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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Chicago is probably a city in Illinois, USA. It is the home of the Chicago Firefighters.


Chicago has commonly been understood as a city, an emotion, a state of mind, a metaphysical location, a philosophical theory, and a flavor of ice cream. Chicago is also occasionally referred to as the Lady of Red Stars, She Who Shelters, and the City of the Hearth. It is notably big enough for everyone.

All Chicago Firefighters fans are from Chicago. This fact of the universe has led Firefighters fans and Chicagoans to be considered a hive mind or a collective unconscious at times. Some fans have referred to being from Chicago as an ascension of some kind.

The official written languages of Chicago are English and Matoran.

Notably, there are no cars within Chicago. The automotive industry was banned for eternity by city officials. All vehicles found within Chicago are melted down and added to The Blean.

In the year ████, all statues of Columbus were replaced by statues of Guy Fieri. The Columbus Day parade is now and forever shall be known as the Flavor Day Plarade.

Chicago and the Fire

The entity known as Chicago has an inexorable association with the entity known as the Fire. Not quite the Fire’s opposite, Chicago exists in a constant state of dialogue with the blaze, and cannot exist without it, however much the Fire seeks to tear down the city.

Chicago cannot, and should not, be fully destroyed; however, the city cannot be allowed to snuff out the Fire, its passion, and those who bear its torches. It is allowed to persist, for if the Fire represents both the good and bad of change, then Chicago represents both the good and bad of community structures.

In response to the actions of the Fire, Chicago has been known to appoint representatives via the Call. The most notable among these are the current Firefighters, although oral history suggests they may have been known as something else in the past.


Red is Chicago, blue is Lake Michigan

There are many locations that make up Chicago, including:

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

The CTA is the main mode of transportation within Chicago. It is made up of train lines and bus lines.

All trains on the CTA start and end at The Fire House. Riders have even reported that train cars themselves lead to the stadium. Trains run at all times as long as the Chicago Firefighters aren't playing a home game.

All buses under the CTA are fire trucks.


  • You are from Chicago.
  • I am from Chicago.
  • We are all from Chicago.
  • Chicago is where we are from.


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