Nathaniel Wilds

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New Player
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Nathaniel Wilds is a pitcher for the Ohio Worms, and has been with the Team since the Return(s) of Blaseball. Wilds had previously played for the Dallas Steaks during Gamma 2.

Official League Records

Wilds was first seen as a lineup player for the Dallas Steaks after the Microphone Localized and Tuned into Gamma 2.

During the Gamma 2, Season 2 election, Wilds gained the Static modification as a result of the Steaks' Charge will, and was removed from the Steaks' roster.

Wilds joined the Ohio Worms as a pitcher prior to the Return(s) of Blaseball, taking the spot of NaN. As NaN had the Echo modification and fell to a Team with the Entangled modification, NaN became an Alternate and was swapped for a random player with the Static modification, resulting in Wilds joining active play. This swap also resulted in Wilds losing Static and gaining the Receiver modification.