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Pepito the Coyote is a mascot for the LA Unlimited Tacos. Pepito was born in a dumpster in Cypress Park, Los Angeles, with her four siblings: Burrito, Arepa, Bagel, and Calzone. When she was old enough to be on her own, she found her way to the dumpsters behind Ralphio’s Grocer, where she became a nuisance for several years.

Al Pastor finally caught Pepito when they got their head stuck in an empty jar of Cheese Pluffs. At the time, the blaseball team was relatively new and had no mascot. He yelled, “EUREKA!” put the coyote in a jersey, and called it a day.

Pepito's first day in the stadium involved several thousand dollars in damages as he rocketed around the stadium in excitement. Despite his sudden introduction to the splort, Pepito stayed with the team as a mascot. At some point during The Wyatt Masoning, he learned how to speak. Or maybe he could always speak. No one can remember.

In their free time, Pepito likes causing General Mayhem, crocheting, and exploring the vast expanse of space.

Pepito's Favourite Pet Rock

Space twists. Dimensions shiver. Something new springs forth. This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Rumor from IF-21.476 out of its Rumor Registry...


Wait.. why is it glowing. um.. someone call LARD

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