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Son Jensen is a pitcher for the Atlantis Georgias, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Jensen has played for the LA Unlimited Tacos and Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Official League Records

Jensen joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Los Angeles Tacos with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season 19 elections, Jensen's batting was increased from 2.6 3.9 as a result of the Tacos' Shadow Infuse will.

On Season β22, Day 24, Jensen joined the Tacos' lineup in exchange for Pannonica Oko at Al Pastor Memorial Park via the Ratified Voicemail.

Jensen was traded to the Hellmouth Sunbeams in exchange for Hendricks Richardson during the Season β22 elections via the Tacos' Equivalent Exchange will.

During the December 16, 2022 Fall Ball, Jensen fell to the Atlantis Georgias. Jensen became a pitcher on the first day of Season 1.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.
In this Korean name, the family name is Son. The native form of this personal name is Son Jin-su.

Son Jin-su (Hangul: 손진수, Hanja: 孫珍洙), also known as Son Jensen, is a time and space lawyer who first joined the LA Unlimited Tacos’ Shadows upon Blaseball's return. She is is a big fan of the splort itself, and a competitive but responsible person. There are many different versions of him known to the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, though there are commonalities between many of her versions.

History, Part Two

During the Grand Unslam and the subsequent infinitization of Los Angeli, Son Jensen looked into the Infinite somewhere deep in the city and saw time, saw the branching of timelines and the layering of dimensions and just how he fit into all that entirely in entirely too much painful detail. This resulted in her becoming displaced from time and having an acute awareness of the strangeness of his conceptualization of self. She is slightly unsure if he is still in her original reality or not.

When looking at Son, observers may not-quite-notice a sort of blending together of dimensions, briefly observing different versions of him without being consciously aware of it. Son seems entirely oblivious to this phenomenon.


By those that don’t know her, Son Jensen is often described as draconic. He is terrifying in the courtroom, with a calm and put-together attitude concealing a grasp on any slip-up tighter than a bear trap, and is relentless when training herself to do better. He is patient, precise, and careful, bringing common sense to every team she is on. He is a problem solver, putting her in direct contrast with former teammate Pannonica Oko. When first joining the Sunbeams, he was somewhat standoffish and quiet.

Those that know Son outside of particularly professional settings, though, know that she is much kinder than he might appear. When not in her element in court or on the field, he is not particularly confident in herself. A bright-eyed idealist, he first signed up for the Tacos’ shadows unaware of the depths of its dangers, but learned fast after becoming temporally displaced. Although definitely competitive, she remains friendly and is a good sport. He is surprisingly excitable, but is still responsible, and that maturity lets her get along well with him older teammates. She is perpetually tired, in part because of constantly studying, and as a result is very chill.

Ever since being unshadowed, Son has been barraged with puns playing on "Son" and "Sun", an inundation that only worsened with his trade to the Hellmouth Sunbeams. She is not a fan of puns. his sense of humor is not nonexistent, but it is a dry and subtle sense of humor, and she does not care who "gets it". Son’s dislike for puns is partially caused by being very literal-minded, wanting people to say what they mean and preferring when words mean just one thing. He catches vague wording when it comes up in court just fine, but it irritates her.

Activities and Habits

Son’s area of expertise is blaseball, which is how he has the common sense to know when a ball is out of the strike zone and not swing at it. When not drawing walks, Son plays blaseball "explosively", full-out sprinting to first or second base without even trying to keep her composure. While he skips many postgame parties due to being tired, she goes all-out in the ones he does attend. Blaseball, both in play and when just talking about it, is the one thing that best cracks Son’s quietly intimidating shell, and she frequents the Library, due both to that interest and due to his interest in reading. Before every game, as part of her pregame ritual due to the Tacos’ lime blood, Son eats a whole raw lime, skin and all. He always wears ties.

Son joined the Tacos with healthy habits, but has picked up worse ones, such as a terrible sleep schedule, from both teams she has been on since. One bad habit he already had, though, is bad posture and a perpetual slouch. Additionally, rather than sitting down normally when needed, she perches, and prefers to be on the floor.

History, Part Four

Son Jensen’s adaptation, once he realized she would be staying in Hellmouth, was gradual but inevitable. His adaptation appears to be silver vines whose leaves function as solar panels, allowing her to photosynthesize. The vines mostly seem to originate at his heart, which is made more visible by the fact that the adaptation also exposes her ribs. Any impacts on his internal organs from this are unknown.

The vines are a physical representation of branching timelines, and may be rooting Son to keep her various versions relatively in-sync. The adaptation has opened up more ways for Son to see the nature of things, which Felix Garbage describes as "a Pandora’s Box of Son Jensen".

It has been speculated that his adaptation might just be the exposed ribs revealing the vines that were there all along, or at least since Son became temporally displaced, thereby giving the vines room to grow and photosynthesize rather than being trapped unseen around her heart. Alternately, the vines may have always non-physically been there, and the adaptation may have just made them physical.


On the Tacos

During xer brief time on the team, Nicholas Vincent had made reference to having a significant other in the shadows. As was soon discovered, that significant other was Son. This discovery resulted in lots of jokes from the rest of the team about Vincent, an astronomer fascinated by Sun 2 and the inventor of the Tacos’ Sun Dial, dating someone whose name sounds like "sun". The two of them faced the uncertainty of the unknowable together when Los Angeli became infinite, with both of them possibly having Looked Too Close into its depths, and Vincent’s precognitions synergizing well with Son’s time displacement. Vincent, having attended Hellmouth Community College upon xer arrival to the States and once again when designing the Sun Dial, was the one to tell Son about the Hellmouth, which was a major factor in his transfer there. Son has not commented publicly on her feelings on Vincent’s incineration.

Son also got along well with fellow Tacos shadows Yummy Elliott and Fitzgerald Wanderlust, with the former already being close friends with Vincent (and allegedly having zir own as-yet unknown, definitely real[citation needed] significant other in the shadows) and the latter having a similarly flexible dynamic with time.

Once unshadowed, Son bonded quickly with Felix Garbage over similar levels of academic exhaustion and passion towards their respective interests. Garbage helps his direct her anxieties into making cool projects, and understands and appreciates his sense of humour.

Pannonica Oko tricked Son into active play by implying there was a legal emergency on the field and then sneaking off into the voicemail machine when she got there. he does not hold any resentment about that, to Oko’s chagrin. Due to some logistical difficulties that may have been Al Pastor trying to spite Oko, they were also assigned as roommates for Son’s first few weeks.

Interestingly, Son has no problems with perceiving McBaseball Clembons. (Refresh to see Son’s dynamic with another of the Tacos.)

On the Beams

When Son first joined the Sunbeams, most of them got the impression that she was stuffy. Mostly unwittingly, Zack Sanders became the first person to really get to know him. Sanders was excited to teach Son how to look after her similarly plant-themed adaptation, and the two are often seen basking together, along with Borg Ruiz’s gecko. They have many in-jokes, including coming up with detailed but nonsensical "tasting notes" for the suns.

Jayden Wright is a fellow lawyer, and they talk law and work out together. However, Son and Wright have very different ideas of what lawyering looks like, due to their vastly different fields, and so did not connect professionally as much or as quickly as they expected to. Additionally, Wright is somewhat intimidated by Son’s general attitude.

Due to his experience with time and space law, and possibly also some inherent abilities, Son is resistant to infohazards. This has allowed her to befriend The King Between The Frames. They stargaze together, and while the King helps Son make sense of reality, Son helps the King find an external, non-little-yarn-guy moral grounding.

Son can also say Guy Gulp’s name properly, to Gulp’s surprise, although despite his best efforts it keeps getting drowned out by passing trains. Gulp appreciates the gesture but feigns obliviousness to it. Gulp is, however, a big fan of Son, having collected her often-unusual TLOPPS cards, and likes to quietly listen to the blaseball conversations he has with fellow splort fan Alieu Best.

Vincent had previously told Son about Sandoval Crossing, so Son sought her out upon arrival. Crossing also has experience with temporal displacement and retrocausal memory effects, making her a great mentor for Son, and had heard stories about Son from Vincent.

Despite not having been on the team at the same time as Hendricks Richardson, Son bonded with him over biological similarities, and both found it kind of funny that their teams had exchanged a dragon for a dragon. (Refresh to see Son’s dynamic with another of the Sunbeams.)

History, Part Three

Son Jensen came to Hellmouth with the idea that it would be a temporary work exchange. Hendricks Richardson was interested in doing a few research terms in Los Angeli, and Son offered to visit Hellmouth in his place. Son intended to study the basics of bone law, due to it confusingly getting entangled in the legal field. On her own time, he planned to research the Hellmouth’s retrocausal memory stuff, their legal system, and the sun there (bringing legal paperwork that would later pertain to Sun 1’s alternation). Egg Jensen had thrived in Los Angeli’s climate, with 72 degrees being perfect incubation weather. She found Hellmouth often hotter than that and so less perfect for incubating, but he still enjoys the heat and it is still within an appropriate temperature range. She had some mixed feelings and regrets that Nicholas Vincent was not able to show him around, and she intended for it to be a temporary stay, staying an outside observer.

Son accidentally unleashed scuttles upon the Hellmouth environment, to the delight of Eugenia Bickle.

In the two year siesta before Son’s first game for the Sunbeams, Son remained mostly professional with the team and did not adapt much, if at all. When Season 23 started, Son realized with dismay that Wills were gone, leaving him no way back to LA. Furthermore, within relatively few games, Richardson was shadowed by the Tacos’ voicemail, giving Son the abrupt realization that she was stuck in Hellmouth for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the Sunbeams got to watch Son on the field for the first time, and were surprised by how alive and active he looked when playing blaseball.

History, Part Five

Just two seasons after joining the Sunbeams, Son Jensen joined them on the Desert Bus for Wrath to kill a god together. This, and all the other events of Season 24, resulted in her bonding with the team quickly, especially relative to having been in an outsider perspective until relatively shortly before that point. However, it also made him feel slightly left out due to many of the specific depths of dynamic being before she got to the team and being things he did not fully understand.

The Many Faces of Son Jensen

According to the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, some things never change, even across dimensions. Someone, somewhere, decided to catalog all the different versions of Son Jensen in a Rumor Registry, but today the version from IF-55.598 is playing. Here’s what the rumors say...

History, Part One

Son Jensen is a dragon who is displaced in time, with three snapshots of her present during the current time frame. He shifts between the three versions seemingly at random, in addition to already being somewhat of a shapeshifter. The snapshot that we can only assume is “current” is a relatively young fledgeling dragon; to differentiate between the three, the other two sometimes go by Egg Jensen and Old Jensen. Notably, these names are not differentiable when fully Scattered.

Old Jensen comes from a bad future or bad point in the future, something at least as bad as the Black Hole (Black Hole). She time travelled with the assistance of his knowledge of the infinite in an attempt to warn others, but as a result got stuck in a time paradox with the other two versions of herself, with the time displacement rendering it difficult to effectively warn anyone. There is confusion about how the time travel works, as Old Jensen was not adapted whilst on the Tacos but became adapted in Hellmouth as normal, possibly supporting the conclusion that this is not Old Jensen’s original timeline or that some form of retroactivity is occurring.

Jensen has law experience, specifically with time and space law, although it takes a secondary place to his interest in blaseball, which she is an expert on the rules of. He is a stickler for the strike zone. she is very protective of his team and, once you get to know him, is very much a cinnamon roll.


Jensen is a shapeshifter as well as being visibly temporally displaced. As well as a dragon-shaped dragon form, she can also be a humanoid dragon, with scales and/or human skin and horns vaguely reminiscent of a tiefling.

Egg Jensen is an egg with feet poking out of two small holes in the bottom. This is often inconvenient in various ways.

No version of Jensen can fly, with “regular” Son Jensen’s wings being not fully grown in yet and Old Jensen’s wings being tattered beyond use. However, presumably he could fly at some point between these two snapshots, and just cannot in the present.

Jensen is very soft and squishy, and gives amazing hugs. She wears ties, and often dresses formally.

This concludes the IRM.


  • Son is genderfluid. To what extent he prefers he/him versus she/her pronouns varies from day to day, but she always uses both sets.
  • Son gets his caffeine fix by drinking tea with just any two tea bags in it.
  • Son collects pogs.
  • Son's writing style is either nonsense webspeak or extremely eloquent prose, with no in-between.
  • Son knows a lot about fermentation practices.
  • Son does not do her pregame ritual (eating a whole lime, peel and all) with any fruit other than limes.

History, Part Six

Son Jensen’s adaptation vines are continuously growing, regularly expanding and branching both as a reflection of the natural nature of timelines and of some idiosyncrasy of Hellmouth’s adaptive process. Son has expressed a hesitation to trim them, due to being uncertain whether this would have consequences to the timestream, and the vines are currently still relatively small and relatively few in number.

But they just



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