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Tad Seeth is a player for the Canada Moist Talkers, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Seeth has played for the Miami Dale, Ohio Worms, Philly Pies, and Charleston Shoe Thieves.

Official League Records

Seeth joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Charleston Shoe Thieves as the Shoe Thieves' Season β12 Playoff Birth.

On Season β13, Gods' Day, Seeth and Brisket Friendo of the Kansas City Breath Mints disappeared from the Blaseball website, and gained the Redacted modification. Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma were hired by The Commissioner to take part in the Investigation into the disappearances of Seeth and Friendo.

On Season β15, Day 94, Seeth emerged from a Secret Base in Houston during a game against the Hades Tigers. Seeth's Redacted modification had been replaced by the Attractor modification. Seeth was not successfully batted in, and disappeared again.

On Season β17, Day 64, Seeth exited the Secret Base at Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark. Upon being batted in by Loubert Ji-Eun, Seeth joined the Ohio Worms' Shadows.

During the Season β18 elections, Seeth gained the Roamin' modification as a result of the Worms' Shadow Revoke will and wandered to the Miami Dale's Shadows.

On Season β21, Day 75, Seeth joined the Dale's lineup in exchange for Caleb Novak at the Miami International Arena via the Ratified Voicemail. During the Season β21 elections, Seeth gained the On an Odyssey modification as a result of the Dale's Shadow Revoke will, and wandered to the Philly Pies.

Seeth was traded to the Charleston Shoe Thieves in exchange for Ren Hunter during the Season β22 elections via the Big Swap blessing. Seeth also became an Alternate, gained the Negative modification, and lost the Attractor modification as a result of the Lineup Alternate Trust blessing.

On Season β23, Day 45, Seeth retreated to the Shoe Thieves' Shadows in exchange for Vernon Shotwell at Choux Stadium via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β24, Day 28, Seeth joined the Shoe Thieves' pitching rotation in exchange for Inky Rutledge at Choux Stadium via the Ratified Fax Machine.

During the November 25, 2022 Fall Ball, Seeth fell to the Canada Moist Talkers.

During the Season 2 elections, as a result of the Talkers' Wind Spirits Blessing, Seeth's Defense and Running both increased by one star.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Box of Tad Seeth Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-420.69 and start reading...


Before starting Blaseball, Tad Seeth originally found fame on the app Tlik Tlok as a part of the content generation team “Tha Coop.” He became so popular that in 2021 he was described by Tim’s Magazine as “America’s most notorious catboy influencer.” At the time of the article, he had amassed a little over eight million followers. His most liked videos were short clips of him lip syncing and gyrating to popular pop audios.

Tad Seeth began his Blaseball career by signing a contract with the Charleston Shoe Thieves, where it was speculated he would remain as a benched player. This move came as a surprise to his fans, who were not aware that Tad had an interest in splorts. In a now-deleted video, Tad had the following to say about his decision to join the Thieves: “I’m calling it now: splorts careers are the new music careers. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

After signing his initial contract with the Thieves, Tad Seeth would disappear before his postseason even started. While there was much speculation about his strange disappearance, neither Tad nor any of the members of the “Tha Coop” would comment until Tad reappeared for his first batting season with the Miami Dale. Many Dale fans were outraged with Tad, as his appearance led to the shadowing of team favorite Caleb Novak for the rest of the season. After batting his first game, Tad recorded a video for Tlik Tlok where he stated “I’m back, b*tches. But I’ve got an NDA besties, so don’t ask where I’ve been <3.”

Local party scientist and fellow teammate Jomgy Rolsenthal, when questioned about the surprise addition of Tad to her team, said “I’m still figuring out how he made the heart sound with his mouth. How did he do that?”

Time With the Miami Dale

In June 2021, Tad Seeth was named “The Most Hated Dale Player” in local paper Miami Gerald, which was a new award created specifically for Tad. One inside source from the Miami Gerald stated that “we really weren’t going to do it. But we got SO many write-ins from fans demanding that we do it. It was insane. They filled the entire mail room. They didn’t stop until we published that article, and even then we got letters stating that we didn’t go in hard enough.”

When Tad was questioned about this award, he simply stated “I don’t pay attention to the haters. They’ve just got horrible vibes, and they want to take it out on the successful people.”

Fellow teammate Trinity Smaht was also interviewed for the article, where she was quoted as saying “ Oh my god, that dude sucks. He’s so bad. He’s always making Tlik Tloks instead of playing defense. Oh, and get this: when he first got on the team, he saw Stout, and he said ‘Gross, who brought their gator?’ Who DOES that!? I thought Stout was going to murder him.” Stout Schmidt was also interviewed for the article, and her recorded growling sounds filled up a full two pages of the paper.

Mr. Wide held a press conference shortly after Tad’s start with the team after fans started chanting “The Dale HATE Tad Seeth” and “Bring Back the Moss” during every game. During the conference, Mr. Wide stated that “We originally thought Tad Seeth would be a strong addition to the team, but it seems that there was a breakdown in communication between us and Tad’s management team.”

Shortly after this conference, a now-deleted video surfaced where Tad admitted that he had lied about his stars to get on the team. “It’s not about how you actually play,” he stated, “but how you THINK you play. Mind over matter, sweetie.”

After only half a season on the Dale, Tad Seeth was revoked from the team and signed with the Philadelphia Pies.

Fan Music

Tad Seeth Walkup Music Season 21 by Chesse

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