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Mcdowell Mason is a player in the Shadows for the Ohio Worms, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Mason has previously played for the LA Unlimited Tacos and Chicago Firefighters, and for the Rising Stars during the ILB Semi-Centennial.

Official League Records

Mason joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Los Angeles Tacos with the Return of Blaseball, with the name Mcdowell Sasquatch.

After the Season β3 elections, Mason was briefly known as Wyatt Mason due to The Wyatt Masoning. During The Unmasoning, Mason's name was partially restored to Mcdowell Mason.

On Season β7, Day 81, Mason's hitting ability was siphoned by Hellmouth Sunbeams batter Igneus Delacruz in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from to .

During the Coffee Cup, Mason played for the Americano Water Works as a lineup player.

During Season β12 Mason suffered two blooddrains, losing hitting ability to Richmond Harrison and pitching ability to Isaac Johnson. In the Season β12 elections Mason's baserunning ability was boosted by the Wind Sprints blessing.

In the Season β13 elections Mason received the Infuse Will, boosting all their stats. Mason also benefited from the Hitting Flotation Bubble, Defense Flotation Bubble, and Baserunning Flotation Bubble blessings, gaining a 4% boost to those respective stats.

During the Season β19 elections, Mason gained the Gaudy modification as a result of the Gaudy blessing.

Mason was traded to the Chicago Firefighters in exchange for Wanda Schenn during the Season β22 elections via the Firefighters' Equivalent Exchange will, becoming a pitcher in the process.

During the ILB Semi-Centennial, Mason played for the Rising Stars. Mason then returned to the Chicago Firefighters as a pitcher.

On Season β24, Day 43, Mason retreated to the Firefighters' Shadows in exchange for Alston England at the Fire Safety Awareness Center via the Ratified Fax Machine.

During the December 9, 2022 Fall Ball, Mason fell to the Ohio Worms.

On Season 1, Day 50, Badgerson Stromboli crashed into Mason during a game in Horizon (weather) weather, knocking them into the Worms' Shadows.

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Mcdowell Mason has a particularly loud voice, but is very shy, and has confidence issues that lead him to use his voice very infrequently. He has learned sign language, and does much of his coaching through it.

Mason also reportedly has a form of agoraphobia that manifests when he is the tallest thing around. This results in him preferring to spend as much time as possible in forests, or even among particularly tall city buildings, and having a particularly difficult time in large open spaces, such as the Breath Mints' Meadow.


As the strongest member of the Tacos by far, Mason will (if a player is acting particularly bullheaded) simply pick the player up, and remove them from the situation. All of the Tacos have experienced this at least once, with Sexton Wheerer experiencing it fairly frequently after gaining an Ego. Certain players are said to actually enjoy this experience, leading Mason to offer "uppies" in order to diffuse particularly tense team meetings.


Mcdowell Mason (né Sasquatch) worked as a shelf stocker at the Van Nuys Ralphio's and was noted by managers for his prodigious size and speed stocking shelves. Despite this he was known as a bit of a slacker, always seeming to disappear around corners or go on break at just the moment when he was needed. Additionally, entire pallets of Baja Blast would frequently go missing from the store, though management was unable to connect their disappearance to him despite suspicion.

League Career

Early Captaincy

Despite officially being named Captain upon joining the Tacos in Season 1 (other players present report that manager Al Pastor's justification was "Look at him, he's so big!"), Mason's confidence issues resulted in him mostly acting as a captain in name only, preferring to let the more dominant Wyatt Pothos and Patel Beyonce take care of the actual leadership duties. Even after the Snackrifice, Mason was reluctant to take up the mantle, leaving the Tacos largely leaderless through the majority of Seasons 8 and 9.

Season 9 Day X and Sexton Wheerer

Season 9 Day X marked a turning point in Mason's captaincy. Teammate Basilio Mason reported "After Day X, something finally just clicked for Mcd[owell]. I guess seeing everyone up there playing for the PODS really drove it home (to all of us, but especially him) that this shit was real. We were all huddled there in the dugout together watching that game in horror, and… he really came through there for us. There wasn't a lot of talking after that game, we all just kinda held each other for a while, but I still remember Mcd breaking the silence and just saying 'We'll get through this.' He really became the captain we know and look up to after that day."

The unshelling of Sexton Wheerer, and his subsequent record-setting streak of 201 consecutive games pitched (S8D99-S11D1) proved to be Mason's first true test as a captain, as the pitcher's flagrant disregard for his own health led Mason to take Wheerer's care into his own hands. Mason reportedly focused very hard on ensuring that Wheerer was taken care of and as rested as could be expected, even forcing Wheerer into his Baja Blast Recovery Tank after particularly grueling games. Despite rumors stating otherwise, Mason has said "That's just what a good captain does. Someone's gotta take care of my players, and if it's not gonna be them, I guess that means it's on me."

The Grand Siesta

Mason took the Grand Siesta as a rare opportunity to travel, and spent a significant amount of time away from the Los Angeli. Mason spent a few years travelling around in the Taco Truck with teammates Basilio Fig and Sexton Wheerer, visiting the teams of former teammates and catching up with (or mourning the loss of) those teammates. Mason also spent much of the Siesta fishing, discovering many prime fishing spots throughout Southern California, as well as the rest of the country.


During the offseason, Mason spends as much time as possible outside of the city, feeling somewhat trapped when surrounded by nothing but concrete and asphalt. He prefers to spend much of his time in the Franklin Canyon Park due to its proximity to Al Pastor Memorial Park, and can often be seen fishing in the lake.


Mason is an avid fisherman, often taking short jaunts between back to back away games in the same city to find a good fishing spot to relax by. Mason often invites teammates to join him on these trips, though only Sexton Wheerer, Bevan Wise (when he was on the team), and McBaseball Clembons regularly take him up on the offer. Mason uses these trips to decompress and not have to think about Blaseball for a spell, with his number one rule for them being "No Blaseball Talk".


Due to the incredible number of cameras left behind by photographers trying to capture photos of "Bigfoot", Mason has a sizable camera collection, and often gifts expensive cameras to other players. This collection has also led Mason to take up photography as well, preferring to capture candid shots of his teammates and natural landscape shots. Mason has had photos accepted into art shows, though is extremely shy about this and only ever talks about it if someone else has brought it up.

Baja Blast Recovery Tank

Mason has pioneered recovery techniques to deal with the grueling blaseball season. Between games he recovers in a suspended animation tank filled with Baja Blast. Despite many attempts to recruit his teammates, none of the Tacos have voluntarily taken him up on the offer of trying this novel technique, with Sexton Wheerer only using it after being forced to by the captain. Wheerer reported that the experience was "sticky, but oddly relaxing? I don't know I'd do it again if I had the choice, but I suppose it worked for what it was meant to."


As one of the longest standing members of the Tacos roster, Mason has formed bonds with many of the original team. He tries his best to make new players comfortable as well, caring for the team's well-being more than one might expect of even a Captain. This has led some to refer to Mason as "the team dad", in addition to Captain.

Sexton Wheerer

Mason's oldest friend, Wheerer and Mason have known each other since before being recruited onto the Tacos (Some even say Mason is as old as Wheerer is, and has known him for nearly as long). Rumors about their relationship being closer than just one between two friends have existed since the two joined the team, with many of the cameras Mason has added to his collection actually coming from scared paparazzi trying to capture images of this relationship, rather than the sasquatch hunters Mason believes them to be (as capturing photos of him is rather straightforward, given his appearance at nearly every Tacos game).

The Alternating of Sexton Wheeler

Sexton Wheeler's alternation into Sexton Wheerer put a significant strain on the relationship between the two, as Wheerer's uncanny similarity to Wheeler meant that they had to overcome the baggage of that existing relationship before truly being able to bond. The two seem to have overcome this by Day X however, with teammates who remembered Wheeler reporting that Mason was acting nearly identically to how he had back then.

Sexton Wheerer's Trade to the Yellowstone Magic

Wheerer's unplanned trip to Yellowstone for a season took a heavy toll on Mason, as he experienced some of the same feelings of loss as he had when Wheeler had been alternated. Luckily, as the trip began before a siesta, Mason was able to accompany Wheerer to his new team, however those feelings of loss plagued him through the entirety of Season 18.

Basilio Fig

Rumors about Mason being in a relationship with Basilio Fig also abound, though the two never publicly discuss it. Questions to either player about the rumors end up flustering them, producing useless answers to subsequent unrelated questions as well. Because of this, members of the press tend to avoid asking about it when trying to actually discuss games.

The Shelling of Basilio Fig

Though he is careful not to show it in public, teammates reported that Fig's shelling during Season 17 hit Mason particularly hard. He was said to be somewhat protective of the peanut that housed Fig.

Basilio Mason

The only player on the team who has never missed a game, Basilio Mason is friendly with Mcdowell, but not particularly close. The two aren't often seen together outside of games, but it is suspected that if anything were to happen to either, the other would suffer greatly. Teammates reported that Mcdowell became extremely sullen upon returning to the dugout after Season 18, Day 32, when Basilio was sent Elsewhere, and was relieved when Basilio returned the following day. Basilio is said to have grown closer to Mcdowell after Mcdowell was swept Elsewhere, as Captaincy duties fell to him in Mcdowell's absence.

Bevan Wise

During Wise's short stint on the team, he and Mason struck up a fast friendship, bonding over their relatively similar positions for their home teams, as well as the shared trauma of seeing their teams suffer great losses.


Of the Tacos, Mason is the most communicative with Tacos alumni, with a philosophy of "Once a Taco, Always a Taco". He has set up a group chat and regularly checks in to see how various players are doing.

Al Pastor

Mason has nothing but ill will toward Al Pastor, with quotes provided during more heated moments often needing to be censored to the point of unusability.

At this time Mason has not commented on any relation to Francisca Sasquatch.


  • Mcdowell Mason portrayed The Beast in his high school's production of Beauty and the Beast. The play's producers were stunned by the range of his singing voice, and his natural stage presence.
  • Mason is surprisingly good with children. This is only true until they inevitably start pulling his hair.

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