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Core Pillar Center, or "The Pillars", is the Ballpark of the Core Mechanics. (Not to be confused with the object referenced in the Library, or the objects found in and around the Core. See the The Pillars (disambiguation) for more.)

Official League Record

The Core Pillar Centre was established by the Core Mechanics in the Season β13 Latesiesta, at a cost of 665,911 Coins. Fans of the Mechanics selected the Hillcrest prefab.


  • During Season 14 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the PsychoAcoustics and Coffee Threes + renovations.
  • During Season 15 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Echo Chamber and Secret Base renovations.
  • During Season 16 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Sweetener and Salmon Cannon renovations.
  • During Season 17 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Obtuseness-, Fax Machine and Hotel Motel renovations.
  • During Season 18 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Ballpark Cleanup and Coffee Two + renovations.
  • During Season 19 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Fortification+, Hoops and LCD Soundsystem renovations.
  • During Season 20 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Grandiosity+, Tunnels and Balloons renovations.
  • During Season 21 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Voicemail, Peanut Mister and Flood Balloons renovations.
  • During Season 22 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Light Switch (OFF), Phantom Thieves Guild and Flood Pumps renovations.
  • During Season 23 construction, fans of the Mechanics selected the Light Switch (ON), Stables and Condensed Floor Plans renovations.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Origin of the Core Pillar Center

Does it matter?
— Concluding statement of 'Core: Theories on its Origin and Significance', posted in Anaconda-Ponder edition 113, chapter 4

A number of competing theories have developed on the origin of the Core Pillar Center since the Descension of the Core Mechanics. The general consensus has been that a single truth about the origin of the ballpark is less significant than its meaning to current players and Core denizens. Thus, B.A.C.K. archivists have focused on recording all of the theories and experiences people have had regarding the ballpark, and the Core as a whole.


You know how people describe a place as 'feeling alive'? They'll comment on stuff like the trees swaying around in the wind, or kids going crazy in a playground, or just, you know, the daily business of people walking about with some purpose in mind. The Pillars, and I swear to you this is true, the Pillars always feel that way. You could be the only soul on the field—the only sound could be floating debris bumping against the walls—and it still feels like the place is breathing.
— Sara Short, B.A.C.K. archivist

The Pillar

The Core Pillar Center is nestled in the center of the DownTown City Center, occupying a central position in the center Pillar.

Ballpark Layout

The pillar housing the Core Pillar Center has abnormal gravity, resulting in a number of unique park features.

  • Each of the bases, not including home base, are pulled away from the centre of the park grounds. They are held in place by supporting struts, and face inwards. A batter who scores a home run therefore runs up and around the slanted sides of the blaseball arena, creating the effect of running around the edges of a bowl.
  • The ceiling above the ballpark has reverse gravity, with all matter up to 12 feet below the ceiling pulled upwards. 1000 seats and a commentator's desk are placed here, with the spectators able to watch the whole game from a bird's-eye view.
  • There are several large patches of zero gravity above the ballpark. Many of these patches have chunks of environmental debris floating in them, which can be hit out of the sky by an errant ball. To mitigate the hazard of falling junk, fans voted in Season 17 to reduce the Obtuseness of the park, and later in Season 18 to finance a massive cleanup effort, which was completed by Season 19 with the assistance of volunteer fans.
  • A small gravity well exists near the northern boundary of the center Pillar. During Peanut weather, this can result in a large ball of Peanuts hanging in space near the park edge.

Layout Changes

The layout and structure of the ballpark, stands, and surrounding amenities have been known to change on their own. The changes are irregular and subtle; research is ongoing to determine the origin and purpose of these changes. Fans with accessibility requirements have noted that several of the changes directly improved their ability to move around the park and access amenities.

Stadium Usage


The Core Pillar Center is the home of the Core Mechanics. The Mechanics conduct regular training here.

Maintenance and renovation of the park is conducted by S.H.A.D.O.W.S., an organisation composed of the shadows of the Core Mechanics. The shadows' main jobs are tracking and mitigating the appearance of floating junk, updating the ballpark site map in accordance with layout changes (see Features), and constructing renovations purchased by the Mechanics fanbase. S.H.A.D.O.W.S. is also responsible for broadcasting optimal transport routes to Blaseball games, and providing disability access.

Accessibility and Transportation

How to get to the Core Pillar Center

The Core Pillar Center can be accessed by tram or zip-line. As transport routes change on a regular basis, it is recommended to plan your trip in advance and check timetable forecasts for the day you plan to visit the Core Pillar Center. Additional tram services are provided on game or election days.

Disability access

If you have special mobility requirements, the best way to enter the ballpark is through the tunnels accessible from Entrance A, B and K. Each tunnel has ramps for wheelchair users, as well as charging stations, tailwind generators, and piping systems for mechanical, airborne and waterborne movement. Owing to the park's gravity, handrails and zip-lines are provided at appropriate locations.

All signage is available in Braille. Each Braille pad contains a small psycho-electric mechanism that allows reading by users with mechanical limbs or impaired touch.

Listening devices, open-caption video boards, psycho-acoustic de-tuning forks, anti-peanut umbrellas, gravitational stabilizers, comfort automata, plushies, and other assistive technologies can be accessed at the Help and Safety stalls in quadrants 1, 4, 7, and 11.

Please contact S.H.A.D.O.W.S. if you have questions or require assistance. Boards and brochures outlining the park's accessibility features can be found at all entrance gates.

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