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Season 9 began on October 5, 2020. The regular season concluded on October 9th, 2020, followed by the postseason and Internet Series on October 10th, 2020. The Season 9 election took place on October 11th, 2020. It is the 8th season of The Discipline Era. The Charleston Shoe Thieves defeated the Baltimore Crabs 3 games to 2 to win their first Internet Series championship.

Notable Events


See the main article on this topic: Season 9/Crowvertime

Crowvertime (also known by several other names) is a name given to the Season 9, Day 1 game between the San Francisco Lovers and the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. In the top of the twelfth inning of the game between the Lovers and the Jazz Hands, Lovers batter Alexander Horne was ambushed by Crows, fleeing the field and resulting in the third out of the half-inning. For unknown reasons, this out did not end the half-inning, and the Lovers continued to bat for 21 additional plate appearances, scoring seven runs and accumulating a total of 16 outs before Helga Moreno was caught stealing second base, ending the half-inning. The runs scored after the third out remained on the scoreboard and, despite the Jazz Hands scoring a run in the bottom of the twelfth inning, the Lovers were awarded the win.

Precisely what caused the Crowvertime is unknown, although the then unique occurrence of Crows causing a third out is considered a likely candidate. Unlike many other unusual game occurrences, the Crowvertime did not result in a siesta or change to the score of the game. The term "Crowvertime" was coined by fans of the Lovers and quickly adopted as the most widely-used nickname for the event.

Enhanced Weather

Potentially as a result of the Declaration of the Fourth Strike, the weather events in Season 9 have gained new effects. Lots of Birds gained a new effect that would force random outs on players, reading "A flock of Crows ambush [Player]! They run to safety, resulting in an out." Peanut weather gained a new effect where there is a small chance for a Big Peanut to crash into the field, and a smaller chance that a Big Peanut will crash into a player, causing them to become Shelled. This is the second known method by which players can be Shelled.

The Monitor Feeds

See the main article on this topic: The Monitor

Season 9 marked the first season since the Idol board was introduced that there was no dotted red line splitting any members of the leaderboard apart. Instead, there was a small icon of The Monitor on the left hand side of the board, placed next to the most-idolized player with the Shelled modification. At the end of the regular season, in a traditional post-season transmission, The Monitor attempted to eat PolkaDot Patterson, the most-idolized Shelled player. Finding the taste unpleasant, the Monitor claimed "that egg [was] spoiled", unshelling Patterson and leaving them with the new modification Squiddish.

Historic Fridays Season

In Season 9, the Hawai'i Fridays broke several records, making for a historic season. The new records are as follows:

  • The Fridays have the fastest record to Party Time, entering at Day 73.
  • The Fridays, while in Party Time, partied a total of 16 times, the highest count yet.
  • The Fridays, while in Party Time, matched the record for single-game parties (5 parties in Day 99, 3 of which were Fridays).
  • The Fridays achieved the longest losing streak record (17 losses in a row, Days 69 to 85, inclusive).
  • The Fridays achieved the worst season record, at 21-78.
  • The Fridays have the lowest season record for a team that has participated in the playoffs bracket (due to winning the Wild Card draw).
  • The Fridays have the lowest season record for a team that has participated in the playoffs bracket and won at least one game in said playoffs bracket.

Season 9, Day X

See the main article on this topic: Day X

Following the regular season and the playoffs in which the Charleston Shoe Thieves won in a final inning Shame, an alert interrupted website viewing, warning fans to seek shelter. The Shelled One appeared in a new display reminiscent of a video game boss fight, featuring their own team, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, composed of The Three Peanuts and any player who had the Modification Shelled at the time.

The Shelled One and their Pods began waging a battle against the Shoe Thieves, in the form of a typical game of Blaseball. THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS were shown to have 29,918,122 Team Spirit, while the Shoe Thieves had 29,140 Team Spirit. Typical Blaseball actions, like outs and strikes, dealt damage to the opposite team's Team Spirit meters, while The Shelled One rapidly switched the game's weather type over the course of the entire game.

Half way through the game, when the Shoe Thieves had 1HP left, The Shelled One declared once again that they were "BENEVOLENT," and boosted the Shoe Thieves' Team Spirit meter to far beyond their original value. The game continued, yet the Shoe Thieves could not deal enough damage to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, and were defeated with 0 Team Spirit.

Following the game, multiple players and team rosters changed permanently. Any previously Shelled player had been unshelled and given the Modification Honey-Roasted, while being taken off their original team roster to be part of THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, which included The Three Peanuts.

Ongoing Decrees

  • Eat The Rich (Season β3): Funds from the top 1% of coin-havers will be redistributed to the remainder of Fans at the end of the postseason. This decree will remain in effect indefinitely.
  • Enhanced Party Time (Season β6): When a team is in Party Time -- mathematically eliminated from the postseason -- they'll have a chance of receiving random permanent stat boosts during their games.
  • Wild Cards (Season β8): Every Season, a random team from each Subleague will leave Party Time to become the 5th Playoff team. A best of 3 Wild Card series will happen on Fridays.


Wild League Record Mild League Record
Wild High Mild High
Baltimore Crabs 🦀* 71-28 Seattle Garages 🎸* 60-39
San Francisco Lovers 💋 47-52 Hades Tigers 🐅* 59-40
Breckenridge Jazz Hands 👐 46-53 Dallas Steaks 🥩 52-47
Chicago Firefighters 🔥 44-55 Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️ 50-49
Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗 37-62 New York Millennials 📱 44-55
Wild Low Mild Low
Houston Spies 🕵️* 64-35 Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟* 62-37
Boston Flowers 🌹* 57-42 Philly Pies 🥧* 61-38
Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞* 51-48 Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬 51-48
Miami Dale 🚤 45-54 Yellowstone Magic  35-64
LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮 33-66 Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️ 21-78

* Denotes teams that made it to the playoffs.
Denotes Wild Card recipients.

Divine Favor

Ties: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Team: 👐 🚤 🍬 🍗 🦀 🌹 🌞 🌮 🐅 🥧 🎸 👟 🗣️ 🔥 🥩 📱 💋 🏝️ 🕵️


The top four teams of each league advance to the postseason. As of Season β5, teams alternate home games with the higher seed hosting first. As of Season β9, a fifth team is chosen as a Wild Card. The Wild Card games are a best-of-three series, while every other round is a best-of-five series.

  Wild Card Games Division Series Championship Series Internet Series
    1 Charleston Shoe Thieves 3  
4 Hades Tigers 2     4 Hades Tigers 1    
  1 Charleston Shoe Thieves 3  
5 Hawai'i Fridays 1     Mild League
  3 Seattle Garages 1    
2 Philly Pies 2
  3 Seattle Garages 3  
    ML Charleston Shoe Thieves 3
  WL Baltimore Crabs 2
    1 Baltimore Crabs 3    
4 Hellmouth Sunbeams 2     4 Hellmouth Sunbeams 0    
  1 Baltimore Crabs 3
5 Chicago Firefighters 0     Wild League
  2 Houston Spies 1  
2 Houston Spies 3
  3 Boston Flowers 1  

Election Ballot


The three Decrees with the most community votes will go into effect.

Icon Name Effect
Forecast: Eclipse N/A
Forecast: Peanuts N/A
Forecast: Birds N/A
Forecast: Feedback N/A
Forecast: Reverb N/A
Forecast: Blooddrain N/A


Each blessing will be awarded to a randomly selected player or team based. Votes from a team's fans increase the likelihood of that team receiving a blessing.

Name Effect
Eat Me, Drink Me A random player on your team becomes BIG. Increased Power, Max Vibe. Decreased Baserunning.
Credit to the Team Zero to hero. The worst player on your team will earn 5x payouts for Idol Pendants.
Secret Weapon They'll never see it coming. Maximize a random Pitcher in your Shadows.
Grab and Smash Steal a Hitter from another Team's Shadows.
Out of Sight Send your 2 Worst Pitchers to the Shadows and call up your First 2 Relievers.
Disappearing Acts Send your Worst 3 Hitters to the Shadows and call up the first 3 Shadows Hitters.
Feel the Love Give your Team Love Blood Type.
Hot Sauce Bar Help yourselves. A player on each team in your Division gets Spicy.
Fifth Base Bubble Give all of the teams not in your Division the Fifth Base.
The Shame Bubble Give all of the teams not in your Division Targeted Shame.
Tag Team Pitching Improve your team's pitching by 10%. The last place team in the opposite subleague also gets +10% team pitching.
Tag Team Hitting Improve your team's hitting by 10%. The last place team in the opposite subleague also gets +10% team hitting.
Kill Your Darling Incinerate the Most Idolized Player on your Team.
Dead Weight Shed it. Incinerate the Worst Player on Your Team.
New Kid A warm welcome. Incinerate the Least Idolized Player on Your Team.
Boatload of Tiny Eggs Feed the Hall Monitor. Fans of your team receive a big boatload of peanuts.
New Recruit Recruit a rookie to be the 10th player in your lineup.
Downsizing Remove the worst player from your lineup. Your lineup is now shorter.
Fishing Net Item. Max Out Defense for a random player on your team.
Mutually Arising Keep your enemies closer. Improve your entire division by 2%.

Election Results


  • Forecast: Birds passed with 304,585 Votes, 52% of all Decree Votes
  • Forecast: Blooddrain passed with 71,178 Votes, 12% of all Decree Votes
  • Forecast: Eclipse passed with 63,314 Votes, 11% of all Decree Votes


List of Blessings Results:

Mystery Blessings

Seemingly as a result of the Forecast decrees passed in Season 9, new players on every team received new Modifications, seemingly based on the weather forecasts.

Team Players
Siphon Friend of Crows Fire Eater
Canada Moist Talkers Beans McBlase Jenkins Good Fish Summer
Dallas Steaks Cory Ross Leach Herman August Sky
Hades Tigers Richmond Harrison Hiroto Wilcox Paula Mason
New York Millennials Theodore Cervantes Penelope Mathews Andrew Solis
Seattle Garages Ortiz Morse Betsy Trombone Malik Destiny
Charleston Shoe Thieves Richardson Games Jaylen Hotdogfingers Velasquez Alstott
Hawai'i Fridays Spears Taylor Stevenson Heat Christian Combs
Kansas City Breath Mints Winnie Hess Mooney Doctor II Rodriguez Internet
Philly Pies Yeong-Ho Benitez Ruslan Greatness Jaxon Buckley
Yellowstone Magic Logan Rodriguez Yeong-Ho Garcia Wyatt Glover
Baltimore Crabs Nagomi Mcdaniel Montgomery Bullock Nagomi Mcdaniel
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Combs Estes Walton Sports Steph Weeks
Chicago Firefighters Isaac Johnson Caleb Alvarado Justice Spoon
Mexico City Wild Wings Silvia Rugrat Rafael Davids Kennedy Meh
San Francisco Lovers Knight Triumphant Milo Brown Ortiz Lopez
Boston Flowers Glabe Moon Owen Picklestein Margarito Nava
Hellmouth Sunbeams Dudley Mueller Sandoval Crossing Nagomi Nava
Houston Spies Jordan Hildebert Jordan Hildebert Reese Clark
Miami Dale Randy Dennis Qais Dogwalker Caleb Novak
Unlimited Tacos Halexandrey Walton Sexton Wheerer Basilio Fig


When any player is in a match during a Solar Eclipse, there is a chance they will be incinerated and killed by a Rogue Umpire. Known cases of this in Season 9 are listed below. Coins.png indicates incinerations that are payment for debt.

Player Team Date Replaced by Opponent
Tillman Henderson Baltimore Crabs Day 64 Silvaire Roadhouse San Francisco Lovers

Peanut Reactions

When any player is in a match during Peanut weather, there is a chance they will "swallow a stray peanut"[2] and experience a permanent physical reaction, called either an Allergic Reaction or a Yummy Reaction. Known cases of this in Season 9 are listed below.

Player Team Date Opponent Reaction
Kennedy Cena Philly Pies Day 13 Charleston Shoe Thieves Allergic
Charlatan Seabright New York Millennials Day 19 Dallas Steaks Allergic
Marquez Clark Kansas City Breath Mints Day 42 Canada Moist Talkers Allergic
Caleb Novak Miami Dale Day 44 San Francisco Lovers Allergic
Ronan Jaylee Dallas Steaks Day 49 New York Millennials Yummy
Tot Clark Seattle Garages Day 56 Charleston Shoe Thieves Yummy
Kennedy Meh San Francisco Lovers Day 57 Chicago Firefighters Allergic
Justice Spoon Chicago Firefighters Day 57 San Francisco Lovers Allergic
Mooney Doctor II Kansas City Breath Mints Day 58 Canada Moist Talkers Yummy
Gallup Crueller Dallas Steaks Day 64 Kansas City Breath Mints Allergic
Inez Owens Boston Flowers Day 72 Houston Spies Allergic
Alaynabella Hollywood Boston Flowers Day 75 Hellmouth Sunbeams Allergic
Igneus Delacruz Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 81 San Francisco Lovers Allergic
Lenny Spruce Kansas City Breath Mints Day 85 San Francisco Lovers Yummy
Wyatt Glover Yellowstone Magic Day 89 Dallas Steaks Allergic
Agan Harrison Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 94 Mexico City Wild Wings Allergic
Case Sports Mexico City Wild Wings Day 95 Breckenridge Jazz Hands Allergic
Don Elliott Miami Dale Day 98 Boston Flowers Allergic


When a shelled player is in a game during Lots of Birds weather, there is a small chance for the birds to peck them free. The player will then gain the Superallergic modification. Known cases of this in Season 9 are listed below.

Player Team Date Opponent
Nagomi Mcdaniel Baltimore Crabs Day 103 Hellmouth Sunbeams

Big Peanut Shellings

In a game during Peanuts weather, there is a small chance for a Big Peanut to crash into the field, and a smaller chance that a Big Peanut will crash into a player, causing them to gain Shelled. Known cases of Big Peanuts crashing into players in Season 9 are listed below.

Player Team Date Opponent
Wyatt Quitter Unlimited Tacos Day 46 Boston Flowers

Feedback Swaps

When any player is in a game during Feedback weather, there is a chance reality will "flicker in the feedback"[2] and two players will permanently swap team membership. Known cases of this in Season 9 are listed below.

Player A Former Team A Player B Former Team B Date
NaN Unlimited Tacos Valentine Games Houston Spies Day 6
NaN Houston Spies Sosa Hayes Mexico City Wild Wings Day 7
Jaylen Hotdogfingers Seattle Garages Betsy Trombone Philly Pies Day 7
Jaylen Hotdogfingers Philly Pies Henry Marshallow Seattle Garages Day 21
Jaylen Hotdogfingers Seattle Garages Ortiz Morse Canada Moist Talkers Day 53
Jaylen Hotdogfingers Canada Moist Talkers Beasley Gloom Charleston Shoe Thieves Day 64
Sixpack Dogwalker Hawai'i Fridays Gabriel Griffith Dallas Steaks Day 69
NaN Mexico City Wild Wings Kennedy Meh San Francisco Lovers Day 98

Reverb Effects

When any team is in a game during Reverb weather, there is a chance that some portion of their roster will get shuffled. Reverb can change the order of the lineup, rotation, or the whole team. If the entire lineup is shuffled, there is a chance that batters will become pitchers and vice versa. Known instances of reverb in Season 9 are listed below.

Team Date Severity
Mexico City Wild Wings Day 1 Rotation
Seattle Garages Day 12 Lineup
Kansas City Breath Mints Day 31 Rotation
Houston Spies Day 52 Entire Team


When any player is in a game during Blooddrain weather, there is a chance that they can siphon stars from another player. This can affect any stat and any pair of players on opposing teams. Known instances of siphoning in Season 6 are listed below.

Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team Date
Yong Wright Mexico City Wild Wings Defense Kennedy Loser Baltimore Crabs Day 3
Baby Triumphant Chicago Firefighters Defense Tamara Crankit Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 7
Pedro Davids Baltimore Crabs Baserunning Mcdowell Mason Unlimited Tacos Day 10
Luis Acevedo Baltimore Crabs Hitting Vito Kravitz Unlimited Tacos Day 10
Hendricks Richardson Hellmouth Sunbeams Baserunning Justice Spoon Chicago Firefighters Day 24
Burke Gonzales Mexico City Wild Wings Pitching Baby Doyle Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 46
Lowe Forbes Breckenridge Jazz Hands Pitching Montgomery Bullock Baltimore Crabs Day 97
Arturo Huerta Seattle Garages Pitching Ronan Jaylee Dallas Steaks Day 99

Hit By Pitch

When any player is hit by a pitch from a player with any form of debt, they gain a modification for the remainder of the 9-day week. Known cases of this in Season 9 are listed below. (Total: 36)

7Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesKennedy CenaPhilly PiesRepeating
11Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesSummers PonySeattle GaragesRepeating
11Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesNolanestophia PattersonSeattle GaragesRepeating
11Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesPaula TurnipSeattle GaragesRepeating
16Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesZiwa MuellerCanada Moist TalkersRepeating
16Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesAlston CervezaCanada Moist TalkersRepeating
21Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesQuack EnjoyableSeattle GaragesRepeating
21Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesGreer GwiffinSeattle GaragesRepeating
21Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesTheodore DuendeSeattle GaragesRepeating
23Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesAndrew SolisNew York MillennialsRepeating
29Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesEizabeth ElliottYellowstone MagicRepeating
35Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesFish SummerCanada Moist TalkersRepeating
41Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesZion AliciakeyesHades TigersRepeating
41Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesPaula MasonHades TigersRepeating
47Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesChristian CombsHawai'i FridaysRepeating
53Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesEugenia GarbageCanada Moist TalkersRepeating
54Jaylen HotdogfingersCanada Moist TalkersGreer GwiffinSeattle GaragesRepeating
54Jaylen HotdogfingersCanada Moist TalkersQuack EnjoyableSeattle GaragesRepeating
54Jaylen HotdogfingersCanada Moist TalkersMalik DestinySeattle GaragesRepeating
59Jaylen HotdogfingersCanada Moist TalkersEizabeth GuerraKansas City Breath MintsRepeating
68Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesBeasley DayPhilly PiesRepeating
68Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesYeong-Ho BenitezPhilly PiesRepeating
68Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesEduardo WoodmanPhilly PiesRepeating
73Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesGreer GwiffinSeattle GaragesRepeating
73Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesTheodore DuendeSeattle GaragesRepeating
73Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesOliver MuellerSeattle GaragesRepeating
78Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesSutton PicklesteinYellowstone MagicRepeating
78Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesWasher BarajasYellowstone MagicRepeating
83Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesRai SpliffDallas SteaksRepeating
88Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesEvelton McBlase IIHawai'i FridaysRepeating
93Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesStew BriggsKansas City Breath MintsRepeating
93Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesMarquez ClarkKansas City Breath MintsRepeating
93Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesLenny SpruceKansas City Breath MintsRepeating
98Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesJaxon BuckleyPhilly PiesRepeating
98Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesYeong-Ho BenitezPhilly PiesRepeating
98Jaylen HotdogfingersCharleston Shoe ThievesLang RichardsonPhilly PiesRepeating

Enhanced Party Time

When a team is in Party Time, their players have a chance of receiving random permanent stat boosts during a game. Known cases of this in Season 9 are listed below. (Total: 77)

74Baldwin BreadwinnerHawai'i Fridays
76Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
77Jacob WinnerHawai'i Fridays
78Spears TaylorHawai'i Fridays
79Yeong-Ho GarciaYellowstone Magic
80Cory TwelveYellowstone Magic
82Juice CollinsHawai'i Fridays
83Spears TaylorHawai'i Fridays
83Stevenson HeatHawai'i Fridays
83Sandie TurnerNew York Millennials
83Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
84Patty FoxNew York Millennials
85Nandy FantasticNew York Millennials
85Logan RodriguezYellowstone Magic
86Andrew SolisNew York Millennials
86Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
87Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone Magic
87Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
88Patel BeyonceLA Unlimited Tacos
90Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
90Wyatt QuitterLA Unlimited Tacos
91Ronan CombsMexico City Wild Wings
91Stephanie WintersMexico City Wild Wings
92Christian CombsHawai'i Fridays
92Stevenson HeatHawai'i Fridays
92Wyatt DovenpartLA Unlimited Tacos
92Charlatan SeabrightNew York Millennials
92Jesús KochCanada Moist Talkers
93Basilio FigLA Unlimited Tacos
93Inky RutledgeYellowstone Magic
93Sam ScandalDallas Steaks
93Summers PrestonMexico City Wild Wings
94Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
94Christian CombsHawai'i Fridays
94Grey AlvaradoKansas City Breath Mints
94Alston CervezaCanada Moist Talkers
94Inky RutledgeYellowstone Magic
95PolkaDot ZavalaKansas City Breath Mints
95Burke GonzalesMexico City Wild Wings
95Sexton WheererLA Unlimited Tacos
95Jacob WinnerHawai'i Fridays
95Wyatt GloverYellowstone Magic
96Gabriel GriffithHawai'i Fridays
96Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
96Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath Mints
96Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
96PolkaDot PattersonCanada Moist Talkers
96Francisca SasquatchLA Unlimited Tacos
96Logan RodriguezYellowstone Magic
97Lachlan SheltonCanada Moist Talkers
97Fynn DoyleNew York Millennials
97Fynn DoyleNew York Millennials
97Ziwa MuellerCanada Moist Talkers
97Alexander HorneSan Francisco Lovers
97Marco StinkKansas City Breath Mints
97James MoraHawai'i Fridays
97Caleb AlvaradoChicago Firefighters
98Eugenia GarbageCanada Moist Talkers
98Fish SummerCanada Moist Talkers
98NaNMexico City Wild Wings
98Burke GonzalesMexico City Wild Wings
98Lawrence HorneMexico City Wild Wings
98Cell BarajasMexico City Wild Wings
98Parker MengSan Francisco Lovers
98Lowe ForbesBreckenridge Jazz Hands
98Sutton PicklesteinYellowstone Magic
99Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
99Mooney Doctor IIKansas City Breath Mints
99Fletcher YamamotoHawai'i Fridays
99James MoraHawai'i Fridays
99Jacob WinnerHawai'i Fridays
99Yosh CarpenterSan Francisco Lovers
99Mullen PetersonMexico City Wild Wings
99Commissioner VaporCanada Moist Talkers
99Ren HunterNew York Millennials
99Penelope MathewsNew York Millennials
99Cory RossDallas Steaks

  1. This blessing incorrectly targeted Garages lineup players rather than pitchers. When the mistake was discovered, the blessing displayed the text HOLD ON before revealing the next two trades.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Game Log.