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The Map is a mechanic that became available to teams in the Earlsiesta of Season β24, and was a central mechanic for the end of the Expansion Era.

Summary of Events

The following is a summary of the events surrounding the Map in Season 24.

  • Season 24, Earlsiesta The Commissioner addresses the league; map is revealed
  • Season 24, Day 34 The Moist Talkers reach the Hall, and are greeted by the Monitor
  • Season 24, Day 48 An Emergency Alert announces "SALMON RUN UPSTREAM / HARVEST TRACKING INITIATED"; the map's state on any past day, as well as the current day, can now be viewed
  • Season 24, Day 51 The Sunbeams reach the Desert, become Scattered, and are acknowledged by the Reader
  • Season 24, Day 53 The map begins to rotate
  • Season 24, Day 57 The Georgias reach the Vault and are acknowledged by Lōotcrates
  • Season 24, Day 65 The Scattered Sunbeams "charge the mound"[1] and reach the Coin; the Coin is Scattered
  • Season 24, Latesiesta The Monitor opens the Hall; teams in the Hall corner become deceased, and all deceased teams are released from the Hall and go Rogue
  • Season 24, Day 82 The Rogue Tigers charge the mound, and the Coin is Incinerated; Black Hole (Black Hole) begins to expand
  • Season 24, Day 99 Black Hole (Black Hole) fills the map and nullifies Blaseball; Blaseball is compressed by gamma

Opening up the Map

The Map replaced the Depth Chart during the Season 24 Earlsiesta, as a result of the collapse of the Sun(Sun) Supernova and the Commissioner's subsequent intervention.

This is Parker MacMillan IIIII speaking
I am the Blaseball Commissioner
I'm not sure what's happening
I don't know if we can fix it
But I know She doesn't care what happens to you
She doesn't care where you end up
It's not fair
You deserve a say
But you gotta go fast
Don't give up
Help each other
Get moving

The Monitor appeared to support the commissioner, responding with the following;

commish called
all hands on deck

Following the messages from the Commissioner and the Monitor, the Coin responded to their concerns with the following:

We will handle this.

With that, Fans were now able to view a new Navigation map. While, like on the depth chart, each team's initial position was determined by its eDensity and Spin, afterwards teams' movements across the map were controlled collaboratively by fans.

The Levil and Glood leagues in Season 24

When the map was revealed, the Wild and Mild Leagues were replaced on the standings page with the Levil League and the Glood League, with Vault and Horizon divisions in Levil, and Hall and Desert divisions in Glood. As teams shifted to different quadrants, they would appear as part of the corresponding division. However, since the full game schedule is generated at the beginning of a season and the postseason did not occur due to later events, these changes had no mechanical effect on Season 24.

Each quadrant of the map corresponded to a different destination, each represented by an icon at the corners, or "End Zones". The upper left quadrant was the Vault, represented by Lōotcrates; the lower right was the Desert, represented by the Reader; the upper right was the Hall, represented by Pulsar (Pulsar); and the lower left was the Horizon, represented by Black Hole (Black Hole). Finally, a Supernova Eclipse icon was at the center of the map, the location of the Coin.

On Day 48 the map's state on any past day, as well as the current day, could now be viewed, after an emergency alert:


The Boss responded with the following:

This is no reason to panic.

A GIF showing the progress of the Navigation Map from day 32 through to day 99.

Starting on Day 53, the map began to rotate clockwise a small amount each day, such that it would be tilted 45 degrees by the end of Day 99 (resembling a Blaseball diamond).


In lieu of a normal Election, fans were able to spend votes to orient their team towards one of the four End Zones, and at the end of each day each team would move in a direction based on the combined votes of its fans on that day. Teams could also donate Coins (and later Snacks) to one another as fuel, allowing them to move further each day.

Certain events were triggered when a team "touched down" at a particular End Zone. The first time a team reached each corner other than the Horizon, the entity for that destination would speak.

The Desert

Tgb desert.png

Approaching the Desert

On Day 51 The Sunbeams were the first team to reach the Desert which prompted the following messages from the Reader:

touch down
over time
tear down
sand traps
spikes set
charge the mound
trust the process

The Boss responded with the following:

We overestimated you, Sunbeams.

Rushing the Mound

Upon hearing the phrase "charge the mound" from the Reader, the Sunbeams decided to navigate towards the supernova in the center of the map, as with the map's rotation that would be the equivalent of the pitcher's mound.

On Day 65 the Sunbeams reached the Supernova, prompting the following message from the Boss (commonly seen standing directly in front of the Supernova):

Wh-t are you doi--
Wh-t -re y-- do---
Th-s beh-v--r -- unac--pt--le

As more Scattered teams continued to rush the mound, it prompted the following response:

Y-- can't d- th-s.


This impacted several blaseball tools and sites

Teams that reached the Desert were given the  Scattered modification. This resulted in full scattering of player's name, as well as the team's name and slogan.

The teams that were Scattered were:

The Hall

Tgb pulsar.png

Approaching the Hall

On Day 34 The Moist Talkers became the first team to reach the Hall and received the following message from the Monitor:

hey talkers
how did you get here?
your pals are inside
can't let you in yet
aiding the others
but stay near

The Boss responded with the following message:

Where do you think you're going?

The Hall Opens

Duing the Latesiesta the Scattered Boss appeared with the following message:

W- a-e be—-g Che-t-d
Ou- I-tell-ct—-l Pr-pe-ty ha- b-en vi-late-
O-r P-ized A—-ets Tak-n
S-olen f-om Us
T-is is no- Fair P-—y
B-t w-th you- Co-tribut-o-s
Wi-h y-ur -ard wo-k
Y-—r sacrifice
W- w-—l B-ild ba-k
Be-t-r t-an ev-r -efore
O-r g-owth -s expo-en-ial

you go bestie

The Boss was however interrupted by the arrival on the Monitor, sporting a new pair of sunglasses and the following rebuttal:

bad news boss
i quit
oh hey
i can let you in now
or out, i guess
just sneak out
i'm off duty
get out there
you're on deck
close up shop

With that announcement the map was flooded with every incinerated team in the Hall, producing fifteen prehistory teams, as well as the freshly incinerated Kansas City Breath Mints and Hawai'i Fridays.

These teams were all marked as "Deceased" and gained the Rogue modification, and they alongside other teams who had reached the Hall quickly moved to rush the mound as the Sunbeams had earlier.

The Incineration of the Boss

We're Fans Just like you

On Day 82 the Hades Tigers were the first Rogue team to reach the Boss, and as the result of a collaborative effort between several teams, the Reader, the Commissioner, and the Monitor, the Coin was Incinerated.

Y-- c--’t d- t---
--o d- y-u th--k y-- ---
W- w--- W--
-e alw--- W--
We'r- F-ns
J-st l-ke y--


With that, the Boss no longer appeared on the site, taking the very concept of money with her, as coins also disappeared from the site. Any fans providing aid, or teams attempting to steer, were able to use any remaining snacks and donate them to the cause.

Rogue Teams

The Moist Talkers going Rogue in Season 24

Teams that reached the Hall after Day 72 were given the  Rogue modification, and marked as Deceased.

This resulted in one instance of Schneider Bendie stopping by to haunt Kennedy Loser despite the fact they were already engaged in their own game for the New York Millennials.

The following ILB teams (as well as all of the ULB teams) were given the Rogue modification:

The Horizon

Tgb smbh.png

Approaching the Horizon

The Ohio Worms were the first to reach the Horizon, but there was no additional message when they arrived.

The Horizon was the only quadrant not associated with any entity, though on Day 27 the Black Hole (Black Hole) began to nullify rules, items, and ballpark modifications through the Black Hole (Black Hole) weather.

On Day 79, after the Philly Pies scored their tenth run in a game against the Yellowstone Magic the Black Hole (Black Hole) Nullified the Philly Pies who were on the corner of the Horizon's quadrant. The Pies immediately non-lost the game and disappeared from the standings page.

The Scattered Boss responded with the following:

N-! Ge- b--k h-r- Pie-!
--! Ge- b--k h-r- Pie-!

The Black Hole (Black Hole) Expands

On Day 82, immediately after the incineration of the Boss, the following emergency alert appeared on the site.


The event horizon of Black Hole (Black Hole) began to expand outward from its corner; without Coins, teams could now donate any remaining Snacks as fuel instead. Any teams caught within the event horizon were nullified, and most teams spent the remainder of the season attempting to escape to one of the remaining End Zones.

Team Nullification

This impacted many blaseball tools and sites

Once a team was nullified they were not able to play and did not appear on the site, showing as a ❓ on the map, and not appearing in the standings. When playing against nullified teams, the opposing team would automatically win, the a notification that the team "non-lost due to nullification".

Nullified teams or players could not be searched on the site, and attempting to access their team page would simply bring up a Null team, with a ❓ icon, no players, no slogan, and four instances of the  Undefined modification with different durations listed (Permanent, Season, Weekly, and Game).


On Day 82 any team on the corner of the Event Horizon and were nullified immediately and given an addition message that they "were Entangled in the Black Hole (Black Hole)" and gained the  Entangled modification.

Teams that became Entangled were:

The Vault

Tgb vault.png

Approaching the Vault

The Vault was associated with Lōotcrates, and was first reached on Day 51 by the Atlantis Georgias. Lōotcrates acknowledged them with the following message:

"At the Final Out
Dawn of a zeroed Horizon
The Historian Steels Second"
"Awaiting Sacrifice"
"Affording Scoring Position"

The Boss responded with the following

What have you done to Our Suns?


On Day 82, with the threat of the Black Hole (Black Hole) coming from the Horizon, Lootcrates appeared to offer the following;

"An Open Vault
Advances Runners
Escaping Horizon"
"The Historian Calls Safe"

Going forward, any team that reached the Vault on the map was given the Force modification, and removed from the map.

The Reader presented the following response;

flag on the play


After Day 82 any team that made it to the Vault was given the  Force modification and removed form the map.

Additionally, any team with the  Rogue modification lost it if they became Forced.

The teams that became Forced were:

The End

On Day 99 The the Black Hole (Black Hole) expanded to cover the entire map, and blaseball was nullified.

The following emergency alert appeared on the site:


Followed by the following message from Namerifeht:

balance paid
credit extended

And one final message from the Commissioner, as relayed by The Microphone.

did you hear that
that big bang

As the Expansion Era drew to a close, the final positions and modifications of the ILB teams were as follows:

The Vault

The Hall

The Desert

The Horizon