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The Third Strike is an event that took place in the final hour of the Season β6 regular season, which encased Jessica Telephone and Nagomi Mcdaniel in gigantic Peanut shells.

The Red Line

The Idols Leaderboard with the Red Line. In this image, Jessica Telephone is being idolized by the account holder.

At the start of Season 6, the new Idols mechanic was added to Blaseball, which allowed participants to earn further passive income when a player of their choosing made notable plays. This came with a leaderboard showing the 20 most idolized players in the league, featuring a dotted red line underneath the top three players.

The significance of the line is not entirely clear, however, the top three idols did shift from time to time over the course of Season 6.

Establishment of Peanut Idolatry

Also occurring shortly before Season 6, The Peanut spoke and expressed displeasure with fans for not honoring their progeny. Fans theorized that the progeny were the three Peanuts, who were created at the end of Season 2. A movement called Peanut Idolatry (sometimes known as The Peanut Plan) rose up to encourage fans to idolize the three Peanuts and satisfy The Peanut.

The Third Strike

The Idol Leaderboard in the minutes following the conclusion of Season 6, Day 99 games. The Red Line appears to be vibrating. This does not represent the final state of the leaderboard once the timer concluded.

On Season 6, Day 99, after the final game ended, the Red Line began to vibrate, with a timer counting down to the top of the hour. The Peanut Plan was not far enough along, and devotees scrambled for about half an hour to convince fellow fans to idolize the three Peanuts. Once the timer hit zero, The Peanut spoke.

The top three idols, in order, were Jessica Telephone, Nagomi Mcdaniel, and Peanut Bong. Telephone and Nagomi were Shelled, a new modification. Their names on the idol list were defaced with a red  SHELLED graphic, and The Commissioner tweeted "uh looks like they're stuck inside giant peanut shells".[1] Bong appeared to survive the event entirely unscathed.


Once Telephone and Mcdaniel were Shelled, many more fans began to rally around the three Peanuts, and within a few hours, all three were above the Red Line. Nothing happened to Telephone or Mcdaniel, or to the three Peanuts. Shortly after this, the Red Line disappeared, leaving a single list of the 20 most idolized players.

Peanut Idolatry

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Peanut Idolatry is a religion started by the fans of Blaseball. It has as its central tenet the primacy of The Peanut among the Blaseball Gods and the belief that fans may cause the splort to transcend The Discipline Era by elevating the Three Peanuts above The Red Line. This prophecy is based on an interpretation of The Peanut's message during the Season 5 elections:


These beliefs are seen as questionable by most, dangerous by some. All the same the faith of its followers is unshakable.

The Unlimited Tacos have become the center of a rival sect, one that believes in The Peanut's divinity but seeks to destroy it in order to bring down the gods. They claim only by elevating Tacos player NaN above The Red Line can the Peanut be defeated.

The 6.5 Tenants of Peanut Law

Followers of peanut law are and have been completely convinced of the following tenants.

  • Peanuts are yummy
  • Peanuts are not for birds
  • Peanuts are people
  • Peanuts are
  • Peanuts never forgive
  • Peanuts do not like curse words
  • Peanuts are infinite