Mexico City Wild Wings

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The Mexico City Wild Wings (formerly labelled as the Mexico City Mild Wings) are a Blaseball team in the Chaotic Evil division of the Evil Conference. They have been a part of Internet League Blaseball since Season A. The Wild Wings were previously in the Lawful Evil division of the Evil League, the Mild Low division of the Mild League and the Wild High division of the Wild League.

Historic Players

Name Duration
Summers Preston Return of BlaseballSeason β17, Day 72
Season β20 electionsFall Ball
Miguel Wheeler Return of BlaseballSeason β7, Day 105
Lawrence Horne Return of BlaseballSeason β13, Day 78
Sosa Hayes Return of BlaseballSeason β9, Day 7
Yong Wright Return of BlaseballSeason β22, Day 24
Axel Cardenas Return of BlaseballSeason β22, Day 92
Ronan Combs Return of BlaseballSeason β22, Day 93
Cell Barajas Return of BlaseballFall Ball
José Haley Return of BlaseballSeason β7 elections
Kennedy Rodgers Return of BlaseballSeason β7 elections
Stephanie Winters Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Rafael Davids Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Burke Gonzales Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Silvia Rugrat Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Fran Beans Return of BlaseballSeason β19 elections
Season β21 electionsFall Ball
Adkins Gwiffin Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Brock Watson Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Matteo Cash Return of BlaseballSeason β16 elections
Season β22 electionsFall Ball
Kline Nightmare Return of BlaseballSeason β21 elections
Famous Meng Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Best Cerna Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Rivers Javier Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Igneus Mcdaniel Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Erickson Sato Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Grit Ramos Return of BlaseballFall Ball
Case Sports Season β7, Day 107—Season β12, Day 79
Joshua Watson Season β7 electionsSeason β12 elections
Season β14 electionsFall Ball
Mullen Peterson Season β7 electionsSeason β14 elections
NaN Season β9, Day 7—Season β9, Day 98
Kennedy Meh Season β9, Day 98—Fall Ball
Roscoe Sundae Season β12, Day 79—Fall Ball
Cicero Homestyle Season β12 Endseason—Fall Ball
Jessica Telephone Season β12 electionsSeason β13 elections
Tai Beanbag Season β13, Day 78—Season β22 elections
Wichita Toaster Season β13 Endseason—Season β19, Day 15
Eizabeth Guerra Season β13 electionsSeason β14 elections
Jasper Blather Season β13 electionsSeason β18 elections
Mags Banananana Season β14 electionsSeason β16 elections
Pangolin Ruiz Season β15 Endseason—Season β23, Day 90
Wyatt Glover Season β16, Day 81—Season β20 elections
Aurora Blortles Season β16 electionsSeason β18, Day 32
Nagomi Mcdaniel Season β17, Day 56—Season β17 Endseason
Scarlet Caster Season β18, Day 32—Fall Ball
Nickname Yamashita Season β19, Day 15—Fall Ball
Foxy Kane Season β19 Endseason—Fall Ball
Trinity Smaht Season β19 electionsSeason β20 elections
Stan Schofield Season β20 Endseason—Season β23 elections
Evelton McBlase II Season β20 electionsSeason β21 elections
Huber Frumple Season β21, Day 90—Fall Ball
Cat McSriff Season β21 Endseason—Season β23, Day 88
Doginic Burgertoes Season β21 electionsFall Ball
Kevelyn Jeff Season β22, Day 24—Fall Ball
Uncle Plasma II Season β22 LatesiestaSeason β22 elections
Liquid Friend III Season β22 LatesiestaSeason β22 elections
Beans McBlase Season β22, Day 73—Fall Ball
Vernon Glump Season β22, Day 82—Fall Ball
Pavithra Wormthrice Season β22 Endseason—Fall Ball
Nandy Slumps Season β23, Day 76—Fall Ball
Mavis Hammer Season β23 Endseason—Fall Ball
Gunther O'Brian Season β23 electionsFall Ball
Engine Eberhardt Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
Enid Slumps Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
James Boy Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
Mummy Melcon Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
Atma Blueberry Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
Foxy Pebble Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
Baldwin Jones Fall BallSeason 2, Day 28
Fletcher Peck Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
Vernon Sierpinski Fall Ball—End of Blaseball
Anastasia Isarobot Fall BallSeason 1 elections
Lihuén Skyhigh Season 1 Preseason—End of Blaseball
Nori Bluegrass Season 1 Preseason—End of Blaseball
Katja Twain Season 1 Preseason—End of Blaseball
Letitia Diop Season 1 Preseason—End of Blaseball
Carter O'connor Season 1, Day 12—End of Blaseball
Kennedy Loser Season 1, Day 19—End of Blaseball
Jefferson de la Cruz Season 1, Day 79—End of Blaseball
Yusef Puddles Season 1, Day 103—End of Blaseball
Göran Ndoye Season 1 elections—End of Blaseball
Arugula Hadji Season 1 elections—End of Blaseball
Baker Caster Season 2, Day 28—End of Blaseball
Zephyr McCloud Season 2, Day 38—Season 2, Day 39
Season 2, Day 59—Season 2, Day 60
Leach Herman Season 2, Day 79—End of Blaseball
Jimi Murphy Season 2 elections—End of Blaseball

Player History

For a list of all former players, see Category:Former Mexico City Wild Wings Players.

Date Removed Added Cause
Toggle Intrateam Moves (Fax, Voicemail, etc.)
β07 107 Miguel Wheeler Case Sports 🍗 Incineration
β07 EL00 Axel Cardenas Joshua Watson 🔥 Blessing (🔥) Champs in the Making
β07 EL01 José Haley Axel Cardenas 🔥 Blessing (🔥) Champs in the Making
β07 EL02 Kennedy Rodgers Mullen Peterson 🔥 Blessing (🔥) Champs in the Making
β09 07 Sosa Hayes NaN 🕵️ Feedback
β09 98 NaN Kennedy Meh 💋 Feedback
β12 79 Case Sports Roscoe Sundae 🍗 Incineration
β12 99 - Cicero Homestyle 🍗 Playoff Birth
β12 EL00 Joshua Watson Jessica Telephone 🍬 Will (🍗) Plunder
β13 78 Lawrence Horne Tai Beanbag 🍗 Incineration
β13 99 - Wichita Toaster 🍗 Playoff Birth
β13 EL01 Jessica Telephone Eizabeth Guerra 🍬 Will (🍬) Exchange
β13 EL02 - Jasper Blather 🛠️ Will (🛠️) Revoke
β14 EL00 Eizabeth Guerra Joshua Watson 🍬 Will (🍗) Exchange
β14 EL01 Mullen Peterson Mags Banananana 📱 Will (📱) Exchange
β15 99 - Pangolin Ruiz 🍗 Playoff Birth
β16 81 - Wyatt Glover Attraction
β16 EL Matteo Cash Aurora Blortles 🐌 Will (🍗) Plunder
β17 56 Summers Preston Nagomi Mcdaniel 🚤 Feedback
β17 99 Nagomi Mcdaniel Sent to 🏅 Preserved
β18 32 Aurora Blortles Scarlet Caster 🍗 Incineration
β18 EL01 Jasper Blather Roamed to 🕵️ Roamin'
β19 99 - Foxy Kane 🍗 Playoff Birth
β19 15 Wichita Toaster Nickname Yamashita 🍗 Incineration
β19 EL01 Fran Beans Trinity Smaht 🦀 Will (🦀) Equivalent Exchange
β20 99 - Stan Schofield 🍗 Playoff Birth
β20 EL00 Trinity Smaht Summers Preston 🚤 Will (🍗) Equivalent Exchange
β20 EL03 Wyatt Glover Sent to Blessing () Strange Attractor
β20 EL04 - Evelton McBlase II 🏋️‍ Roamin'
β21 90 - Huber Frumple 🥧 Super Roamin'
β21 99 - Cat McSriff 🍗 Playoff Birth
β21 EL00 Huber Frumple Doginic Burgertoes 🥧 Will (🥧) Roster Swap
β21 EL01 Evelton McBlase II Fran Beans 🦀 Will (🍗) Equivalent Exchange
β21 EL02 Kline Nightmare Huber Frumple 🥧 Will (🍗) Roster Swap
β22 24 Yong Wright Kevelyn Jeff 🍗 Incineration
β22 LS00 - Uncle Plasma II 🍗 Gift Shop
β22 LS01 - Liquid Friend III 🍗 Gift Shop
β22 7302 - Beans McBlase 🥧 Phantom Thieves' Guild (🍗)
β22 92 Axel Cardenas Sent to Phantom Thieves' Guild ()
β22 93 Ronan Combs Sent to Phantom Thieves' Guild ()
β22 99 - Pavithra Wormthrice 🍗 Playoff Birth
β22 EL00 Tai Beanbag Matteo Cash 🐌 Will (🍗) Equivalent Exchange
β22 EL02 Uncle Plasma II Sent to 🎸 Blessing (🎸) Gachapon
β22 EL03 Liquid Friend III Returned to 🏅 Faded to Dust
β23 7601 - Nandy Slumps 🏋️‍ Phantom Thieves' Guild (🍗)
β23 88 Cat McSriff Sent to 🌹 Phantom Thieves' Guild (🌹)
β23 90 Pangolin Ruiz Sent to 🌹 Phantom Thieves' Guild (🌹)
β23 99 - Mavis Hammer 🍗 Playoff Birth
β23 EL00 Stan Schofield Sent to 🌮 Blessing (🌮) Season 22: Gachapon
β23 EL01 - Gunther O'Brian 💋 Blessing (🍗) Season 8: Blind Date
FB00 - Engine Eberhardt 🏋️‍ Fall Ball
FB01 Silvia Rugrat Fell to 🏋️‍ Fall Ball
FB02 - Enid Slumps 🌹 Fall Ball
FB03 Erickson Sato Fell to 👐 Fall Ball
FB04 - James Boy 🍬 Fall Ball
FB05 Rivers Javier Fell to 🕵️ Fall Ball
FB06 - Mummy Melcon 🐅 Fall Ball
FB07 Joshua Watson Fell to 💋 Fall Ball
FB08 - Atma Blueberry 🕵️ Fall Ball
FB09 - Foxy Pebble 💋 Fall Ball
FB10 Roscoe Sundae Fell to 🏋️‍ Fall Ball

Season Results

Discipline Era (Seasons 1-11)

Discipline Era
Season Wins Record Postseason Season Summary
β1 - The Return 47 47-52 Did not make Postseason. Received no blessings.
β2 - The Discipline Era 47 47-52 Did not make Postseason. Received no blessings.
β3 - Peanut Plague/Uncertainty 42 42-57 Did not make Postseason. Recieved no blessings.
β4 - Feedback 43 43-56 Did not make Postseason. * The Mushroom Blessing gave José Haley the Mushroom item, increasing their slugging power.
β5 - Reverb 49 49-50 Did not make Postseason. The Wild Wings were sorted into Mild Low with the passing of the High Filter Decree.

Recieved no blessings.

β6 - Idols 45 45-54 Did not make Postseason. Recieved no blessings.
β7 - Getting Shelled 55 55-44 ILB Champions

W 3-1 vs. San Francisco Lovers

Received no blessings.
β8 - Rest in Violence 55 55-44 Entered Party Time on Day 99
β9 - Forecast 37 37-62 Entered Party Time on Day 91
β10 - Backdraft 40 40-59 Entered Party Time on Day 90 Received no blessings.
β11 - Peace & Prosperity 33 38-61 Entered Party Time on Day 79 Assigned the Arcana XVIII The Sun.

Expansion Era (Seasons 12-24)

Expansion Era
Season Wins Record Postseason Season Summary
β12 - The Expansion Era 47 46-53 Entered Party Time on Day 97

Wild League Wild Card Quarterfinalists L 1-3 vs. Hades Tigers

*The The Best Offense Blessing moved Stephanie Winters to the lineup and Cell Barajas to the rotation.
β13 - Home Free 58 55-44

Quarterfinalists L 0-3 vs. LA Unlimited Tacos

Received no blessings.
β14 - The -ides 50 50-49 Entered Party Time on Day 99 Received no blessings.
β15 - Live Bait 50 50-49 Entered Party Time on Day 95

Wild League Wild Card ILB Finalists L 1-3 vs. Canada Moist Talkers

Received no blessings.
β16 - Mass Production 40 40-59 Entered Party Time on Day 85 Received no blessings.

The Wild Wings benefited from Tgb free wills.png Free Wills.

β17 - Collections 43 43-56 Entered Party Time on Day 92 Received no blessings.
β18 - New Editions 35 35-64 Entered Party Time on Day 83 Recieved no blessings.
β19 - Undertow -25 22-77 Quarterfinalists

L 1-3 vs. Tokyo Lift

Recieved no blessings.
β20 - Win(Win) 26 24-75 ILB Underbracket Finals

L 1-3 vs. San Francisco Lovers

The Wild Wings benefited from Tgb free wills.png Free Wills.
β21 - Red Herring 37 28-71 Underbracket Semifinalist

L 1-3 vs. Hellmouth Sunbeams

The Wild Wings benefited from Tgb free wills.png Free Wills.
β22 - Overdue 73 61-38 'Overbracket Semifinalist

L 2-3 vs. Hellmouth Sunbeams

β23 - A Set Up 52 42-57 Overbracket Wild Card

Entered Party Time on Day 80

L 0-2 vs. Miami Dale

Received no blessings, but did receive  Under Review.
β24 - Fire Sale/Save Situation 14 34-47 N/A .
  • The Wild Wings were Nullified on Day 82, but soon returned with the message "The Mexico City Wild Wings will Return."

Team Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

For a more in-depth look at the team, see Mexico City Wild Wings/History.

There are stories, but few known facts about the history of the Mexico City Wild Wings, and the inner workings of the team are largely conducted behind closed doors. There are allusions to methods of scrying or divination involving wingsauce, various secret projects the purpose of which is undisclosed and organiseations such as the Gastronomic Conjury Guild. But the team roster, one of the most stable in Blaseball history, and the fans at least appear to be shielded from the inner workings, enjoying a reputation for good splortsmanship and a welcoming attitude.

The Wild Wings currently play in a stadium known as The Bucket, located on a lake within Mexico City. Due to the outwardly Chaotic appearance of the Wild Wings's roster and managerial style, their initial placement in the Lawful Evil League was often called into question. The Wild Wings Legal Team were largely responsible for ensuring the team's activities remained within the law. After placement in the Mild League activated the Wild Wings Legal Team to take legal action against the Blaseball Gods themselves.


The Wild Wings are not technically managed by an individual, but by the interpretation of wingsauce patterns left on discarded plates of leftovers by a mysterious figure known as Guy Flieri. The particulars of the process are the subject of much speculation, though for the sake of paperwork, the manager is officially stated to be Guy Flieri.


The exact mascot(s) for the Wings seem to be difficult to track. It has been reported the team mascot is Cell Barajas, and when further questioned, no explanation was provided from anybody aside from a vague gesture at the Bucket's massive bird population and extensive repetition of the phrase "Cell Barajas" by everyone in a ten-foot radius.

Fan Culture

For a more in-depth look at the fan culture, see Mexico City Wild Wings/Fan Culture.

The Wild Wings team is composed of a diverse range of players - from a star pitcher who exists outside of time, to a batter with the distinction of being the game's first part-seal player, to an ordinary car tire piloted by rats. Fans take pride in the diversity of the team, believing that it leads to games in which "anything can happen," good or bad.

Fan Art

For more Fan Art, see Mexico City Wild Wings/Fan_Art.