Yulia Skitter

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Yulia Skitter is a player for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Skitter has previously played for the San Francisco Lovers.

Official League Records

Skitter joined the ILB as a lineup player for the San Francisco Lovers on Season β23, Day 97 after the incineration of Helga Moreno.

On Season β24, Day 4, Skitter retreated to the Lovers' Shadows in exchange for Jonathan Catalina due to Night.

During the November 25, 2022 Fall Ball, Skitter fell to the LA Unlimited Tacos.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Yulia Skitter (fae/it) has always been a joyous person.

Growing up in—well, under San Francisco has many perks. Faer mothers, the beloved Queens of an expansive kingdom known as Idolomantia ruled in kindness, passion, and excellence with Skitter becoming an active part of the royal court as it grew.

Skitter’s parents were thrilled to let fae train under some of the greatest knights, mages and musicians the kingdom had to offer. Skitter honed faer craft with a blade, as well as a bow, carrying faer beautiful black cello wherever they went.

While Idolomantia lived in prosperity, the respective surface kingdoms appeared to struggle. This began to change with the increasing effect Meh Industries was having on the environment. Environmental pollution and mass urbanization alike brought a lot of fear to many in the kingdom, which left a lot of pressure weighing on faer parents' heads.

The ecological stress, political unrest between The Royal Kingdom of San Francisco and the Romantic Collaborative began to seep into Idolomantia. With clear threats to the lives and safety of their kingdom, the Queens decided that if their kingdom was to stay safe, they would need an advocate.

Traveling To The Surface

Sending Skitter to the surface, it was granted with a rare magic ability, the ability to shapeshift, allowing Skitter to transition in between forms at will. Viewing the surface for the first time in faer life as well as seeing the stunning people of San Francisco gave it much joy, inspiration and euphoria. Crawling out into the larger Pride, LARP and metal music scenes, Skitter found faerself right at home finding faer identity as bisexual, dawning long green and pink hair, its trusty cello, plenty of leather, spikes, and bright primary colors in faer human form.

While Skitter’s goals to advocate for the kingdom were clear, fae had much to learn about the world above her home.

Struggling a bit, fae found themselves at the Romantic Collaborative Community College, with an interest in ecology and education. Quickly, fae met a friend in one of its general education classes, now-teammate Reece Saetang. The two connected for a multitude of reasons, from Saetang helping Skitter with the transition into learning English, Skitter passionately sharing the history of Idolomantia to Saetang. In turn, Saetang shared animation and one of his favorite movies, Citizen Kane with Skitter.

The pair became somewhat inseparable throughout their college careers, spending many nights at the medieval themed tavern bar ‘Three of Swords’ where they befriended yet another future teammate, Jonathan Catalina.

The duo-turned-trio spent time watching Blaseball, much to Saetang’s chagrin, and playing expansive tabletop RPGs. This is where Skitter’s passion for creativity blossomed further when Catalina showed faer the class of bard. With Skitter’s passion for music in its cello, poetry came soon after. Soon fae was performing full on soliloquy and songs for faer friends, and Skitter picked up a permanent spot in the open mic nights at Catalina’s bar.

Following Skitter and Saetang’s graduation, Skitter wasted no time continuing faer quest, despite the fact that Meh Industries was facing severe consequences for their ecological violations by government and vigilante forces, and the revolution was finally in the stages of settling.

Skitter picked up an intense amount of advocacy and volunteer work, assisting at community gardens, free food kitchens, and the local public library, where fae offered music and writing lessons to children.

At one such volunteer event in a local community garden, fae encountered King Roland, where the two began to chat between work. Fae shared knowledge of the bug kingdom with Roland, as well as its passions, and Roland was extremely receptive to learning about their new friend.

Though Skitter knew of the two kings in San Francisco, Skitter befriended Roland as an individual. Roland, who was grateful to meet someone who didn’t know of her prior reputation and have a new friend in the Collaborative, personally invited Skitter to perform at the Polyhedron as a resident court musician for the team and Skitter was simply over the moon to take the opportunity.

Joining the Lovers

Spending home games in the Polyhedron as their resident bard, Skitter performed a lot beyond poetry and faer cello, even accessing the stadium organ for some particular fun performances. Eventually, Skitter would tag along throughout the era to watch away games between work.

Though Skitter is kindhearted, joyous, and enjoys being in the spotlight, it is not faer whole being. Skitter is an intense, strong and passionate person, and this was made no clearer following the incineration of Helga Moreno.

Skitter looked up to Moreno as the then lead off hitter for the Lovers since the first time fae watched a game on Saetang’s tiny apartment TV. Being well aware of the danger umpires pose, being in the stands, and watching things transpire, Skitter felt what fae can only describe as a cosmic push and faer heart drop at the horrifying rift of jazz in the sky. Skitter's magic shifted, and to the entire city of Dallas, Yulia Skitter jumped onto the field, mandibles and claws out, stealing a bat from the Steaks dugout to hit a home run for the Lovers, granting fae a spot on the team.


  • Skitter’s main instrument is the cello, but it is also quite skilled at the bass, synth, and the ballpark organ.
  • Skitter’s is quite the heavyweight after spending time in Catalina’s bar, it both shocks and amazed friends and teammates alike.
  • Skitter’s eyesight is quite poor, fae have several pairs of thick glasses that it switches between.
  • While Skitter is quite outgoing, it tends to avoid faer teammate Helga Burton, Yulia admired the Helgae as players when it was a fan, and a part of faer feels a bit guilty for jumping in after Moreno’s incineration.
  • Skitter doesn’t hate jazz persey, but particular rifts and sounds do make them quite anxious, it has been something they’ve had to adapt to since the end of the era.
  • As a part of faer shapeshifter magic, Yulia has both a spoken bug common tongue, and the ability to communicate via bug extrasensory perception.