Honey Roasted

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Honey Roasted is a Player Modification first seen after Season β7, Day 99.


Honey Roasted originally only interacted with the Crunchy Modification, both of which The Shelled One's PODS had during the Day X games in Season β9 and Season β10. In the Expansion Era, Honey Roasted players could potentially Shell other players during games under Peanut Weather.


Season 7

At the end of regular season games in Season β7, Peanut Bong, Peanut Holloway, and Peanutiel Duffy were above The Red Line on the Idols Leaderboard. The Shelled One then appeared and congratulated fans on properly idolizing its progeny after their failure to do so during the previous season, causing The Third Strike. Following this, Bong, Holloway, and Duffy each gained the Honey Roasted Modification.


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At the end of Season β9, The Shelled One forced a game against the Season Champs, the Charleston Shoe Thieves. The Shelled One took all the players who where Shelled at the time and put them onto its own team, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS. The entire PODS roster gained the Honey Roasted modification. But, when THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS were defeated by the Hall Stars in Season β10, and the former Pods players fell back into the ILB, each former player (with the exception of Jaylen Hotdogfingers retained the Modification. The following players have been Honey Roasted:

Expansion Era

The Expansion Era saw the Honey Roasted modification given new life and new meaning. On Season β12 Day 37, the Tokyo Lift were playing against the Houston Spies under Peanuts weather. Lift batter Wyatt Quitter, who was Honey Roasted, ended up Shelling Spies batter Denzel Scott. Over the course of the Expansion Era, Honey Roasted players would continue shelling other players. All Shellings due to Honey Roasted can be seen below:

Honey Roasted Player Team Event Date Shelled Player
Wyatt Quitter Tokyo Lift Season 12 Day 37 Denzel Scott
Peanut Bong LA Unlimited Tacos Season 12 Day 56 Nerd Pacheco
Peanutiel Duffy Chicago Firefighters Season 12 Day 84 Stephanie Winters
York Silk Baltimore Crabs Season 15 Day 51 Oliver Loofah
Pitching Machine San Francisco Lovers Season 17 Day 4 Rodriguez Internet
Alejandro Leaf Tokyo Lift Season 17 Day 14 Felix Garbage
Alejandro Leaf Tokyo Lift Season 17 Day 14 Basilio Fig
Patel Beyonce Dallas Steaks Season 17 Day 16 Quack Enjoyable
Jessica Telephone Tokyo Lift Season 17 Day 75 Joe Voorhees
Peanut Holloway Philly Pies Season 18 Day 9 Comfort Septemberish
Francisca Sasquatch Miami Dale Season 19 Day 10 Flattery McKinley
Jessica Telephone Dallas Steaks Season 20 Day 24 Kelvin Drumsolo
Peanut Holloway Philly Pies Season 21 Day 93 Lucien Patchwork
Peanutiel Duffy Chicago Firefighters Season 22 Day 25 Cudi Di Batterino


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