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Kennedy Rodgers was a player in the Shadows for the Chicago Firefighters, and was with the team from the Season β7 elections until Fall Ball. Rodgers has previously played for the Mexico City Wild Wings.

Official League Record

Rodgers joined the ILB at the beginning of Season β1 as a pitcher for the Mexico City Wild Wings.

During the Season β7 elections, Rodgers was traded to the Chicago Firefighters in exchange for Mullen Peterson via the Champs in the Making blessing.

During Earlsiesta, Season β12, Rodgers gained the Under Over modification as part of the Seasonal Reading. During the Season β12 elections, the Chicago Firefighters received the Organ Replacements blessing, which increased Rodgers' pitching from to .

On Season β21, Day 52, Rodgers retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Zi Sliders as a result of The Fire Safety Awareness Center's Fax Machine.

During the Season β21 elections, Rodgers recieved the Negative as a result of the Firefighters' Darkside Flip blessing.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Rodgers is a clockwork automaton made of mostly gears and various time-telling instruments. Records of the player's life before Blaseball, including their creation, have been lost to time.

Rodgers is known for bringing a small antique watch to each inning pitched. Due to a family curse, Rodgers may only throw a pitch when the second hand is touching the hour hand. If Rodgers attempts to throw a pitch when the second hand is elsewhere on the clock face, the pitch will float calmly to the middle of the plate, allowing the batter to get an easy base hit. How they became a pitcher with this unfortunate ailment is unknown.

It should be noted that Rodgers spends their time crafting watches, when they are not pitching. Despite Rodgers's best efforts, it would seem that the watches they create consistently turn out cursed. It is unclear if this watch-making hobby is related to their family curse or their creation.

Notable creations

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One of Rodgers's most infamous creations is a tasteful analog watch in a chromed case with matching band. Over a white face with black lettering, delicate black hour and minute hands move counter-clockwise. In tiny slab font just above the 6 o'clock position are the words "Mortal Coil". There is no crown or other visible mechanism. While worn, the watch indicates the hours and minutes remaining in the wearer's life with the 12-o'clock position representing the fatal moment. However without any indication of days or years, one remains uncertain if their final moment is the next "midnight" or a thousand midnights hence. This has driven many a wearer, understandably, to great distraction and calamity. Its whereabouts are currently unknown.

Fan Works


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