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Lancelot Kane was a player in the Shadows for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands, and was with the team from Season β18, Day 54 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Kane joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands on Season β18, Day 54 after the incineration of Bauer Zimmerman.

During the Season β21 elections, Kane retreated to the Shadows as a result of the Jazz Hands' Move will.

Over the course of Season β23, Kane exited and entered the Jazz Hands' Shadows two times as a result of Breckenridge Community Field Voicemail events, ending the Season in the Shadows.

Over the course of Season β24, Kane exited and entered the Jazz Hands' Shadows two times as a result of Breckenridge Community Field Voicemail events, ending the Season in the Shadows.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


(Note: As Lancelot Kane’s story involves time travel, it can be difficult to properly summarise. As such, the events from Kane’s perspective are presented first, as constructed from interviews with the player. Afterwards, a list of events in chronological order are presented. If you have any complaints with this procedure, please contact ILB management on [LINE DISCONNECTED].)

Early life

Lancelot Kane was born in Breckenridge in the mid-1970s. An avid fan of the theatre as a child, she became a regular feature at the Breckenridge Community Center theatre (later known as the Blaseball stadium The Pocket), where she starred in many plays as she grew up. Most notably, whilst attempting to get in character for the role of a knight, Kane stumbled upon a suit of armour in The Pit, deep within the Community Center. Upon trying the armour on, Kane was affected by the armour’s curse, throwing her back in time to the time of Arthurian legends.

Arthurian times

It’s clear that suddenly appearing at the court of King Arthur was deeply shocking and traumatic for Kane, but she was able to adapt fairly quickly. She had been practicing to play a knight, after all. Whilst she never quite mastered the customs of the time, her charisma and physical prowess quickly earned her a spot at Arthur’s round table.

Overall, Kane spent about 4 years in Camelot, and she speaks of her time there with much positivity. She is especially fond of the time she spent with Mikan Hammer, an immortal being who was working as a blacksmith and armourer at the court. The two began a romantic relationship, Kane carrying Hammer’s favour into jousts many times. Hammer reciprocated by forging many different weapons and armour for Kane.

The Fall of Camelot

Information about the Fall of Camelot is hard to find, as Kane does not like speaking about the subject. However, we do know that Kane had struck up a close relationship with Queen Guinevere, and that whilst Kane, Mikan Hammer and Guinevere were very on-board for an open relationship, King Arthur was not. For whatever reason, Kane seems to believe that she herself is responsible for the resulting battles and the Fall of Camelot.

Immediately after this traumatic event, the power of the cursed armour activated once again. Kane was pulled back through time, disappearing from her old life altogether, and appeared in modern-day Breckenridge as a player on the Jazz Hands. In the present day, Hammer had seen a summoning circle appear in the Pit right before the incineration of Bauer Zimmerman, and finally realised what had happened to Kane all those years ago. Performing the summoning ritual, Hammer brought Kane into the present to serve as Zimmerman’s replacement on the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. The two were further shocked to realise that Hammer had created Kane’s cursed armour. After Kane disappeared from Camelot, Hammer had forged a suit of armour in her memory, and stored it in the Pit for safekeeping. The Pit had then cursed the armour, causing Kane to wear it and begin the series of events once again.

Chronological summary

  • Lancelot Kane appears in the court of King Arthur
  • She starts a romantic relationship with Mikan Hammer, and goes on adventures, becoming a famous knight.
  • Kane also courted Queen Guinevere, to the anger of King Arthur. This jealousy led to a series of tragic events that eventually caused the fall of Camelot
  • In the middle of the resulting tragedy, Hammer observed Kane apparently disappearing, leaving no trace. In memory of their love, Hammer forges a suit of armour in the style of Kane’s, eventually storing it in the Pit of what will become The Pocket in Breckenridge. The Pit then curses this armour to become the cursed armour Kane will don to travel back in time in the first place.
  • Kane is born in Breckenridge in the mid-1970s. She joins the Breckenridge Community Center and participates in many plays.
  • Kane dons the cursed armour, and is sent back in time.
  • Approximately 20 years later, directly after the incineration of Bauer Zimmerman, Hammer sees a summoning circle appear in The Pocket and realises why Kane disappeared all those years ago. They perform the ritual, summoning Kane back through time into the modern day.

Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Although Lancelot Kane was finally placed back in her time, she was brought back about 20 years after she left, which has caused her no end of culture shock. The feeling of being unstuck in time does not help her trauma either. She finds solace in the Jazz Hands, especially Hammer, re-kindling their relationship after all these years. Liquid Friend is also able to commiserate about feeling out-of-place, and Kane has at least found some entertainment in catching up on the 20-odd years of musical theatre and anime she’s missed out on.

After joining the Jazz Hands, Kane entered into fierce but friendly competition with teammate Wyatt Pothos over everything from height to performance in what Pothos calls "Sapphic Splorts." Kane also found her days in The Pocket consumed by wrangling teammate Lowe Forbes, a position she inherited from her predecessor, Bauer Zimmerman, who had inherited it from Stephens Lightner before him. Kane has also joined Pothos’ roller dlerby team, which competes during the offseason.

After her escapades in Camelot, Kane hoped that playing for the Jazz Hands would not involve any kind of time travel or time loop. However, a malfunction of her repeating helmet on Day 83 of Season β21 resulted in her repeating the same swing many times in a time loop until the problem was rectified with a tap from teammate and local spacetime disturbance, Baby Doyle. The incident was theorized to have been caused by the recently voicemailed Spears Rogers by fans who had attended the game in question, but Rogers’ involvement remains unconfirmed.

Later in the Expansion Era, Kane found herself going Elsewhere frequently, ultimately spending much of Season β23 and some of Season β24 away. It was during this time that several of her teammates left the Jazz Hands. Kane would struggle with the roster changes after returning, exacerbated by being near-completely Scattered, which would become a persistent condition after she retreated to the Shadows.


  • Kane grew up in a Punjabi household, where spices were abundant in food. Kane was distressed to find out how bland food was during Arthurian times, at least compared to what she was used to. After returning, she ate so much spicy food that she passed out.
  • Kane used to babysit Jazz Hands player Walton Sports before being thrown back in time. Sports is disturbed by the fact that his former babysitter is now younger than him, calling it “downright strange”.
  • Before time travelling, Kane played the Oboe, and her instrument was kept safe by the Bolter until her return. She also plays Gabriel's Horn [1] - a geometric figure proposed by Kathy Mathews and made physical by Hammer.
  • Upon arriving in the present, Kane was disturbed to realise that her parents had named her after the great hero of legend, meaning she was named after herself.
  • Kane is a polyglot and once used her knowledge of different languages to subtitle her favorite anime in Common Brittonic.
  • Kane is the exact same height as Wyatt Pothos, but insists that she is taller.

Fan Works

  1. A geometric figure with infinite surface area and finite volume, read more here