Shrimpfinity Incident

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The Shrimpfinity Incident is the official B.A.C.K.-designated name for the initial event leading to an ongoing shrimp generation event, known as Shrimpfinity, in the history of the Core. The Incident occurred at REDACTED family restaurant in DownTown, wherein a shrimp tail had fallen off of a food preparation table into a vent leading deeper into the Core. Due to unknown means (see below), this seemingly-innocuous action led to a countably[citation needed] infinite amount of shrimp being generated, flooding the restaurant and the streets of DownTown soon after.

Shrimp generation

Research into the cause of Shrimpfinity has been inconclusive. While the owners of REDACTED have been co-operative with B.A.C.K. archivists and have dedicated the space around the original vent for research and on-site investigation, no progress has been made as nobody knows how far down the vent the Incident started at, and there are too many shrimp in the way to properly check. Officially, the "shrimp reaction" has been given as:


Prevailing theory

The leading theory for the cause of Shrimpfinity is that the Core itself has an allergy to shrimp, and that the allergic reaction happens to be shrimp as well.[citation needed]


The Shrimpfinity Incident is one of few events large enough where over REDACTED% of mapped Core locations were affected.

Immediate impact

The immediate impact of the generation of a large volume of shrimp was the rapid introduction of shrimp into locations shrimp are not usually known to be, such as most streets of DownTown and the pitch of the Core Pillar Center, though luckily there were no games played at the park at that moment. Additionally, due to the Incident first taking place within a vent, many shrimp were rapidly distributed throughout the Core's numerous ventilation shafts, which caused numerous workplace injuries from exposure to high-velocity shrimp, and allergic reactions from near-instantaneous introduction of shrimp in hypoallergenic situations.

Eventual adaptation

Many mechanics rallied together for a variety of reasons, including wanting to stop shrimp from pouring into their workspaces or homes, having known someone who had gotten injured or was injured themselves, or simply seeing a disaster in action and vying to help. An emergency plan was quickly drafted to create high-stress high-velocity piping to redirect shrimp safely throughout the Core. With no recorded objections, this plan was put into action, and after REDACTED, the newly-dubbed Shrimp Pipe Network, or simply ShrimpNet, was completed.

Shrimp Pipe Network ocean terminus

As the Shrimp Pipe Network was constructed, the question of where the shrimp should eventually end up was on many mechanics' minds. Knowing they couldn't keep circulating the generating shrimp within the Core due to pipe pressure issues, a small but highly vocal group of mechanics declared that the shrimp should be returned to the sea. Operating on this ideology, the group began laying shrimp-grade piping through the ocean floor and, through a mutual agreement[citation needed] with the Atlantis Georgias, placed the terminus in Atlantis to erupt with shrimp for the foreseeable future.

Current research

Current research into the Shrimpfinity Incident is officially noted to only be done by one "very displeased" B.A.C.K. archivist, who immediately devoted most of their time to the Incident. In actuality, many groups of archivists and other mechanics assist by submitting any information gathered out in the field, quickly expanding official knowledge on the Incident and the Shrimp Pipe Network.