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Inhabitation is the phenomenon in which Deceased Players Inhabit players with the  Haunted Modification.

History of ILB Inhabitation

The First Haunted Player

The Haunted modification first appeared in the ILB in the Season 10 Elections when Esme Ramsey of the Charleston Shoe Thieves gained it via the Haunted blessing. During Season β11, the effects of the modification were revealed, when Ramsey was Inhabited by Deceased player Atlas Jonbois on Season β11, Day 1 against the Yellowstone Magic. Jonbois gained the  Inhabiting modification and proceeded to hit a groundout to Bevan Wise. Ramsey then re-emerged and Jonbois'  Inhabiting modification was lost.


This chart demonstrates the increase in Inhabiting events involving Haunted players before and after the construction of Ballparks. -glumbaron#6398

With the rise of Ballparks in Season β13, it was noticed that Esme Ramsey's  Haunted would trigger more often than usual. One correlation noted was the Mysticism in the Chesapeake Racetrack and Ballpark; due to it being the sole constructed Ballpark at the time, any game Ramsey played in the Ballpark would find them becoming  Haunted at an increased rate compared to other Home Ballparks.[1] This increased rate would be adjusted during the Off-Season between Season β17 and Season β18.

More Haunted Players

During the Season 15 Elections, Baltimore Crabs batter Kennedy Loser's  Flinch mod was changed via the Crabs' Reform will into the  Haunted modification. Loser's first Haunting would occur on Season β16, Day 1 against the Seattle Garages. Former Yellowstone Magic player Annie Roland inhabited Loser, and was struck out by Garages pitcher Betsy Trombone.

During the the Season 16 Elections, Ramsey's Shoe Thieves teammate, Velasquez Alstott, had their  Flinch modification changed to  Haunted via the Shoe Thieves' Reform will. Velasquez Alstott would be  Haunted twice on Season β17, Day 1 against the Hawai'i Fridays. Former Dallas Steaks and Chicago Firefighters player Thomas Kirby Inhabited Alstott in the bottom of the 1st Inning, striking out looking against Mordecai Kingbird. Former Canada Moist Talkers player Kennedy Alstott possessed Velasquez Alstott in the bottom of the 4th Inning, hitting a flyout to Beck Whitney, while allowing Goodwin Morin to tag up and score, bringing the game to 2-1, Fridays. The Fridays would win that game 4-2.

A Lone Haunted

During the Season β17 Elections, Velasquez Alstott's  Haunted modification would be changed to the  Homebody modification as a result of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Reform will. During the Season β18 Elections, Esme Ramsey's  Haunted would be changed to the  Flippers modification as a result of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Reform will, leaving Kennedy Loser as the only Haunted Player in the ILB for a few seasons.

KLoNGs (Kennedy Loser's New Ghosts)

On Season β20, Day 1, in the top of the 6th Inning, Kennedy Loser was inhabited by Abbott Wright, an at the time, unknown player. Wright inhabited Loser, and hit a ground out to Beck Whitney, before leaving Loser. Wright was unsearchable on the main site, and had not been a Player seen in the 20 Seasons of Blaseball prior. Loser would proceed to be inhabited by dozens more unknown Players. The phenomenon would be coined by the community as "KLoNGs" (Kennedy Loser's New Ghosts/Guys). As Ultra League Blaseball was revealed by the community, these mysterious specters were found to be Pre-History Players, and once revealed in the Library, they would appear in the Hall of Flame alongside the Deceased Players the community was more familiar with.

Caleb Novak

During the Season β22 Elections, Caleb Novak of the Miami Dale's  Magmatic modification was changed to  Haunted as a result of the Dale's Reform will. Due to Novak's role as a pitcher, it appears that they cannot become inhabited.


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  1. Outside ballparks (days 1 through 72, with the exception of 3 games at the Crabitat), they were haunted 52 times in 229 plate appearances, for a rate of 22.7%. Inside ballparks (days 73 through 99, and that one midseason Crabitat series), they were haunted 66 times in 106 plate appearances, for a rate of 62.2%. Since then, Ramsey (and Kennedy Loser and Velasquez Alstott now) have been haunted at very high rates, with 60% or more of their PAs each season going to ghosts. -glumbaron#6398, Discord (with permission)