The Pillars (Structure)

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The Pillars are a phenomenon and loose collection of Structures found in and around the Core(Not to be confused with the Core Mechanic’s stadium or the object referenced in the Library. See The Pillars (Disambiguation) for more.)

The Pillars are many and various. Many theories have been put forth regarding their function, origin, and properties, all of which are far from settled. Overall, the only consistent traits all Pillars seem to share are their collective strangeness, and the fact that they are much, much taller than they are wide.

Some believe that the Pillars serve a larger metaphysical purpose, acting as some sort of grounding or foundation holding the universe, or just the Core, together. While this is easily believable for some Pillars, several have been used against this theory, either clearly being constructed more recently than the start of the universe or being some form of base naturally occurring phenomena.

More are always being discovered and new tests are always being run, leading to records being quickly outdated.

Pillar Database

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Falling Pillar


The Falling Pillar


Object / Landmark


Pillar, Falling, Drop, Anomaly


Located at ███,████, approximately 18 km ████ of Breakbridge. [LOCATION REDACTED ON REQUEST OF DOWN]


The Falling Pillar is a smooth, continuous metallic rod 1.65 meters in diameter descending at terminal velocity (approximately ████ km/h). Measurements indicate it is aligned perfectly vertically, falling from and into holes with less than 1 centimeter of clearance, with no measurable variance in centering or diameter. Spectral analysis and limited physical samples suggest it is composed of a relatively mundane alloy of Tungsten.

On initial discovery, it was believed to be stationary, but upon closer inspection, the sound of air rushing against the surface could be heard. Touching it almost instantly resulted in the discoverers being swept into the ground, suffering intense friction burns. As a result, protective fences were erected to prevent accidental physical contact, as well as to prevent visitors from being pulled in by the constant downwards air currents that the Pillar's movement produces.

It is unclear if the Pillar has a terminus. Current theories posit that the Pillar is either infinitely long, a closed loop, or somehow being manufactured at its top, wherever that might be. None of these theories are liked by the researchers involved, due to the Core's cultural distaste for infinities. Efforts to probe the depths of its exit or heights of its entry universally make unintentional contact with the Pillar at some point, leading to the near immediate destruction of the probe.

Attempts to harness the falling pillar for power generation have been universally unsuccessful, and are expressly forbidden by DOWN, as a result of damages sustained to both equipment and personnel. Experiments into this had attempted to press dynamo drive wheels against the Pillar. However, no currently known materials are able to withstand the high speeds and temperatures involved, with the most recent and final attempt resulting in severe injuries to all present.

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