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Season 8 began on September 21, 2020. The regular season concluded on September 25, 2020, followed by the postseason and Internet Series on September 26, 2020. The Season 8 election took place on September 27, 2020. It is the 7th season of The Discipline Era. The Baltimore Crabs defeated the Hades Tigers 3 games to 1 to win their second Internet Series Championship.

Notable Events

The Hall

See the main article on this topic: Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame was introduced at the end of the Season β7 elections in a new tab on the Blaseball website. The Hall was introduced in a message from The Monitor, where it asked if fans "want[ed] to see your friends?" Fans can view the profiles of incinerated players and pay tribute in the form of peanuts. It is unknown at this time what the effect of paying tribute is.

Refinanced Debt

Jaylen Hotdogfingers' Debted modification changed to Refinanced Debt at the end of Season 7 due to a deal involving the Microphone. Instead of causing the Unstable modification, players hit with Hotdogfingers' pitches now acquire the Flickering modification, which increases their chances of being caught in the Feedback during Feedback weather. On Day 5, Marquez Clark became the first player to become Flickering. On Day 21, Nolanestophia Patterson became the first player to swap teams due to the Flickering modification.


Screenshot of the Idol leaderboards before the opening games.

At the start of Season 8, the Idol leaderboard featured three Feedback microphone icons attached to the 6th, 11th, and 18th place rankings. At the end of the regular season, fans placed Jaylen Hotdogfingers, NaN, and Sixpack Dogwalker in these slots after following clues from The Microphone. After appearances byThe Shelled One and The Monitor, the three idolized players gained a permanent version of the Flickering modification. NaN and Dogwalker also gained the permanent Receiver modification. Immediately after receiving the Receiver modification, the pregame rituals of NaN and Dogwalker changed three times in rapid succession:

hi friends
it is Wyatt
I have a plan

Any information about the plan is currently unknown, but fans are monitoring NaN and Dogwalker for more messages from Wyatt Mason.

Declaration of Fourth Strike

See the main article on this topic: The Shelled One

Following the introduction of the Hall of Flame, fans began offering peanuts in tribute to incinerated players in great quantities. When returning before the results of the Season 8 elections, The Shelled One expressed disappointment and anger at how the peanuts are being used.


Fans do not know at this time what Fourth Strike entails, as Blaseball and the Umpires took a one week siesta following these election results.

Ongoing Decrees

  • Eat The Rich (Season β3): Funds from the top 1% of coin-havers will be redistributed to the remainder of Fans at the end of the postseason. This decree will remain in effect indefinitely.
  • Enhanced Party Time (Season β6): When a team is in Party Time -- mathematically eliminated from the postseason -- they'll have a chance of receiving random permanent stat boosts during their games.


Wild League Record Mild League Record
Wild High Mild High
Baltimore Crabs 🦀* 74-25 Seattle Garages 🎸* 65-34
New York Millennials 📱 50-49 Hades Tigers 🐅* 64-35
Chicago Firefighters 🔥 46-53 Dallas Steaks 🥩* 59-40
Breckenridge Jazz Hands 👐 42-57 Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️ 48-51
San Francisco Lovers 💋 35-64 Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬 34-65
Wild Low Mild Low
Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞* 59-40 Philly Pies 🥧* 55-44
Houston Spies 🕵️* 58-41 Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗 55-44
Boston Flowers 🌹* 52-47 Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟 49-50
Miami Dale 🚤 43-56 Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️ 36-63
LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮 37-62 Yellowstone Magic  29-70

* Denotes teams that made it to the playoffs.
Seeding for teams with identical records in the Mild League determined by Divine Favor.

Divine Favor

Ties: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Team: 🌮 💋 🏝️ 👟 🍬 🐅 👐 🥧 🌞 🚤 📱 🗣️ 🌹 🥩 🎸 🔥 🦀 🍗 🕵️


The top four teams of each league advance to the postseason. As of Season β5, teams alternate home games with the higher seed hosting first.

  Round of 8 Round of 4 Internet Series
  1 Seattle Garages 0  
4 Philly Pies 3  
  2 Hades Tigers 3  
Mild League
  4 Philly Pies 2  
2 Hades Tigers 3
  3 Dallas Steaks 1  
    ML Hades Tigers 1
  WL Baltimore Crabs 3
  1 Baltimore Crabs 3  
4 Boston Flowers 0  
  1 Baltimore Crabs 3
Wild League
  3 Houston Spies 1  
2 Hellmouth Sunbeams 0
  3 Houston Spies 3  

Election Ballot


The Decree with the most community votes will go into effect.

Icon Name Effect
Wild Cards Every Season, a random team from each Subleague will leave Party Time to become the 5th Playoff team. A best of 3 Wild Card series will happen on Fridays.
Relief Next Season, the bottom four teams will have Relief. When one of their pitchers gives up 5 runs, they'll immediately be replaced by a pitcher from their Shadows.
Double Jumps Whenever a team defeats the team currently leading their Division, they'll earn an extra win. Permanent effect.


Each blessing will be awarded to a randomly selected player or team based. Votes from a team's fans increase the likelihood of that team receiving a blessing.

Name Effect
Forever Physical Keep a Random Player on your team Stable.
Radical Alchemy Re-rolls your team's three worst players.
Anti Burnout Your team is protected from Incinerations for the following season.
Replacement Elbows Where did you find these? Improve 3 random pitchers on your team by one Star (20%)
Promo Code Enter the code. Recruit a rookie to be the 6th player in your Rotation.
Affinity for Crows Oh, that’s what they do. Your team will play 50% Better in Bird Weather.
Home Field Advantage No place like home. Your Team starts with 1 Run when playing at home.
Composite Reinforced. Remove the Worst Player from your Rotation. Your Rotation is now shorter.
Lottery Pick Steal the 14th Most Idolized Player in the League.
Blind Date Steal the 21st Most Idolized Player on the Leaderboard.
Who? You Too? Never heard of them. Maximize and steal the least Idolized player in the league.
Party Line Hello? Who's there? Replace a player on your team with the Alternate of a random player from another team.
Thief in the Night Under the cover of darkness. Steal a Pitcher from a Divisional Opponent's Shadows.
Precognition Vision of things to come. Improve 3 random hitters on your team by one Star (20%)
New Kid A warm welcome. Incinerate the Least Idolized Player on Your Team.
Barrel of Tiny Eggs Feed the Hall Monitor. Fans of your team receive a big barrel of peanuts.
Divisional Swap Swap your team into the other Division in your Subleague.
Subleague Swap Swap your team into another Division in the opposite Subleague.
Astroturf The grass is greener on the other side. Give your team Grass Blood Type.
Base Instincts Succumb. Give your team Base Blood Type.

Election Results


  • Wild Cards passed with 353,174 Votes, 65% of all Decree Votes.
    • The Deck is Shuffled
    • Cards Drawn
    • Play Will Continue


List of Blessings Results:


When any player is in a match during a Solar Eclipse, there is a chance they will be incinerated and killed by a Rogue Umpire. Known cases of this in Season 8 are listed below. Coins.png indicates incinerations that are payment for debt.

Player Team Date Replaced by Opponent
Hobbs Cain Philly Pies Day 10 Rai Spliff Hades Tigers
José Haley Chicago Firefighters Day 36 Goobie Ballson San Francisco Lovers
Umpire Husky* n/a Day 94 Umpire Steel Raúl Leal

*On the Day 94 game between the Baltimore Crabs and Miami Dale, a Rogue Umpire attempted to incinerate Beck Whitney. However, in the previous season's elections, Raúl Leal received the Iffey Jr., which came with the modification Fire Protector, protecting the whole team from incinerations. As such, the attempted incineration backfired on the Rogue Umpire, incinerating them instead.

Peanut Reactions

When any player is in a match during Peanut weather, there is a chance they will "swallow a stray peanut"[1] and experience a permanent physical reaction, called either an Allergic Reaction or a Yummy Reaction. Known cases of this in Season 8 are listed below.

Player Team Date Opponent Reaction
Gunther O'Brian Charleston Shoe Thieves Day 1 Hawai'i Fridays Yummy
Baldwin Breadwinner Hawai'i Fridays Day 31 Canada Moist Talkers Allergic
Thomas Kirby Chicago Firefighters Day 55 Baltimore Crabs Allergic
Dudley Mueller Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 71 Baltimore Crabs Yummy
Eizabeth Guerra Kansas City Breath Mints Day 87 Canada Moist Talkers Allergic
Aldon Cashmoney Hawai'i Fridays Day 99 Philly Pies Yummy


When a shelled player is in a game during Lots of Birds weather, there is a small chance for the birds to peck them free. The player will then gain the Superallergic modification. Known cases of this in Season 8 are listed below.

Player Team Date Opponent
Sexton Wheerer Unlimited Tacos Day 47 Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Feedback Swaps

When any player is in a game during Feedback weather, there is a chance reality will "flicker in the feedback"[1] and two players will permanently swap team membership. Known cases of this in Season 8 are listed below.

Player A Former Team A Player B Former Team B Date
Nolanestophia Patterson Philly Pies Lang Richardson Seattle Garages Day 21
Summers Pony Dallas Steaks Rai Spliff Philly Pies Day 27
Quack Enjoyable Canada Moist Talkers Cedric Spliff Seattle Garages Day 42
Eugenia Garbage Canada Moist Talkers Lachlan Shelton Charleston Shoe Thieves Day 44
Simon Haley Canada Moist Talkers Eugenia Garbage Charleston Shoe Thieves Day 44
Allison Abbott Seattle Garages Paula Mason Dallas Steaks Day 56
Paula Mason Seattle Garages Paula Turnip Hades Tigers Day 71
Eduardo Woodman Philly Pies Alyssa Harrell Hawai'i Fridays Day 90
Eduardo Woodman Hawai'i Fridays Alyssa Harrell Philly Pies Day 90
Farrell Seagull Seattle Garages Summers Pony Philly Pies Day 102


When any player is in a game during Blooddrain weather, there is a chance that they can siphon stars from another player. This can affect any stat and any pair of players on opposing teams. Known instances of siphoning in Season 6 are listed below.

Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team Date
Justice Spoon Chicago Firefighters Hitting Alexander Horne San Francisco Lovers Day 3
Conrad Vaughan Breckenridge Jazz Hands Defense NaN Unlimited Tacos Day 7
Pitching Machine Unlimited Tacos Pitching Ortiz Lopez San Francisco Lovers Day 12
Cell Barajas Mexico City Wild Wings Hitting Sixpack Dogwalker Hawai'i Fridays Day 18
Christian Combs Hawai'i Fridays Hitting Burke Gonzales Mexico City Wild Wings Day 18
Nerd Pacheco Hellmouth Sunbeams Hitting Kennedy Meh San Francisco Lovers Day 19
Paula Turnip Hades Tigers Baserunning Jenkins Good Canada Moist Talkers Day 22
Curry Aliciakeyes Yellowstone Magic Pitching Fletcher Yamamoto Hawai'i Fridays Day 23
Tamara Crankit Breckenridge Jazz Hands Hitting Moses Mason Boston Flowers Day 30
Joshua Watson Mexico City Wild Wings Hitting Stew Briggs Kansas City Breath Mints Day 33
Gallup Crueller Dallas Steaks Defense Randy Castillo Hades Tigers Day 37
Beck Whitney Miami Dale Baserunning Sexton Wheerer Unlimited Tacos Day 53
Sandoval Crossing Hellmouth Sunbeams Pitching Nic Winkler Boston Flowers Day 55
Rafael Davids Mexico City Wild Wings Pitching Lenny Spruce Kansas City Breath Mints Day 57
PolkaDot Zavala Kansas City Breath Mints Pitching Cell Barajas Mexico City Wild Wings Day 57
Kennedy Meh San Francisco Lovers Defense Aldon Cashmoney Hawai'i Fridays Day 57
Ron Monstera Seattle Garages Pitching Winnie Hess Kansas City Breath Mints Day 58
Leach Herman Dallas Steaks Pitching Beasley Day Philly Pies Day 60
Holden Stanton Breckenridge Jazz Hands Hitting Adalberto Tosser Baltimore Crabs Day 68
Brock Forbes Baltimore Crabs Pitching Hendricks Richardson Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 70
Joshua Butt Chicago Firefighters Defense Jacob Haynes Boston Flowers Day 74
Pitching Machine Unlimited Tacos Pitching Igneus Delacruz Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 74
Thomas Dracaena New York Millennials Hitting Sexton Wheerer Unlimited Tacos Day 78
Helga Moreno San Francisco Lovers Defense Conrad Vaughan Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 79
Fitzgerald Blackburn Houston Spies Hitting Pitching Machine Unlimited Tacos Day 86
Justice Spoon Chicago Firefighters Hitting Lowe Forbes Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 86
Yeong-Ho Benitez Hawai'i Fridays Baserunning Beasley Day Philly Pies Day 88
Sixpack Santiago Miami Dale Pitching Jacob Haynes Boston Flowers Day 90

Hit By Pitch

When any player is hit by a pitch from a player with any form of debt, they gain a modification for the remainder of the 9-day week. Known cases of this in Season 8 are listed below. (Total: 33)

5Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesMarquez ClarkKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
10Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesPudge NakatamoKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
15Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesBevan WiseYellowstone MagicFlickering
20Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesNolanestophia PattersonPhilly PiesFlickering
20Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesRai SpliffPhilly PiesFlickering
25Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesEugenia GarbageCanada Moist TalkersFlickering
30Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesJessica TelephonePhilly PiesFlickering
35Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesLawrence HorneMexico City Wild WingsFlickering
40Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesEugenia GarbageCanada Moist TalkersFlickering
40Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesQuack EnjoyableCanada Moist TalkersFlickering
45Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesEvelton McBlase IIHawai'i FridaysFlickering
45Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesChristian CombsHawai'i FridaysFlickering
50Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesHowell FranklinCharleston Shoe ThievesFlickering
55Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesPaula MasonDallas SteaksFlickering
60Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesEizabeth GuerraKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
60Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesDickerson MorseKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
60Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesStew BriggsKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
60Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesMarquez ClarkKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
65Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesSebastian WoodmanCharleston Shoe ThievesFlickering
70Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesPaula TurnipHades TigersFlickering
70Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesRandy CastilloHades TigersFlickering
70Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesRichmond HarrisonHades TigersFlickering
70Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesUsurper VioletHades TigersFlickering
75Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesMarquez ClarkKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
75Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesPudge NakatamoKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
75Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesRodriguez InternetKansas City Breath MintsFlickering
80Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesRichmond HarrisonHades TigersFlickering
85Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesLang RichardsonPhilly PiesFlickering
85Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesEduardo WoodmanPhilly PiesFlickering
95Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesZion AliciakeyesHades TigersFlickering
95Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesPeanutiel DuffyHades TigersFlickering
100Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesJaxon BuckleyPhilly PiesFlickering
100Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesSummers PonyPhilly PiesFlickering

Enhanced Party Time

When a team is in Party Time, their players have a chance of receiving random permanent stat boosts during a game. Known cases of this in Season 8 are listed below. (Total: 68)

84Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
84Leach IngramKansas City Breath Mints
86Yeong-Ho GarciaYellowstone Magic
86Evelton McBlase IIHawai'i Fridays
86Oscar VaughanKansas City Breath Mints
86PolkaDot ZavalaKansas City Breath Mints
87Grey AlvaradoKansas City Breath Mints
87Wyatt PothosLA Unlimited Tacos
87Curry AliciakeyesYellowstone Magic
88Hewitt BestKansas City Breath Mints
88James MoraHawai'i Fridays
88Patel BeyonceLA Unlimited Tacos
89Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
89Eizabeth GuerraKansas City Breath Mints
89Pitching MachineLA Unlimited Tacos
89Basilio FigLA Unlimited Tacos
89Aldon CashmoneyHawai'i Fridays
90Halexandrey WaltonLA Unlimited Tacos
90Basilio MasonLA Unlimited Tacos
90Wyatt QuitterLA Unlimited Tacos
90James MoraHawai'i Fridays
90Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
90Elijah ValenzuelaBreckenridge Jazz Hands
91Collins MelonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
91Holden StantonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
91Washer BarajasYellowstone Magic
91Francisca SasquatchLA Unlimited Tacos
91Raúl LealMiami Dale
92Raúl LealMiami Dale
92Helga MorenoSan Francisco Lovers
92Atlas GuerraKansas City Breath Mints
92Kathy MathewsBreckenridge Jazz Hands
93Marquez ClarkKansas City Breath Mints
93Cedric SpliffCanada Moist Talkers
93Bevan UnderbuckHawai'i Fridays
94Basilio MasonLA Unlimited Tacos
94Sandford GarnerSan Francisco Lovers
94Helga MorenoSan Francisco Lovers
94Marco StinkKansas City Breath Mints
94Walton SportsBreckenridge Jazz Hands
94Agan HarrisonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
95Peanut BongMiami Dale
95Mcdowell MasonLA Unlimited Tacos
96Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath Mints
96Ortiz LopezSan Francisco Lovers
96Eizabeth ElliottYellowstone Magic
97Fish SummerCanada Moist Talkers
97Holden StantonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
97Basilio MasonLA Unlimited Tacos
97Knight UrlacherSan Francisco Lovers
97Don MitchellSan Francisco Lovers
98Collins MelonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
98Marquez ClarkKansas City Breath Mints
98Winnie HessKansas City Breath Mints
98Velasquez AlstottCharleston Shoe Thieves
98Blood HamburgerCharleston Shoe Thieves
98Alejandro LeafLA Unlimited Tacos
98Basilio FigLA Unlimited Tacos
98Basilio MasonLA Unlimited Tacos
98Alexander HorneSan Francisco Lovers
98York SilkHawai'i Fridays
99Rodriguez InternetKansas City Breath Mints
99Wesley PooleChicago Firefighters
99Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
99Evelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
99Stu TrolololCharleston Shoe Thieves
99Commissioner VaporCanada Moist Talkers
99Ortiz MorseCanada Moist Talkers

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