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For the location in Blaseball to which Incinerated players are sent, see Hall of Flame.

The Blaseball Community Hall of Fame[1] was a fan-run project to "help identify the Greats of Blaseball". Induction took place in a similar manner to the real-world Baseball Hall of Fame with a series of voting rounds.

The project ran for 30 weeks from March 14, 2022 until October 24, 2022. A list of all inducted players can be found here.


Players who had at least 2000 combined Plate Appearances and/or Batters Faced in the regular seasons of the Discipline and/or Expansion Eras were considered eligible.[2] At the time eligibility was determined, full play-by-play data for Season 1 and Season 2 were not available, so players who were incinerated in Season 7 or earlier had an estimated total of Plate Appearance+Batters Faced added to their known total to account for their Season 1 and 2 play time.[3]

All told, 431 Discipline and Expansion Era players were deemed eligible for the Hall of Fame, of whom 84 were ultimately Inducted.

Selection Process

Induction into the Hall of Fame was determined through a series of thirty public polls conducted between March 14, 2022 and October 23, 2022. Each round of polling lasted one week, with polls opening on Wednesday, 10am PDT[4] and closing on Saturday, 5pm CDT. Results and new inductees were announced on the Sunday following closing of polls, along with the ballot for the following week. Hall of Fame discussions took place in dedicated Hall of Fame channels on the SIBR Discord, in the Stats channel in the main Blaseball Discord, as well as on Twitter and other platforms.

Voters could select up to 10 players on their ballots each week, with players being inducted into the Hall of Fame if they were selected on a sufficient number of ballots. The number of players on the ballot each week, as well as the threshold for induction were adjusted over the course of the Hall of Fame project in response to voter feedback.

Players could remain on the ballot for up to five weeks if they continued to meet an escalating survival threshold. Players had to be marked on 5% or more of ballots to survive their first week, 10% to survive their second week, 20% to survive their third week, and 40% to survive their fourth week. On their fifth week, players were eliminated from the ballot if they did not receive enough votes to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

As players were inducted or eliminated, new players were randomly added to the ballot to replace them and ensure the number of players on the ballot was consistent from week to week.

Weeks 1 to 6

In Weeks 1 through 6, each ballot consisted of 40 randomly selected players. Players were inducted into the Hall of Fame if they were selected on 65% or more of ballots. Ten players were inducted to the Hall of Fame during this period.

Weeks 7 to 27

After Week 6, the Hall of Fame project was paused for a week, and the team running the project asked participants to complete a feedback poll. That poll showed that the vast majority of participants felt Inductions were going too slowly. To make inducting players easier, the percent of ballots required for induction was reduced from 65% to 55%, and the number of players on each ballot was reduced from 40 to 36. Voters were still allowed to vote for up to 10 players each week, and the escalating survival threshold remained unchanged [5].

These updated rules remained in effect for the remainder of the project, and the Hall of Fame continued until it evaluated all players, with only one week-long pause between the Week 19 and Week 20 polls.

Second Chances

During Week 26, the Hall Of Fame admin team announced[6] a small rule change for the last few weeks of the project. To maintain the total number of 36 players on the ballot and give another chance to players who had to beat a higher induction threshold on a more crowded ballot, players who were eliminated in Weeks 1 through 6 under the 65% induction threshold were allowed to return to the ballot for a second chance at induction. Second chance players were added semi-randomly, starting with players who survived through 5 weeks of eligibility, then 4 weeks, and so on. This process would continue until all first chance players had been inducted or eliminated, at which point the project would end.

A total of 37 players who were eliminated in Weeks 1 through 6 were returned to the ballot for a second chance in Weeks 28 through 30. No second chance players received enough votes to be inducted.

A list of all eligible players, the overall results, and the results of each round are available in this spreadsheet.

Pre-History Inductions

During Inside a Blaseball 12[7], the admins of the Blaseball Community Hall of Fame asked members of The Game Band if they would like to induct any Pre-History players into the Blaseball Community Hall of Fame. The Game Band chose to induct the following players: [8]