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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Team Cheers

  • TACO BACO — Sometimes used as a call-and-response (i.e., "TACO" "BACO"), TACO BACO is a reference to a popular edit made of the Taco Bell logo and slogan to read "Tinkle Outside The Binkle. Taco Baco."
  • Live Más — A reference to a now-defunct, turn-of-the-century taco-based dining establishment. Live is pronounced with two syllables.
  • Taco Tuesday — a date invoked even on days that are not Tuesday. Sometimes, "Taco Tuesday came early this year," an exclamation that ignores the guaranteed frequency of Tuesdays.
  • We eatin' tonight; Tonight we feast; and other emphatic turns of phrase referring to consumption of tacos.
  • WE DON'T CRACK, referring to their firm taco shells and "exceptional" ""defense"".
  • Liberal use of the taco emoji (🌮), sometimes accompanied by the chili emoji (🌶) to denote spicy plays.
  • Occasional use of the pineapple and crown emojis (🍍👑), a reference to franchise manager Al Pastor.
  • BONGERS — Used either positively or negatively, often with "(positive)" or "(negative)" following it.
  • EAT — EAT.

Player-Specific Cheers

Active Players
  • (I) Believe in Sasquatch/Mason — Mcdowell Mason (née Mcdowell Sasquatch)
  • McDingers/McDouble — Mcdowell Mason (due to his affinity for home runs and doubles)
  • Rat at bat! Bat it rat! — Rat Mason (sometimes used as a call-and-response)
  • Te amo/TE -A- M--O- —Rat Mason*
  • B Mase on Base — Basilio Mason
  • Drag 'em! — Basilio Mason
  • Fig hits big!/Fig hit it big! — Basilio Fig
  • I trust Sexton Wheerer — Sexton Wheerer**
  • No L in his name no L in his game — Sexton Wheerer (née Sexton Wheeler)
  • Scuttle scuttle — Sexton Wheerer (ask Hen.)
  • Wheerer, Wheerer, he's our man, if he can't do it no one can! — Sexton Wheerer (reminiscent of when he was literally our only pitcher)
  • Wheerer, Wheerer, he's our horse, if he can't do it, no remorse! — Sexton Wheerer
  • Upnut — Yummy Elliott***
  • BONGERS — Yummy Elliott (in remembrance of Peanut Bong, whom Elliott replaced)****
  • Ellie Ellie Oxenfree! — Yummy Elliott
  • (YUM YUM) EAT EM UP — Yummy Elliott
  • AYCE — Yummy Elliott (All Yummy Can Eat)
  • Bone King! — Vito Kravitz
  • Knock 'em dead! — Vito Kravitz
  • [Insert Skeleton Pun Here] — Vito Kravitz
  • VROOM VROOM — Vito Kravitz (for when Vito would hit a home run)
  • VITO X MOUND — Vito Kravitz (referring to his new role as a pitcher)
Shadowed Players
  • WWND — Wyatt Dovenpart (standing for What Would Naruto Do?)
  • Dovenpart do your part! — Wyatt Dovenpart
Incinerated Players
  • Swing for the stars! — Nicholas Vincent
  • Send 'em to orbit! — Nicholas Vincent
  • Eyes on the skies — Nicholas Vincent
  • #studybreak — Nicholas Vincent (for when she's doing bad)
  • Who? — Nicholas Vincent*****
  • DA VINKI?? — Nicholas Vincent
Traded Players
  • That's my Valentine! — Valentine Games
  • Val's our gal! — Valentine Games
  • Hex 'em! — Halexandrey Walton
  • Apex Hex/Apex Predator — Halexandrey Walton
  • Gwiffin don't gwiff! — Greer Gwiffin

*Rat Mason came back from elsewhere season 15 day 3, bearing the name "-a- M--o-".
**Season 12 was the first appearance of Wills, once of which was Trust. "I trust Sexton Wheerer" was our campaign slogan to let other tacos know to vote for it, and it stuck.
***When doing the lore jam for Yummy Elliot, we made a starboard specifically for it, messages needing 5 peanut emojis to make it to the board. Someone said "Upnut" and it stuck.
****Often not followed by "(positive)" or "(negative)" as it's assumed to be negative, stemming from Yummy Elliott's misuse of the term.
*****Nicholas Vincent's first appearance in #blasebot-events was when she was swept elsewhere during S14 day 9, and someone reacted to the blasebot messaged with "WHO".

Player Nicknames

Active Players

Mcdowell Mason—

  • Mcmason
  • McD
  • Capt. Mason

Rat Mason—

  • Macy — Macy refers to the specific IRM in which Rat Mason is a girl named Macy and her pet rat, Mason.
  • Ratthrew/Ratrick/Ratherine/Rathaniel (mostly tongue in cheek)

Basilio Mason—

  • Baby basil lito (and other variations)
  • B mase
  • Basil
  • Basilibros (with Basilio Fig)

Basilio Fig—

  • Basilibros (with Basilio Mason)

Sexton Wheerer—

  • Nightstallion

Yummy Elliot—

  • Yumi
  • Ellie
  • Elena
Shadowed Players

Vito Kravitz—

  • Bone king
  • 2-star king (and later, 3-star king)
  • Grunkle Sans

Wyatt Dovenpart—

  • Dove/Dov
Incinerated Players

Nicholas Vincent—

  • Envy (their initials, NV)
  • Nick/Nicky/Nico
  • Vince
Traded Players

Valentine Games—

  • V games
  • Val
  • V

Halexandrey Walton—

  • Apex Hex/Apex Predator
  • Hex
  • Howlexandrey

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