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Edric Tosser is a lineup player for the Breckenridge Jazz Hands, and has been with the team since Season 12, Day 61. Tosser has previously played for the Chicago Firefighters.

Official League Record

Tosser joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Chicago Firefighters with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season 3, Day 20, Tosser swallowed a stray peanut and had an allergic reaction. However, it appears that Tosser's rating remained the same. Tosser received a minor bump in ratings at the end of the season when the Performance Enhancing Demons blessing was given to the Firefighters.

During the Season 4 Election , Tosser was affected by the Alternate Reality Decree. This decreased their batting to .

On Season 5, Day 30, Tosser became a pitcher due to Reverb.

As a result of the Katamari blessing won by the Firefighters in the Season 5 election, Tosser's defense rating increased by .

Tosser joined the Jazz Hands on Season 12, Day 61 due to Feedback. They were replaced by Agan Harrison.

During the Season 15 elections, Tosser retreated to the Jazz Hands' Shadows in exchange for Howell Rocha as a result of the Jazz Hands' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 11.4 -> 12 stat increase.

During the Season 19 elections, Tosser's batting increased from 2 -> 3.2 as a result of the Jazz Hands' Shadow Infuse will.

On Season 23, Day 60, Tosser joined the Jazz Hands' lineup in exchange for Lancelot Kane at Breckenridge Community Field via the Ratified Voicemail.

Over the course of Season 24, Tosser entered and exited the Jazz Hands's Shadows two times as a result of Breckenridge Community Field Voicemail events, ending the Season on the lineup.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Edric Tosser Across Dimensions

In the Interdimensional Rumor Mill’s library, there’s an always-evolving book titled Edric Tosser’s Rumor Registry. A bookmark sticks out from between the pages, labelled IF-108.18 and marking the following entry...


Edric Tosser is 5’1”.

Early Life

Supposedly hailing from the part of Chicago sometimes called Joliet, Tosser was born to Cantonese and Jewish parents. He is reported to have had one older sister and three younger sisters. Tosser has described his family in interviews lovingly, if minimally.

One of the few topics Tosser has been open to the press about in regards to his upbringing is his history as a dancer, taking up ballet from a young age. Some news outlets report that they possess an “eight foot vertical leap,” though this has never been corroborated with photo evidence.

Tosser was purportedly recruited to the Deerfield Firestarters prior to Season 1 due to their intrinsic understanding of the nature of fire. As a member of the Firestarters, Tosser was both a salaried Blaseball player and arsonist, and apparently played as a pitcher. However, as with many of the claims they have made about their time with the Firestarters, this remains unsubstantiated.


During the Season 4 Election, Tosser was subject to the Alternate decree, replacing the Edric Tosser of IF/818.36. Tosser initially struggled acclimating to the Firefighters, but grew to become part of the team, despite some challenges and a tendency towards pyromania. Encouraged by his teammates, he ended up becoming an excellent firefighter.  


Tosser was greeted with high expectations going into the Firefighters’ fourth postseason appearance. After being reverbed into the pitching rotation on Season 5 Day 30, Tosser was bombarded with media attention thanks to pre-alternation Edric Tosser’s prophesied legendary pitching ability. Tosser then proceeded to pitch one of the worst games in Chicago Firefighters history, giving up 12 runs to the Jazz Hands.

Despite the slow start, Tosser quickly became a fan favorite due to their “infectious energy” and “high spirits.”

Like all of us, they are from Chicago. Their jersey number is 815.

Feedback Swap

On Day 61 of Season 12 Edric Tosser and Agan Harrison switched teams in the feedback, after this game Tosser returned to the firehouse to say his goodbyes, en route they bumped into Harrison. Tosser could not recall much of their conversation but they reported leaving the interaction with some of their worries alleviated.

After Tosser left The Firehouse with their possessions and after goodbyes and when the interviewer asked how it went and how Tosser is adjusting to Breckenridge Tosser did not respond.

Adjusting to the Jazz Hands

Finding an Instrument

After returning to Breckenridge the team reportedly began a practice session where half way through Tosser appeared to have been given an instrument and rudimentary instructions on how to play a variety of instruments, picking them up and swapping them out, at the end of the practice session Conrad Vaughan could be heard saying “Well Agan always gave people their instruments, but because Agan is Agan we never remembered what happened during the choosing ceremony, so this was very freeform.” At the end of these multiple jam sessions Tosser learned to play multiple instruments but ended up choosing the Suona.


While on the Jazz Hands Tosser began dancing again, something none of the Firefighters reported to known him to do, though Tosser is quite adept at it and began Lion Dancing with Wyatt Pothos very soon after joining the Jazz Hands.

Friendship with Combs Estes

Also very soon after joining the Jazz Hands Tosser became friends with Combs Estes who he also began dancing with, though no distinct style could be observed, Estes described it as “going with the flow” or “free jazz” on multiple occasions.

Combs' Incineration

Estes’ incineration appears to have hit Tosser very hard, he stayed shut in his apartment for several days afterwards up until the election results were released, then Tosser planned Estes’ funeral personally, staying up several days in a row to plan it. After Estes’ incineration Tosser spent much more time with Pothos, including practicing pitching with her.

Time in the Shadows

Since being foreshadowed in S15 Tosser has been focusing more on his Twitch streams with Declan Suzanne and Atlas Guerra (both shadowed). Since the Smithy being added to The Pocket Tosser has been making gamer swords under the supervision of Mikan Hammer. When finished some of these swords get sent to Suzzane in Chicago. No one knows how swords are approved postage but they get to Suzzane no matter what. Also during Tossers time in the shadows they have made friends with Riley Firewall and Steph Weeks, once per week they will buy lightbulbs from the Breckenridge 9/25 and then smash them in the parking lot, when asked about this activity Firewall and Tosser described it as fun and Weeks just smashed the next lightbulb with more vigor.

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