Archie Yanez

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Archie Yanez is a lineup player for the Ohio Worms and has been with the Team since Season 1.

Official League Records

Yanez joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Ohio Worms in Season 1.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Archie Yanez (they/wy) is a smaller-than-average Dineobellator, a dinosaur similar in size to a velociraptor. Archie was originally gifted as an egg to the Ohio Worms by their alternate dimension counterparts, the Neohio Wyrms. Archie quickly hatched and became an integral part of the team as soon as Season 1 began.

Archie communicates primarily with an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) device and sign language, supplemented with loud dinosaur vocalizations and biting. They are interested in human behavior and society. Wy has a particular interest in accessible design, especially as it relates to architecture.

Archie has been described by some as an “acquired taste.” They have a subtle disdain for human social norms, sometimes being described as socially awkward or, perhaps more aptly, socially uninterested. Archie is far more interested in discovery than convention. Wy likes to push boundaries out of curiosity, building a niche as a dinosaur in the blaseball space. That can be experimenting with different ways to hold the bat in wyrs claws, growling at flowers in the outfield, or tossing various rotted fruits through interdimensional portals just to see what happens. Archie has been described by teammate Denim Alfredo as “that jerk who keeps throwing rotted fruits through my portals.”

By testing boundaries, Archie has made a productive place for themself in the Worms’ clubhouse. Long-time teammates say that Archie is actually “cool,” “surprisingly athletic,” and “fun to be around at parties if you remind them about the house rules in advance.” Archie’s unique perspective as a dinosaur growing up among humans can be invaluable in cross-species communication (which the Worms take part in frequently). Archie spends a significant amount of time at the Natural History part of the Worms’ museum, absorbing knowledge of dinosaur, human, and other backgrounds. Reports have confirmed that Archie’s study of human society has not reduced their tendency to bite people when appropriate.

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