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Rogue is a Team modification, first seen in Season β24 as a result of movement on the Map.


Players on Teams with the Rogue Modification will not be targeted by Rogue Umpires for Incineration in Solar Eclipse (Blue) Weather. They are also the only players able to receive the Rogue Umpire's favor in Solar Eclipse (Blue) Weather.

In Beta

Rogue teams and their players were considered to be Deceased. This had little effect on their ability to play games. This did, however, result in one instance of Schneider Bendie visiting Kennedy Loser by Inhabiting - despite the fact they were already engaged in their own separate game for the New York Millennials.


Rogue first appeared as a part of the finale of the Expansion Era in Season β24. As teams navigated the Map one of the possible locations was the Hall of Flame on the top right corner. While there was initially no change for teams at those coordinates, on Day 72 the Monitor delivered the following monologue;

The Monitor was also sporting new Sunglasses

bad news boss
i quit
oh hey
i can let you in now
or out, i guess
just sneak out
i'm off duty
get out there
you're on deck
close up shop

With that announcement the map was flooded with every incinerated team in the Hall, producing fifteen prehistory teams, as well as the freshly incinerated Kansas City Breath Mints and Hawai'i Fridays. These teams, and any team that reached the hall after Day 72 were given the Rogue modification, and marked as Deceased.

On Day 82 the Hades Tigers were the first Rogue team to reach the Boss, and as the result of a collaborative effort between several teams, the Reader, the Commissioner, and the Monitor, the Coin was Incinerated.

The Moist Talkers going Rogue in Season 24

The following ILB teams (as well as all of the ULB teams) were given the Rogue modification:

After the Return(s) of Blaseball, teams that had received Rogue in Season β24 and did not enter the Vault retained the Modification, with a new description.

This Team Went Rogue. Official Review Pending...

As of Season 1 of the Return(s) of Blaseball, 5 teams are Rogue: