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Vessalius Sundae was a pitcher for the Ohio Worms, and was with the team from the Descension until Fall Ball. Sundae played for the Rising Stars during the ILB Semi-Centennial.

Official League Records

Sundae joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Ohio Worms during the Descension.

During the ILB Semi-Centennial, Sundae played for the Rising Stars. In the same game, Sundae siphoned some of Vault Legends lineup player Parker MacMillan's baserunning ability due to Blooddrain. Sundae then returned to the Ohio Worms as a pitcher.

On Season β24, Day 10, Sundae retreated to the Worms' Shadows in exchange for Rocio Caster due to Night. On Day 26, Sundae rejoined the Worms' pitching rotation in exchange for Caster at Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark via the Ratified Fax Machine.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Vessalius Sundae is a shapeshifter who usually takes the form of a person partially made of ice cream. She first took this form as a joke, but found that she enjoyed it, and it has stuck. Sundae also frequently appears with deer-like or insectoid features.


In Season β14, Day 50, Sundae and her teammate, Scratch Deleuze were swept elsewhere. Sundae was gone for 35 days while Deleuze did not return until the following season.

After spending 35 days elsewhere in Season 14, Sundae had returned scattered with her name missing several letters, Ve--ali-s Su-d-e. Although her gameplay was mostly unaffected—Sundae had stolen a base and hit a triple in the same game she returned—her scattered status had left her struggling to communicate what happened when she was Elsewhere with Deleuze. To this day, both players refuse to share their experience.

Sundae recovered from being scattered on Season β16, Day 12 during a game against the Miami Dale. This was the last game of two consecutive series against the Dale. Randy Dennis had previously siphoned some of Sunade's defensive ability on Day 8. It is speculated that this had delayed Sundae's recovery, although it did not noticeably affect Sundae's gameplay.

Outside of her brief stint away in Season 14, Sundae has played every game with the Worms.

Sundae is confident in her blaseball talent, leading the Worms in home runs for consecutive seasons since the team joined the ILB. Although competitive, she respects her opponents.

Worms fans affectionately refer to Sundae as the "Dairy Queen" during games, and cheer on her home runs by number of runs scored: "ONE SCOOP!", "TWO SCOOPS!!", and so on.

Personal Life

Sundae is the twin of Mexico City Wild Wings player, Roscoe Sundae, who was born a few minutes earlier. She took up the splort first and enjoyed it, which encouraged her twin to join her. The twins had lost touch during the Worms' time outside of the ILB, so Roscoe did not immediately recognize her when the Worms descended. It took a while to adjust, but the siblings grew a newer, stronger bond after Sundae's return.

After the Season β16 elections, they hang out more frequently now that Roscoe is no longer an active player on the Wild Wings’ roster.

Sundae had missed gravity when she was off the planet so nowadays, she works out with extra-gravity to feel more grounded and become stronger. The extra-gravity is simulated inside the museum that neighbors the Worms' ballpark.

Sundae is hard of hearing, and uses sign language as her primary mode of communication. This has led to other Worms players learning the language in order to communicate, famously including former Worm Pitching Machine. She has one noticeable weakness in Blaseball. Sundae frequently gets caught stealing compared to her teammates, Loubert Ji-Eun and Deleuze, who have a higher success rate. Her teammate, Ephraim Ladd, routinely runs bases as their pregame ritual. The two of them can be found running together during their down time, with Ladd giving her plenty of encouragement.

Sundae has a close bond with black licorice despite many of her teammates' displeasure. She frequently adopts its characteristics with her shapeshifting to tease them.

Vessalius Sundae has maintained a semi-friendly rivalry with Xandra Pancakes ever since XanPan joined from the Worms’ shadows. When the team is succeeding, Sundae and Pancakes push each other to be the best-playing blaseball versions of themselves. When the team is Bottom Dwelling, the rivalry devolves into bitter, petty feuds and attempts to one-up each other. After XanPan’s pitching loss in Game 5 of the Season 23 Internet Series, Vess was reportedly heard saying “I guess that XanPan really can’t after all.” Sundae was rumored to be considering a switch to pitcher to “show Xandra how it’s done.” The rumors proved true, as Vess started pitching and gave Pancakes a run for his money in season 24.

Rumors of romantic involvement between Vessalius and Xandra increase in direct proportion to the Worms’ win percentage. Vess and XanPan have been confirmed to share a meal on occasion at the Interdimensional IHOP. When asked to comment (after winning the divisional series), Vess said “the IHOP? I hate that awful place” with a noticeable smile.

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