their ear, urging them to aim higher, move faster, and strive to be their best selves. The Drive has a transformative effect on people, accelerating and expanding what is already within them, elevating their potential and making it attainable. Some who have felt the influence of The Drive describe it as a familiar and right, and see their newfound state as the natural conclusion of their former self.

However, despite its potential to inspire greatness, The Drive also has a curse-like reputation for its potential to cause negative consequences. It is depicted as neither malevolent nor benevolent, but rather as a fact of Ohio, tying together all the intense energies from different people. The Drive is self-propagating, sustained by people's dedication to it, and it becomes stronger the more it consumes. The idea of this unstoppable energy pervading Ohio is both frightening and intriguing, as it represents an unstoppable force that pushes people to the brink of their abilities.

Fan Works

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