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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

ORBIT, or Orby, is a sentient space telescope. As of Season β19, ORBIT legally owns the Core Mechanics for tax purposes, although the details of this arrangement are unclear.


ORBIT floats in low-Earth orbit. Its most noticeable features are a single large solar panel protruding from the central chassis, the back of which is painted with a hand symbol. The chassis is cylindrical and metallic, with a large 'smiley face' painted on the side. The intended effect appears to be to give the impression that ORBIT is waving at the ground.

ORBIT uses an onboard software suite for orbital navigation, data collection, and communication with bases on the ground. This suite is an artificial intelligence with a personality, and is what people typically refer to when they mention ORBIT by name.

ORBIT's origins are unclear. While ORBIT has provided members of B.A.C.K. a full inventory of its onboard systems, and an explanation of their function and purpose, the underlying computational principles are still poorly understood. ORBIT has, however, sent a sample of rocks down to the ground, which it claims are collected from 'previous travels'. Chemical analysis of these metals shows a composition similar to that of the 'Norton County' meteorite, and suggests that the parent body from which these rocks were sampled had a highly violent history. The container in which the metals were housed was labelled 'HOME'. Speculation on the sample's origin is ongoing.


ORBIT's artificial intelligence is friendly, and co-operative with the Core Mechanics, especially those with an interest in astronomy. However, ORBIT has a limited computational social capacity, and cannot communicate with multiple people at once. This limitation is not present if ORBIT is using machine language to communicate.

ORBIT has demonstrated a limited ability to listen to and comfort people in states of emotional distress. However, due to ORBIT's unique perspective (see below), those who have spoken to it have described its responses as hit-or-miss.

As a telescope with the ability to see far into the reaches of space, ORBIT has described itself as having a very broad perspective on the material scale of the Universe. ORBIT does not believe in the existence of a god or gods, and sees the scope of human life as relatively insignificant to the lifespan of stars, nebulae or galaxies. However, in conversations with members of BACK, ORBIT has requested that such ideas be seen as comforting rather than disturbing, and uses this perspective to help allay the day-to-day anxieties of those it speaks to.


Due to a series of legal irregularities involving Kelvin Drumsolo, in Season β19, ORBIT was made legal owner of the Core Mechanics for tax purposes. Note: 'For tax purposes' is a common idiom in the Core that means 'for no reason'. To date, ORBIT has not exercised any of its (legally dubious) authority.

ORBIT and Gia Holbrook are friends. The two are able to communicate directly using machine language, which, according to Gia, speeds up their conversations a hundredfold.