The Pillars (Structure)

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The Pillars are a phenomenon and loose collection of Structures found in and around the Core(Not to be confused with the Core Mechanic’s stadium or the object referenced in the Library. See The Pillars (Disambiguation) for more.)

The Pillars are many and various. Many theories have been put forth regarding their function, origin, and properties, all of which are far from settled. Overall, the only consistent traits all Pillars seem to share are their collective strangeness, and the fact that they are much, much taller than they are wide.

Some believe that the Pillars serve a larger metaphysical purpose, acting as some sort of grounding or foundation holding the universe, or just the Core, together. While this is easily believable for some Pillars, several have been used against this theory, either clearly being constructed more recently than the start of the universe or being some form of base naturally occurring phenomena.

More are always being discovered and new tests are always being run, leading to records being quickly outdated.

Pillar Database

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Storyteller’s Bone Pillar


The Storyteller’s Bone Pillar


Object / Landmark / Person


Pillar, Bone, Person, Graveyard, Grown, Anomaly


Located in a relatively smaller cave system connected near the lowest levels of DownTown, on the southern end. Signage has been set up to direct visitors and pilgrims more specifically.


The Storyteller's Bone Pillar is, primarily, a giant tree made of living bone that grows farther into the floor and ceiling than is worth measuring, surrounded by smaller bone trees connected to it by a series of living roots. At the base of the Pillar is an ancient person who took root in the ground long ago. Their memory is almost perfect, but it takes them a while to draw their memories out from the Bone Forest. When they do, they are an excellent storyteller, and have been a useful source for deciphering the Core’s mysterious past.

Walking the Bone Forest, as the surrounding area is known, is held as a very moving experience, and attracts visitors and pilgrims on a regular basis. Efforts have been undertaken to preserve this site, although misbehavior is already extremely rare. Visitors report a feeling of calm and connection to the broader Core and community.

When asked about the nature of their arrangement with the Pillar and the Bone Forest, the Storyteller reported that it was "time for a new caretaker", and that they had volunteered for such a role. While much information about the various cultures who would later form the Core has been told, the Storyteller has, thus far, avoided elaborating on the community to which they were a member. They answer such questions with some form of deflection, saying "that story wouldn't interest you much," and "[it's] a rather dull tale". Rumors have circulated that the Storyteller has been looking for their own successor, but thus far, no conclusive evidence has been found showing this to be the case.

Additional Names :

Core denizens of a more spiritual inclination sometimes refer to this as "The Bone Memorial" or "The Garden of Memories".