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Wyatt Dovenpart was a player in the Shadows for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and was with the team from Season β1 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records


Dovenpart joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Tacos with the Return of Blaseball, with the name Lee Davenport.

The Grand Unslam & Name Change

Dovenpart was the Tacos pitcher in the Season β3, Day 73 game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves known as the Grand Unslam.

After the Season β3 elections, Dovenpart was briefly known as Wyatt Mason due to The Wyatt Masoning. During The Unmasoning, Dovenpart's surname was misspelled by The Commissioner during repairs, and was written as Dovenpart instead of Davenport. They are one of two Tacos players who had their original name's spelling changed through The Unmasoning (the other being Sexton Wheerer). The cause of this error is believed to be carelessness on The Commissioner's part, even if The Commissioner is doing a great job.

Season 5

On Season β5, Day 82, in a game against the Houston Spies, Dovenpart was caught in a Reverb incident and switched positions from pitcher to lineup player.

Season 9

During the Season β9 elections, Dovenpart retreated to the Tacos' Shadows due to the Downsizing blessing.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Early Life and 2K Controversy

Wyatt Dovenpart (then Lee Davenport) was a baker before being consigned to the Blaseball league. They are most known for their outspoken opposition to the ILB 2K██ series of video games, as they have strong superstitions against their likeness being used in a simulation.

Dovenpart also criticized the accuracy of the game, saying they had brown hair that the game falsely depicted as red. However, fellow players and fans alike can confirm that Dovenpart has had red hair for as long as they've been in the league. When shown photo evidence of this fact, Dovenpart whispered something about "being replaced by their digital doppelgänger" and refused to give any further comment. They have not spoken a word since.


Dovenpart worked at their personal community garden and bakery, and from this work became rather strong. Al Pastor, who frequented said bakery, noticed this, and while developing a team prior to the first season, asked Dovenpart if they would be interested in joining an up-and-coming Kickball league. While signing health papers to join his team, Dovenpart accidentally committed to a life of Blaseball, instead of Kickball.

The Grand Unslam

Dovenpart reportedly threw their secret ability pitch, The Gateway Ball, also known as the Quantum Curveball or The 502mph Ball, which invoked a 502 Bad Gateway event and led to an unplanned siesta. Fans have theorized that it was Dovenpart's digital doppelgänger who took advantage of the weakening system to attempt to open a rift and replace Dovenpart once and for all, or perhaps escape the simulation entirely, though these rumors are unconfirmed.

However, Dovenpart’s doppelgänger was spotted at a Taco shop by fellow Tacos player Patel Beyonce just a few days before the start of Season β4. After learning this, Dovenpart stated, "I would assume they are doing BAD things." It is unconfirmed what their doppelgänger was doing at the time.

The Many Faces of Wyatt Dovenpart

According to the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, some things never change, even across dimensions. Someone, somewhere, decided to catalog all the different versions of Wyatt Dovenpart in a Rumor Registry, but today the version from IF-502.86 is playing. Here’s what the rumors say...

Form Clouds

In a Los Angeli where time ceased function following the Grand Unslam and the subsequent passing of the Interview Decree, Dovenpart is known to be a hub for interdimensional activity. As splorts fans and residents of Los Angeles alike clung to their screens for ILB Season 3 Elections, they witnessed first-hand the Tear in Spacetime above Al Pastor Memorial Stadium and outwards to the rest of surrounding LA. It is noted that while most residents (Exceptions: Wyatt Mason, LA Tacos roster (temporarily?)) maintained their previous material integrity, some resident's Forms were absorbed into the Tear itself, leaving hollowed versions roaming the newly interconnected streets. The sky itself, now characterized by cracking bursts of light and swirling dimensional rifts, is an unrivaled sight and potentially home to parts of Dovenpart.

Wyatt Dovenpart, then Lee Davenport, at the stadium with his team as results came in and the Taco hivemind known as Wyatt Mason developed, was quickly differentiated from their teammates. A group of eyes, although operating separately, began to float around his own, rumored to allow Wyatt to see into the Tear itself. The eyes bear no resemblance to his original, and are independent from each other, although they occasionally become synchronous with the changing colors of interdimensional rifts in the sky. When questioned about the additional eyes, Dovenpart refused to speak. Likely bright and rapidly moving with no regards to linear fashion, visual descriptions of the Tear above the cit(ies) from Dovenpart themself are highly sought after.

Although circling eyes is the most common appearance, since Season Three, differing Form clouds have been spotted throughout both active seasons and siestas. Namely, groups of hands are known to float around his own, usually acting as if connected to another body, and distracting Dovenpart from usual daily functions. Furthermore, collectives of mouth Forms are occasionally seen drifting along and positioning themselves as if a part of their face. Although his silence continues on the topic of limbs, teammate Basilio Fig commented that "He hears everything they [additional mouths] say to him, the rest of us don't know exactly what though. I wasn't here for it at first, but they tell me its people talking about the elections and then moving up? Into the Bridge or something. Louder than the crashes of the ocean too, they say." Whether or not the original people with these mouths have any control over what is said remains unclear, as with most topics surrounding the radiant clouds of Forms glitching to and from Dovenpart.

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