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The Ohio Worms arrived during the Latesiesta of Season Ξ²12 as part of the Baltimore Crabs’ return to the League. The Worms played zero games in the season, finishing with a 0-0 record; however, they were allowed to participate in the Election as normal.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Election Outcomes


  • Based Evolution passed with 247,049 Votes, 53% of all Decree Votes
      • Although not listed on the site, the passage of this Decree resulted in all players on the Worms’ active roster to Evolve to Base 1.



  • Teamicon moist talkers.png
    Tag Team Hitting blessed the Canada Moist Talkers.
    • The Worms' hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 2.3 β†’ 2.9
    • Lenny Crumb's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 2.4 β†’ 2.9
    • Vessalius Sundae's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 3.3 β†’ 3.8
    • Scratch Deleuze's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 1.8 β†’ 2.5
    • Cantus Hojo's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 1.8 β†’ 2.4
    • Augusta Chadwell's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 3.3 β†’ 3.8
    • Pitching Machine's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 2.8 β†’ 3.4
    • Kaz Fiasco's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 2.6 β†’ 3.1
    • Muse Scantron's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 1.3 β†’ 1.9
    • Farrell Seagull's hitting was boosted.
      • Batting 2.0 β†’ 2.6
    • The Moist Talkers had 4% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Tigers with 28%
      415,647 votes were cast.

Season Overview

The Worms joined Blaseball alongside the Atlantis Georgias, Core Mechanics, and the return of the Baltimore Crabs. Upon the Descension, the Worms already had four Championship wins. They did not play any games and finished with a 0-0 record, ending 22nd in the league due to Divine Favor. The Worms finished last in the Wild Low Division, which activated their  Bottom Dweller team modification and increased their Overall Rating 1.3 β†’ 1.6 .

In the Election, the Worms’ active roster Evolved to Base 1 as a result of the Targeted Evolution Decree. The team saw two roster changes before playing a single game: Huber Frumple went to the Philly Pies in exchange for Farrell Seagull, and Mindy Kugel to the Seattle Garages in exchange for Pitching Machine. Frumple was also Infused by the Worms. Lastly, the team benefitted from the Canada Moist Talkers winning the Tag Team Hitting blessing, which improved the batting of the Worms’ lineup.