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Season β2 for the Unlimited Tacos was the team's third season as a member of Internet League Blaseball in the Lawful Good Division of the Good League. They finished 2nd/3rd to last in the league and did not advance to the playoffs. This was the team's last season under the name Los Angeles Tacos before changing names to Unlimited Tacos as a result of the postseason election.





Season β2 marked the first season during which games were played under the Solar Eclipse weather condition and players were at risk of incineration.

Incinerated Player Day Replacement Player
Natha Kath 16 Emmett Owens

Season Overview

Regular Season

Despite being mathematically the worst team, the Tacos pulled off dozens of upset victories throughout the season, much to their fans' joy and the betting populace's ire. Standout players included pitchers Sexton Wheeler and Comfort Glover who held out against challenging hitters in pivotal games. Hitter Taiga Quitter also emerged as a new fan favorite for consistently showing up on the field despite being one of the worst star-rated hitters on the team.

The Tacos endured a variety of hardships throughout what was already a tough season. Pitcher Natha Kath was incinerated on Day 16 and replaced by Emmett Owens, resulting in no change in overall star rank for the team. A series of peanut tragedies followed, beginning with Wyatt Mason's allergic reaction on Day 50. Taiga Quitter and Wanda Pothos were also subject to allergies in the following games. Mason swallowed another peanut on Day 64 and is one of the only known players to have swallowed two peanuts. This made them one of the worst hitters in the league, surpassed only by the Chicago Firefighters' then 0-star hitter Joshua Butt.

The Tacos flagged in the late-season games and suffered defeat after defeat against the Lovers and the Steaks. However, the team pulled it around to win the last two games of the season as heavy underdogs, and game 99 saw heroic home runs from hitters Taiga Quitter, Moses Simmons, and Baldwin Breadwinner. Some fans called this a statement of intent for next season, and the team entered Party Time with optimism.

The Grand Unslam

See main article on The Grand Unslam.

The Tacos were part of Blaseball history this season as the home team during the events of The Grand Unslam. On Day 74 their game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves surpassed the record for longest game (by minutes played) and caused a major disruption in Spacetime and the splintering of Los Angeles into infinite Los Angeli the effects of which are still not fully known.

Election Results

Decrees Affecting the Team

  • Interviews
    • The microphone lifts
    • ERROR: The Grand Unslam Weakened The Bridge
    • Spacetime Tears over Los Angeles
    • The Infinite cit(ies) shine
    • Platonic Form Corrupted
    • You've looked too close...
  • Upon the enactment of this decree, the Los Angeles Tacos were renamed Unlimited Tacos and the entire team roster was renamed Wyatt Mason (see The Wyatt Masoning).

Blessings Received

  • Exploratory Surgeries, won with 11% of the vote
    • Wyatt Mason's pitching was randomized from ½ to ½.
    • Wyatt Mason's pitching was randomized from ½ to ½.
    • Wyatt Mason's pitching was randomized from ½ to 0.
      • Note: This was actually the player formerly known as Comfort Glover, and yes they were randomized three times and got worse every time.
  • Anticapitalism, brought to you by Friends at the Table, won with 5% of the vote

Election Results and Aftermath

The Tacos became the center of attention during the Season 3 election results. Immediately upon the Interviews decree passing successfully, Spacetime tore over Los Angeles and transformed it into the Infinite Cit(ies) as an apparent direct result of The Grand Unslam. The name of the team immediately changed from the Los Angeles Tacos to the Unlimited Tacos, and the slogan changed from "72° and Spicy" to "72° and Infinite."

For the first time in League history, the Tacos received blessings during this election. The team won the highly sought-after Anticapitalist blessing with 5% of the votes. This made the team "fully anticapitalist."

The Tacos also received the highly desirable Exploratory Surgeries blessing, winning with 11% of the vote. Rather than affecting three different pitchers as is possible, Wyatt Mason underwent extensive surgery and was rerolled three times due to them still being the worst after the first two attempts. Ultimately, Mason became an even worse pitcher due to the blessing, dropping from ½ star to 0 stars. However, dedicated Tacos fans quickly noted that Wyatt Mason was not and had never been a pitcher. It was at this moment that fans discovered the entire team had been renamed Wyatt Mason—the team's worst and twice-peanutted hitter—through an inexplicable event now known as The Wyatt Masoning.

Shortly after these events, Umpire Chaff revealed in statements directly to Tacos fans that they "tried to kill the Mason, and the Mason's power exceeded ours," shortly followed by, "I fear the Mason."