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Schneider Bendie is a lineup player for the New York Millennials, and has been with the team since the Season 16 elections. Bendie has played for the Boston Flowers.

Official League Records

Bendie joined the ILB as a lineup player for the New York Millennials with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Coffee Cup, Bendie played for Atlético Latte as a pitcher.

Bendie was traded to the Boston Flowers in exchange for Glabe Moon during the Season 14 elections via the Flowers' Exchange will.

Bendie was traded back to the New York Millennials in exchange for Glabe Moon during the Season 16 elections via the Flowers' Equivalent Exchange will.

During the Season 20 elections, Bendie became a pitcher in exchange for Castillo Turner as a result of the Millennials' Swap Will.

On Season 22, Day 102, Bendie retreated to the Millennials' Shadows in exchange for Anathema Elemefayo as a result of New York, New York Arena, Arena's Fax Machine.

During the Season 22 elections, Bendie gained the Negative modification as a result of the Darkside Flip blessing.

On Season 23, Day 45, Bendie joined the Millennials' lineup in exchange for Munro Tumblehome at New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail.

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Personal Life

Bendie is known for their swooping black emo bangs and standoffish demeanour. They have a contentious relationship with the umpires and have been warned multiple times for saying “fuck capitalism, steal home” while sliding into home plate.

During Season 4, Day 33, facing off against the Charleston Shoe Thieves, Bendie finally stole home for the first time, fulfilling their famous catchphrase.

During the Coffee Cup, on Day 8, while Bendie was pitching a game for Atlético Latte against the Society Data Witches, they were noted by spectators to be tweeting at fellow Millennials player Andrew Solis while on the mound[1]. It is unclear whether this possible distraction can be blamed for Atlético losing the match 2-4.

Bendie mentors Adelaide "Lucky" Mollo of the New York Blittle League.

Rumors of Poetic Soul

A teammate, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters about a book of poems which Bendie keeps in their locker. When asked about it later, Bendie simply shrugged.

The Base Stealerz (see below) perform as a punk band with whichever members are free on gig night. In a now archived Tumblr post, Bendie said that they "are currently searching for a better name for the group."


With a league-best anticapitalism stat of 1.2, Schneider Bendie was already a committed anarchist before joining the Millennials. Their interest in radical politics began with metal band System of a Down. The song "BYOB" forever changed the way Bendie considered class and international politics.

Their political consciousness expanded as they delved deeper into underground DIY scenes. The reemergence of zine culture through Tumblr gave Bendie community to orient their politics around. In a response to an ask on their since-deleted Tumblr, Bendie talked about their shift away from a reactionary politic and towards a radical one. They said the strength of online community encouraged them to join an anarchist cooperative in real life. The cooperative is known now as "The Base Stealerz," which Bendie says they hate but everyone else finds very funny.

Following the incineration of teammate Chorby Soul and a subsequent increase in their anticapitalism stat to 20% beyond the theoretical maximum mid-Season 3, Bendie began openly questioning the structure of the league and attempting to unionize players, with some success. Their open calls to riot against the violent umpires have drawn the attention of the Commissioner.[2]

Bendie has been arrested multiple times for libel, slander, violation of copyright law, participating in protests, petty theft, and vandalism. Interestingly, they have never been convicted, through a combination of community outrage, destruction of evidence, and divine intervention. Can't play blaseball from jail.

List of Known Enemies

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Time with the Boston Flowers

Despite being an unexpected newcomer to the Boston Flowers they gave Bendie a warm welcome. Schneider Bendie spent their time raising anarchy and in jam sessions with at the time newest member of the Boston Flowers Salih Ultrabass.

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