Basilio Mason

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Basilio Mason was a lineup player for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and was with the team since Season β1 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Mason joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Los Angeles Tacos with the Return of Blaseball, with the name Basilio Preston.

After the Season β3 elections, Mason was briefly known as Wyatt Mason due to The Wyatt Masoning. During The Unmasoning, Mason's name was partially restored to Basilio Mason.

On Season β7, Day 56, Mason's pitching ability was siphoned by Breckenridge Jazz Hands pitcher Lowe Forbes in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from 2 1 .

During the Season β17 elections, Mason received a Batting boost of 3.8 4.7 and a Baserunning impairment of 4.4 4.1 as a result of the Tacos' Transfuse will.

On Season β20, Day 83, Mason became a pitcher due to Reverb. During the Season β20 elections, Mason rejoined the Tacos' lineup in exchange for Yummy Elliott as a result of the Tacos' Roster Swap will.

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Mason is a former fashion model and heir. After a successful period modeling for his family's famed fashion brand Pinstripe, Mason left the Preston Compound in Malibu, California to "do research" on streetwear, having "grown jaded [with the] insular and elitist nature" of high fashion.

After moving to Van Nuys, California and meeting little success, Mason misread a flyer advertising a kickball league as a "knitball" league. Assuming this was a knitting club, Mason was further shocked upon arriving for the first meeting to realize he had actually signed up to be a professional blaseball player. Despite his best efforts, he found himself rooted in place, physically incapable of leaving the blaseball field. Owner Guy Myrington reportedly assuaged his fears by assuring him that he would have the opportunity to see many unique fashions in Internet League Blaseball. Mason contributed to the designs of the team’s uniforms as well as helped provide any equipment which Al Pastor did not. Mason has reportedly been inspired by the many fashion trends he's seen in the league, from creating faux-fingers to mimic PolkaDot Patterson's extra appendages, to wearing red contacts credited to the rogue umpire's red eyes being "very Glucci." He has since stopped wearing these contacts since the incineration of Nicholas Vincent.

While doing his best to get some sort of fashion going for the Tacos other than uniforms, Mason has spent most of his time repairing and fixing other teammates' outfits and fashion style. Recent fashion success includes Vito Kravitz, Wyatt Glover and Patel Beyonce. His most catastrophic failure is Mcdowell Mason.

Despite their disinterest in blaseball, Mason has been a stalwart of the Tacos having played the most consecutive games for the team. The performance of his younger teammates, Nicholas Vincent, Yummy Elliott and Wyatt Mason IV push him to perform better. As one of the senior members of the team, Mason has taken on a mentoring role. He often makes everyone very thoughtful gifts and stashes them in lockers or gym bags and never forgets a teammates birthday or special occasion. Mason made matching " Season β17 Champions LA Unlimited Tacos" jackets for everyone after they won, and wears his a lot.

When not playing blaseball, Mason spends time with their husband(who knows nothing about blaseball). Mason prefers wearing more "feminine" clothing and occasionally performs in drag shows. He can be seen hanging out with their best friend Wyatt Pothos. Some hobbies include knitting and going to fashion shows.

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