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Mullen Peterson is a player in the Shadows for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Peterson has previously played for the Chicago Firefighters, Mexico City Wild Wings, and New York Millennials.

Official League Record

Peterson joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Chicago Firefighters with the Return of Blaseball.

As a result of the Katamari blessing won by the Firefighters in the Season β5 election, Peterson's defense rating increased by .

On Season β6, Day 64, Peterson's pitching ability was siphoned by Breckenridge Jazz Hands pitcher Agan Harrison during a game with Blooddrain weather. Peterson's pitching ability decreased from to .

During the Season β7 elections, Peterson was traded to the Mexico City Wild Wings in exchange for Kennedy Rodgers via the Champs in the Making blessing.

Peterson was traded to the New York Millennials in exchange for Mags Banananana during the Season β14 elections via the Millennials' Exchange will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

During Season β16, Peterson was attacked by Consumers once.

During the Season β22 elections, Peterson gained the Negative modification as a result of the Lineup Flip blessing.

During the December 23, 2022 Fall Ball, Peterson fell to the LA Unlimited Tacos.

On Season 1, Day 29, Malik Destiny crashed into Peterson during a game in Horizon (weather) weather, knocking them into the Tacos' Shadows.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Mullen has an aloof nature about her at first, but those that are close to her understand that her tough exterior gives way to a quick-witted sense of humor and a caring friend once one gets to know her.

She is butch and like all of us, she is from Chicago. Her jersey number is 219.

Peterson sometimes goes by the nickname "Technically."

Paula Retrieval Arc

In Game 3 of Season 4, Peterson's close personal friend Paula Mason was seemingly kidnapped by the Dallas Steaks on order of the comissioner. This lead to Peterson chasing down the Steaks as they left Chicago to go back to Dallas, and somewhere in the ruins of Oklahoma she finally caught up to them.

She called for the Steaks to return Mason, and the Steaks sighed, letting Mason to the front of the group. There, she declared that she didn't want to come back. That she rejected Chicago, and rejected the Firefighters. She needed to grow stronger, and she saw that future with the Steaks, not with the Firefighters.

She threw her Chicago Firefighters headband to the ground, telling Peterson to not follow after them.

Peterson, to this day, refuses to accept it. She continuously is trying to bring Mason back, to no avail. She keeps Mason's headband close everyday.

Training with the Wild Wings

At the end of Season 7, the Firefighters were ordered to trade three of their players to the Wild Wings as part of the recent election results. Peterson surprised everyone by stepping up, resolved to spend as much time as it takes training herself for what she saw as the coming battle for Paula Mason's soul. Visiting player Axel Cardenas suggested that Mason wasn't savable, and asked why Peterson would switch teams after fighting so hard for Paula to stay with the Firefighters. Peterson refused to give up on her best friend, and said that the familial bond the Wings displayed during the Season β7 Postseason was unlike anything she'd seen before. While she would always be from Chicago and she planned to return to the Firefighters someday, the real fight was for Mason's sense of compassion and loyalty, and to turn away Mason from her dark nature, to let the kindness Peterson knew was still there show. Peterson had the best chance of developing the skills needed to win that battle with the Wings, she said, and therefore the choice was obvious to her. Cardenas was so impressed by how cool Peterson was that he finagled with José Haley to get a ticket back to the Wings and watch Peterson work.

Learning with the Millennials

During an ever increasing tumultuous Election period in Season β14, Peterson moved to New York City in the hopes of returning to trade school, on the recommendation of former teammate Mags Banananana. She quickly became friends with scientists Peanut Holloway and Felix Garbage forming a Science Trio of enthusiastic Millennials. The three would conduct elaborate experiments, and the increasing amount of Coffee Weathers in the air gave Peterson's Coffee Cannon projects a new lease on life. Unfortunately, the trio would not last for long. Holloway would be soon be Redacted after catching one of York Silk's groundouts. Garbage and Peterson tried to pool their resources in the hopes of tracking their invisible friend down, but to no avail. In Season β16, Garbage would later receive a grant to move to the Los Angeli, leaving Peterson to retreat into her studies for the moment. The Fans, impressed by Peterson's aptitude in engineering, gastronomy, and Hoops, often cheered "MOAT" during her games, a Mills initialism for "Mullen of All Trades." During Season 22, Eve II Roamed to the Millennials, and the two have become fast friends, with McBlase II's expertise in elaborate doomsday devices offering kindred support to Peterson's interests.

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