Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark

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Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark is the Ballpark of the Ohio Worms.

Official League Record

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The Wapakoneta Air, Space and Worm Museum and Ballpark is located in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Flowing above the city and ballpark is an immeteria river called the Wormwood River. This immeteria river sometimes overflows onto the ballfield. The Worms installed Flood Pumps to help prevent these events.

Museum Layout

The Museum has multiple areas for spectators to view. Including an art gallery that includes memorabilia of the Ohio Worms players and the exploits of aeronautical heroes.

Under the museum and ballpark, in secret tunnels, is the pirate radio station of Ohio Worms player and DJ Loubert Ji-Eun. The pirate radio station is 902.2 The Nightcrawler. Ji-Eun uses the alias DJ Solid when broadcasting songs and Internet League Blaseball games. Since Ji-Eun doesn't speak in physical form, fans converse through calling into the station.

Ji-Eun has given the broadcast area the nickname "The Nightcrawler Den". The area includes a lounge and a DJ booth. There is also a modest venue where Ji-Eun entertains a small audience of fans. Ji-Eun nicknamed the venue "The Wiggle Room".

In a subsection of the museum, separated from the public area, is the observation and living quarters of the Ohio Worms pitcher Ephraim Ladd.

There is a wing in the museum on the subject of bugs and worms. Many helminthologist (those that study worms) travel from far and wide to use the museum's worm laboratories.

The museum also has it's own observatory and planetarium. The observatory's staff is open to dialog with players from other worlds.

One of the famous attractions to the museum is the comet that crashed into the museum park containing the cocoon of Kaz Fiasco. The following is a newspaper clipping from the Wapakoneta Daily, a local newspaper:


Yesterday, around 4 AM in the morning, a deafening crash was heard across the city as a comet the size of a small automobile flew through the sky and plummeted straight into the local Air and Space Museum. Thankfully nobody was injured as the museum had been closed for the night, but extreme damages were sustained to the building and many of the exhibits inside. The staff are still combing through the wreckage to see what is still salvageable, but preliminary findings are not looking good. According to astronomers, the comet that fell had not been observed previously and it’s origins are unknown. The comet is currently being held in the museum for further study. On a lighthearted note, the comet will make for an excellent display in the future, says museum director.

The Wormhole Ballfield

The ballpark entrance is through the museum. The ballpark is actually a living eldritch that manifest itself in the shape of a Einstein-Rosen wormhole. The fans have named the ballpark simply The Wormhole. The eldritch is a doppelganger of Greg the Worm deity. The legends and myths are lost to time as to how and why Greg choose to place the doppelganger in Wapakoneta.

Living inside the doppelganger Wormhole are lesser eldritch. They manifest themselves as paintings to be viewed in the Museum’s art gallery. When a game is played a spectator will enter the lesser eldritch through the painting.

The version and view of the ballpark is different for everyone. Some see a peaceful ballpark, while others see a ballpark surrounded by flames, while others see a ballfield covered in mud. However, all spectators and players see the Wormwood River flowing in the sky above.

Scientist at the museum have tried to gather spectator’s and players experiences at the ballpark. They have no conclusive evidence at this time. Meta-physicists speculate that the version of the ballpark is dependent on the specator’s soul. If the soul is good than the ballpark is pleasant. If the soul is corrupt the ballpark will appear dirty and have horrific conditions. 

During games, Loubert Ji-Eun remotely controls the ballpark's sound system, through the Einstein-Rosen Wormhole. Fans enjoy Ji-Eun, as DJ Solid, giving color commentary and bombastic tunes. This audio attraction is enhance when Ji-Eun makes spectacular plays!

When the Ohio Worms enter Party Time, due to being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, Ji-Eun starts the "Blacklight Rave". The Rave happens within the Wormhole where fans are welcomed to stay, express themselves and enjoy. Many of the lesser wormholes display the park, to fans, very dark with strobe lights flickering throughout. Ji-Eun plays the worm's dirt beats of the previous season on the airwaves and throughout the park's speakers.

Scientists have tracked the pirate radio signals broadcasting under the ballpark's pitcher mound. They are confused as to how this is possible.

Site History

The Wapakoneta Air, Space and Worm Museum was originally a University Flootball (the main splort rival to Blaseball) field in the middle of a corn field. The University Flootball team was led by the legendary coach W. Haze. The downfall of the legendary coach happened when he punched another player on a rival team during a game. This act led to the Flootball field and teams to be consumed by corn worms.

The locals left the field alone due to the odd event. Afterwards the locals could hear Lake Erie voices coming from the corn field. Most heard the phrase "If you build it, they will return."

A single child was able to escape the event. He grew up to become known as Major O'Neil. Major O'Neil joined the space program. He was able to become the first person to walk on one of the three moons. He met the lunar eldritch, on their throne, who transported him back to the old Flootball field. This event inspired the locals to build the Air, Space and Worm Museum. Since Major O'Neil enjoyed Blaseball the locals built the ballpark into the museum.

As the seasons passed, things appeared to be normal (as normal as Blaseball can be), until an earthquake rocked the infield. To everyone's surprise a giant corn worm burst forth from underground to the infield. To everyone's amazement, the giant worm opened it's multi mouth to reveal a torso of a man that looked similar to to legendary coach W. Haze. Then the worm spoke "This is a Flootball field! Bow down to the god-emperor-worm!" Some of the locals bowed down.

However, Major O'Neil led the locals, with their pitchforks and torches, to drive the great worm back underground. In some games the great worm will burst forth from the sand of the infield and punch Blaseball players. This creates a delay of game until the fans have to storm the filed and launch a counter attack to drive the worm back in order for the game to assume. Due to this event there are pitchforks and torches assigned to every seat in the ballpark...just in case.

A group of conspiracy theorist denied that Major O'Neil landed on the first moon. They stated that the government had simply filmed the whole thing, including the meeting of the lunar eldritch, in a wormwood movie studio. This mockery of the lunar eldritch led them revealing their powers by transporting the flaming Cuyahoga River around the museum creating a fiery moat. The moat has presented an odd opportunity for the team. If a home-run is hit outside of the ballpark, it might land in the Cuyahoga moat which would ignite the moat. This in turn might burn or incinerate any unsuspecting outfielders. On the positive side, the heat causes the corn in the outlying corn fields to pop with the potential of flooding the ballpark in popcorn!

The flammability of the Cuyahoga moat is an extreme concern to Rivers Rosa who sees the threat of the flames as a major safety concern. She has done her best to deal with the flames but more nefarious and mysterious forces are behind the combustible waters.

The locals of Miamisberg voluntarily presented their Blaseball team a special, one of a kind, pitching mound which they simply called "the mound". What they failed to tell anyone was that the mound was filled with refined heavy water used in some nuclear reactors. This glowing pitcher mound has the potential of strange side effects on pitchers.

Notable Attractions Near the Museum

  • Cantus Hojo’s house – personal house that has a recording studio and garden.
  • The Landing-Pad - the office building from which the Ohio Worm's Front Office operates.
  • Waffle House/IHOP – a restaurant that Xandra Pancakes used to work at before becoming an Ohio Worms ballplayer. Both brands of restaurants exist in the same place and plane of existence. Scientist at the museum compares this phenomenon to Schrödinger's Cat paradox.