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The Core Mechanics are an Internet League Blaseball team based in the Core. They have been a part of the league since descending during Season 12, playing in the Mild High Division of the Mild League.


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Season Results

Season 12

The Mechanics joined the ILB during Latesiesta after descending from Blaseball 2. During the election, they received the Plunder will, trading Doc Anice to the Moist Talkers for PolkaDot Patterson, and the Foreshadow will, sending Quinns Jespersen to the Shadows in exchange for Zoey Kirchner.

Season 13

The Mechanics broke ground on their Ballpark, the Core Pillar Center. They ended the season with 40 wins and a 41-58 record, placing them fifth in the Mild High division. They received the Infuse will, increasing Lady Matsuyama's stats, and the Revoke will, sending Jasper Blather to the Firefighters. Additionally, the Moist Talkers targeted PolkaDot Patterson with the Plunder will, sending Shirai McElroy in exchange.

Season 14

During Latesiesta, The Pillars were renovated to increase Coffee 3s weather as well as add the PsychoAcoustics modification. Due to the latter, Wyatt Mason XI joined the team as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning, only to Echo into Static along with Wyatt Mason IX a few days later.

The Mechanics finished with 41 wins and a 40-59 record, again coming in fifth in Mild High. They won the Over Salted blessing and gained the corresponding modification, paying out double for Stale Popcorn. They also received the Trust will, entrusting Lady Matsuyama with the Homebody mod, and the Infuse will, increasing Jolene Willowtree's stats.

Season 15

The Secret Base and Echo Chamber renovations were added to The Pillars.

The Mechanics finished with 46 wins and a 46-53 record, ending fourth in Mild High. They were chosen as the Mild League Wild Card but were swept 0-2 by the Breath Mints in the first round of the playoffs. They won several blessings: Sky's the Limit, granting the Maximalist mod to their Rotation; Pitching Practice, improving their Rotation's pitching by up to 4%; and Shadow Batting Practice, improving the batting of their Shadows players by up to 12%. For wills, they received Foreshadow, sending Jasper Ji-Eun to the Shadows in exchange for Foxy Pebble, and Move, sending Torus McGhee to their Shadow Rotation.

Season 16

The Sweetener and Salmon Cannons renovations were added to The Pillars.

The Mechanics finished with 56 wins and a 54-45 record, coming in second in Mild High and advancing to the playoffs. They defeated the Moist Talkers 3-2 in the Division Series, but were knocked out in the following round after getting swept 0-3 by the Steaks. They received the Plunder will, bringing the newly-Alternated PolkaDot Patterson back to the team and sending Zoey Kirchner to the Steaks. They also received the Transfuse will, which improved Mira Lemma's batting at the cost of baserunning and triggered the team's Maintenance Mode mod for the first time, granting them Fourth Out for the first game of the next season.

Season 17

The Pillars were renovated to become 8% less Obtuse and add Fax Machine and Hotel Motel.

The Mechanics finished with 24 wins and a 26-73 record, coming in last in the league after entering Party Time on day 78. As a result, they received a Free Will for a total of three: Foreshadow, sending Jolene Willowtree to the Shadows in exchange for Kelvin Andante; Move, sending Kofi Gildehaus to their Shadow Lineup; and Transfuse, improving Gia Holbrook's batting at the cost of baserunning and once again granting them Fourth Out.

Season 18

The Pillars were renovated to increase Coffee 2 weather as well as clean up the stadium, making it no longer Filthy.

The Mechanics finished with 59 wins and a 59-40 record, coming second in Mild High and advancing to the playoffs. They defeated the Flowers 3-2 in the finals for their first recorded Internet Series Championship, totaling in four championships (including three unrecorded ones from before the Descension). They received the Move will, moving Mindy Kugel from the Lineup to the Shadows. They also received the Alternate Trust will, calling Kelvin Andante's Alternate with Negative. Jaylen Hotdogfingers was also targeted by the Flowers' Equivalent Exchange will, sending back Allan Kranch.

Season 19

The Pillars were renovated to become 12% more fortified and add Hoops and LCD Soundsystem.

The Mechanics finished with 50 unwins (thanks to Turntables) and a 52-57 record, coming fourth in Mild High. They received the Shadow Infuse will, infusing Polkadot Patterson's batting. They also received the Foreshadow will, foreshadowing Bees Taswell for Agan Harrison. Agan was immediately stolen by the Shoe Thieves' Now Hiring blessing.

Season 20

The Pillars were renovated to become 8% more Grandiose and add Tunnels and Balloons.

The Mechanics finished with 69 wins and a 67-32 record, coming second in Mild High and advancing to the playoffs. They beat the Spies 3-2 in the Internet Series, claiming their second recorded championship (five total). They received the Move and Equivalent Exchange wills, which they used to perform a "Yo-yo" maneuver, exchanging Shirai McElroy for Zoey Kirchner on the Steaks, only to immediately move Shirai back to their Shadows.

Season 21

The Pillars were renovated to add Voicemail, Peanut Mister, and Flood Balloons.

The Mechanics finished with 75 wins and a 65-34 record, coming first in Mild High and advancing to the playoffs. They were beaten 3-1 in the first round of the playoffs by the Fridays. They received their first blessings in six seasons, the first being Big Head Mode, which gave Adelaide Judochop Magnified and one level of Ego. Their second blessing was Handful Alternate Trust, calling the Alternate for Cannonball Sports, Gia Holbrook, Mindy Kugel, Mira Lemma, and Christian Combs, as well as giving all of them Negative. They also received the Equivalent Exchange will, exchanging Polkadot Patterson for Augusto Reddick, as well as the Shadow Infuse will, infusing Kelvin Drumsolo's batting.

Season 22

The Pillars were renovated to add Phantom Thieves' Guild, Light Switch, and Flood Pumps.

The Mechanics finished with 62 wins and a 55-44 record, coming third in Mild High. They received the Swap will, sending Jolene Willowtree to the Shadows and moving Ilane Snart to their rotation. They also received the Shadow Infuse will, infusing Bees Taswell's batting.

Team Culture

The Core Mechanics, like the rest of Core society, are known for their post-scarcity generosity, radical collaboration, emphasis on accessibility, and positive transhumanism as a tool for personal freedom. Core society offers people the chance to answer the question "What would you do and be if you had total control over yourself?" For some people, one part of that answer is "play blaseball", and those are the Core Mechanics.

The Core Mechanics live in the Core, which is Down. To get there, go Down. There are many entrances and exits to the Core throughout the immaterial plane; from hidden nooks in libraries to manholes to stairs in back alleyways, one can always go Down anywhere to reach the Core. The Core is filled with tons of loose, fluid, informal Core Organizations of people who share common interests, and the Core Mechanics are one such informal organization for those interested in Blaseball.

The Core community helps make anyone's dreams real, whether by modifying themselves, creating assistive devices, personalizing their clothes and selves with buttons, fabric, changing parts, or more. Changing bodies in the Core is as easy as changing clothes. Hailing from a wide variety of backgrounds, the Core Mechanics are simultaneously steampunk and solar-punk and void-punk and neon-punk and cottage-punk and scene-punk: an aesthetic known as "core-core" in which every single -punk is present at the same time in a cluttered, clashing, and interconnected mess. Visiting the Core and the Mechanics is entirely voluntary, and there is no force keeping people there besides personally wanting to stay.

While a Core Mechanic is someone who plays for the team, everyone in the Core is a Core mechanic. "Mechanic" does not refer to any specific discipline, but may be any form of creative function. One can be an art mechanic, or a words mechanic, or a music mechanic, or a feelings mechanic. For more information, see the Core.

It's said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. When this saying first reached the Core, a society already without taxes, it was interpreted as a challenge. Because jumping between bodies is so common in the core, many normally fatal injuries such as Incineration may result in D.O.W.N emergency protocols activating and residents waking up safely in a backup body. Core residents give their own eulogies; funerals in the Core symbolize turning points and the lessons learned (or lack thereof). This occasionally poses problems for Core residents declared legally dead, no matter how many hours they spend explaining to an umpire that they're perfectly fine and have five more backup bodies in their closet for various occasions (and are working on a sixth with a really cool built-in grappling hook).

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