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Wyatt Pothos is a pitcher for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands, and has been with the team since the Season 19 elections. Pothos has played for the Unlimited Tacos, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, and the Yellowstone Magic.

Official League Records

Pothos joined the league with the name Wanda Pothos with the Return of Blaseball as a lineup player for the Los Angeles Tacos.

On Season 3, Day 63, Pothos swallowed a peanut and had a allergic reaction, which dropped their batting stat of to . After the Season 3 Elections, Pothos was briefly known as Wyatt Mason due to The Wyatt Masoning. After The Unmasoning, their last name but not their first name was repaired, and they became known as Wyatt Pothos.

On Season 5, Day 82, Pothos became a pitcher due to Reverb.

On Season 7, Day 29, Pothos siphoned some of Velasquez Alstott's pitching ability. During the Tacos' Season 7, Day 92 game against the Boston Flowers, Pothos gained a -star boost to batting and pitching, and a -star boost to baserunning and defense. During the Tacos' Season 7, Day 93 game against the Boston Flowers, Pothos gained a -star boost to all stats.

At the end of the Season 7 regular season, Pothos and the other Tacos pitchers received the  SHELLED modification as part of the Snackrifice.

On Season 9, Day X, Pothos was conscripted to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS as a lineup player. Following the dispersal of the PODS during the Season 10 elections, Pothos joined the Breckenridge Jazz Hands as a pitcher.

During the Coffee Cup, Pothos played for the Milk Proxy Society as a pitcher.

Pothos was traded to the Yellowstone Magic in exchange for Logan Rodriguez during the Season 18 elections via the Jazz Hands' Equivalent Exchange will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

Pothos was traded back to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands in exchange for Logan Rodriguez during the Season 19 elections via the Jazz Hands' Equivalent Exchange will, becoming a pitcher again in the process.


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Pothos got her career in splorts started in blasketball as a star power forward for the Walla Walla Widows. Pothos was noted for her ruthless defense and her method of scoring by going around or through her opponents. In her first autobiography, I Eat Mashed Pez For Breakfast, she and Coach ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ referred to her tactics in play as 3-D: Dismantle Destroy & pass-through-their-boDy. This playing method is a nod back to her roots in roller dlerby, where she played competitively during the blasketball off season on an Los Angeles-native team called The Musketqueers.

Pothos has said before that her life goal is to "play all sapphic splorts."

After seven NBLA championship victories, she announced her retirement and her intention to officially join the splort of kickball at the encouragement of Unlimited Tacos Coach Al Pastor. When asked about which team she was interested in joining, she said, "Well, I wanna stay on the West Coast, so I'm hoping for either the Lovers or the Tacos. But, since I don't really believe in 'love' as a concept anymore, I'd prefer the free food. Tacos all the way." She was later drafted to the Tacos. Only after joining the league was it made clear that she had joined a blaseball team.

The combination of her intense workout routine and her familiarity with NBLA uniforms mean Pothos is intensely familiar and more comfortable with sleeveless uniforms. As a result, all of Pothos's uniforms are sleeveless, albeit not necessarily by design. Witnesses have reported the sleeves on Pothos's uniforms tearing themselves off, leading some to hypothesize that her psychic blood is somehow involved.

League Career

Pothos's original hopes were to be a pitcher, but she insisted on throwing the blaseball as though she were shooting a three-pointer. Al Pastor found her practicing and insisted she take the plate instead. Allegedly, Pastor had pitcher Sexton Wheeler pitch extra-hardshell tacos at Pothos, with the additional caveat that she needed to catch the tacos she hit. Here, she discovered her abilities as a hitter and as a capable third blaseman/shortstop. She officially became a hitter and mostly handled Third Blase.

Pothos finally made it to the mound in the Season 5, Day 82 game against the Houston Spies, when Reverb weather reshuffled the entire Taco roster and moved Pothos to the rotation.

She has an average amount of arms and legs, as long as she wants to. She is a fan of heckling the opposing batters. There is a tattoo on her upper arm with the symbols 🚫♥.


When the Snackrifice was floated to Pothos, she immediately jumped on board with the plan. She explained in interviews throughout Season 7 that she believed in being  SHELLED in order to protect the teams and players who were unwilling to take on the risk of being trapped in a giant peanut shell for an indefinite period of time. As she phrased it to one interviewer in a mid-Season interview, "Ten people have to be above the line, and that means some folks have to be  SHELLED. I am willing to be one of them, and that's more than you can say for some of the others above that line right now." Pothos was thus  SHELLED after the end of the regular Season.

While  SHELLED, Pothos remained an involved member of the Tacos. She was seen hanging out with the rest of the team in the dugout, and attended the Tacos' parties. When asked about the experience in interviews during Season 11, she said, "I just felt so much team spirit while I was in there, it made me want to do them all right when I got out." Pothos attributes this combination of spirit and desire with her development of minor precognitive powers, presumably made possible by her psychic blood.

Transfer to the Jazz Hands

Details about Pothos's time on THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS are scarce, as the team could not be found outside of the games on Day X and her own memories are limited at best. When asked to comment on her transfer to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands during an interview, however, she recalled, "Towards the end of Season 9, before I was on the PODS, I remember thinking about NaN, and how they'd been traveling a lot over the Season, and it made me realize I'd never really lived much outside of Los Angeli. The last thing I remember was thinking how I kinda wanted to travel, live somewhere different for a bit, and I guess Breckenridge is about as different from LA as you can get." Follow-up questions in multiple interviews about her opinion on The Shelled One's actions in light of her desires to transfer were met with vehement disapproval. She has repeatedly stated that The Shelled One's non-consensual abduction and subjugation of herself and the other formerly  SHELLED players was horrific, even if she isn't particularly upset with where it left her afterwards.

She continues to keep in touch with current and former players for the Tacos, citing her regular video chats with them as one of her favorite routines.

Life in Breckenridge

Pothos was welcomed with open arms to the Jazz Hands, as she brought much-desired pitching talent to the team's rotation. Her record-breaking return Season, where she pitched six consecutive shutouts and a Season total of eight consecutive shutouts as the sole pitcher of each game, led many members of the Jazz Hands Band to begin referring to her as "Queen Pothos." In the spirit of this jest, the team got her a crown-shaped arm sweatband. She wears it on her upper arm while pitching, covering her 🚫♥ tattoo.

In between games, the Jazz Hands introduced Pothos to the world of cross-country skiing and, much to her delight as a former roller dlerby competitor, roller skiing. When she showed interest in joining the Jazz Hands' jam sessions, the team introduced her to the bass, which she took to with ease.

Joining the Yellowstone Magic

No one is sure exactly how Pothos ended up on the lineup for the Yellowstone Magic, but Coach Merlinmeyer says he is positive she’s a batter, and he doesn't understand why everyone else, including Pothos herself, is so confused about it. Games must continue, however, and thus she picked up a bat for a new team.

After all she’s been through, she’s chosen to take advantage of her new environment to have some time to herself. She has found that the Wyoming wilderness is similar enough to Breckenridge that the differences in her surroundings are exciting and not disorienting, but she still feels homesick for the mountains she’s more used to. Whether she's out on the trail or summiting Yellowstone’s peaks, she finds motivation in trying to prove herself against the forces of nature and the supernatural, the same forces that have dogged her career.

Time in Yellowstone

Pothos has made fast friends among the team, especially with Bevan Wise after his recent but brief stint in LA, and when they have downtime during training they often chat about the current state of the Tacos. Francisco Preston has been teaching her how to grill the perfect burger, and rumor has it she's spent quite a bit of time with Washer Barajas as well, saying something about how they both “perform well under pressure.”

Despite earning a reputation as cool and collected throughout the parkpark, especially after her snackrifice, she can't help but get a little too excited when the guitar comes out at a team campfire. Somehow, she has learned all of the Magic's favorite campfire songs in record time, and has stated she is “pumped” to "bring new material back to the band." In return, she teaches the Magic every showtune she knows, which is quite a repertoire. Although all signs indicate she’s enjoying her time in the parkpark, her Magic teammates have no doubt that she misses Breckenridge and the life she had there with the Jazz Hands, and there is a concerted team-wide effort to make her as comfortable as she can be under these slightly different skies.

The 1998 Fluree Abduction Incident

Wyatt Pothos made national headlines as a young girl. While originally living in Northern Clalifornia, she was among several children abducted by the Fire-Winged Faeries that escape out of the Redwood Forests to claim their sacrifices every decade or so, known as the Flurees. While it was a usual occurrence that the people of Northern Clalifornia would simply accept the sacrifices, due to being unable to track the Flurees down, Pothos's abduction changed things for the small communities near the Redwood Forests. Thanks to Pothos's unique physiology and volume adjustment abilities, her cries echoed across the entirety of Northern Clalifornia and Southern Orlegon.

With Pothos's unstoppable hissing and crackling, the Red Riding Hoods were able to find the newest crop of abductees and squirrel them away safely back to their families. They also began hunting the Flurees out of the Forests and deeper into the Pacific Ocean. The hunt continues on to this day.

About the incident, Pothos has no real recollection. In her usual deadpan she recalled the situation saying,

I don't really remember anything about it. I remember a lot of lights, lotta trees, a persistent static hum, and all care about my second grade crush leaving my body. Then I was picked up and handed back to my parents and I think there was a wild fire? I don't remember, I don't read the news.

News reports see Pothos's mother saying, "We're so happy to have our little girl back. The same reports have Pothos's Father saying, "I think she should play blasketball." The family moved to Los Angeli shortly after the incident.

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