Blaseball Gods

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The Blaseball Gods are enigmatic figures believed to have some authority over, or role in the creation of, the splort of Blaseball. They seem to have final authority over the division standings.


While very little is known about these entities, it has been observed that fans of Blaseball who find themselves unable to bet on the outcomes of Blaseball games due to bankruptcy can often discover loose Coins by throwing themselves upon the mercy of the Blaseball Gods. The potential consequences for abusing such mercy are, as of yet, unknown.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Suspected Members


The association between the Blaseball Gods and the demon Blazibaal is disputed. While most theologists assume the Gods are directly subservient to it in some way, several have posited a "pilot fish" style symbiotic relationship. Still others see it likely that Blazibaal is but one of the many Gods.

Regardless, The Gods and Blazibaal share a hunger for blood sacrifices as evidenced by The Blaseball Gods tendency to decide tiebreakers based on which teams sacrificed fans.

The Peanut

While it is most commonly believed that The Peanut is a peanut rather than a God, the followers of Peanut Idolatry believe it to be the most important of the Blaseball Gods. Adherents of this 'faith' choose their Idols based on this religious belief and attempt to convert others to idolizing the Three Peanuts. When pressed for evidence for their beliefs The Peanut's followers point to the ever-mysterious Red Line. Many observers have noted that the existence of a dotted line is a somewhat shaky basis for an all-encompassing worldview that elevates a legume to the leader of the Gods.